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    • Welcome Back LTC
      Hmmm it appears has returned. I knew by the huge banner screaming at me on Curvage Thought I'd check it out. *shifty eyes* Took you two years to update the layout though, SJ! Damn you.
    • Welcome Back LTC
      No my dear superj707, I still have the capacity to look at an open comments box and fill it with text without really pausing for breath. But various kinds of tone and brevity are important in order to highlight the extraordinary verbosity and ornateness of my longer posts. I have found, even at my yet greater age of 92, that what tugs at the heartstrings of those women who have kindly allowed an extra layer of precautionary fat to settle on their bodies - with the unwitting consequence that my life and sexual appetite persists beyond all possible expectation - is the sense of anticipation as to what will be drawn from me, either quick phrases of simple, acquisitive urgency or prose so ensnaring and soporific that being seduced, dropping one's guard, and letting resistence ease away seems the only appropriate response.
    • Welcome Back LTC
      So glad it's back! How I've missed LTC.
    • Welcome Back LTC
      By the way be sure to check out the  ALL ACTIVITY link. It captures everything that is going on in the site on one page! Very cool!!
    • Welcome Back LTC
      Me too, I've missed this place. I'm very excited to be back. A fresh start!! Webby!!!! You're back!!! It's not  without webby. I don't think you will find many pictures in the gallery as of yet. All the old ones are gone. In due time though I think it will be a good place to view. On a side note I think those are the least words you've ever used in s single post. Are you a man few words in your old age webby? 
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