• Because Of My Fat Or Despite My Fat?

    • I didn't want guys to love me because of my fat.



    Ok guys, this chick did a piece on chubby chasers... here's my opinion:


    I used to have the same opinion as this girl.... and I think it comes from our own personal fat loathing... I didn't want to date a guy who was a "FA" or chubby chaser because I wanted there to be more to me than my fat... I didn't want guys to love me because of my fat... but then I'd date guys who would love me DESPITE my fat... you know, the guys who don't always go for fat girls but they liked my personality and my appearance didn't matter so much to them, and while that may seem nice... I want a guy to be attracted to me! I think this girl shouldn't be offended when a guy wants to like her body too, what do the rest of you think?

    User Feedback

    I think you should trial-date based on mutual attraction and see what happens.

    Found my life-partner that way - we met, talked, liked each other and finally decided to go camping together after knowing each other a month.

    Discovered we were cerebrally, emotionally and physically compatible and that was it. Not really very romantic, but we're still together after 35 years. Both of us are fatter and don't look like we did when younger. Neither of us gives a rat's. I love my partner's curves and she likes the meat on my bones. We're good.

    Nothing in relationships is ever simple. Ruling out people based on some arbitrary set of specifications is generally bad; it didn't work for me with skinny girls and it didn't work for me with fat girls. When looking for a compatible partner I like to think we get a lot farther with an open mind than with a closed one.


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    You know something I have always wondered, are the majority of "FAs" (I despise that term!!) actually in to fat girls because they like fat girls, or do they percieve a fat girl in today's society as an easy target?

    So you run across the guy that actually finds you pulse-quickening sexy. I think from there the initial attraction plays a big part, but honestly from there, I think it's up to your personalities. 

    A guy digs you, but he's not necessarily into bigger girls, that's fantastic. This guy doesn't base everything on looks, and he's pretty open-minded. If he is fascinated, intrigued by you, that's all that matters, and I don't there will be much complaints from him!

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