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    Is Anorexia Only For Thin Girls?

    • Anorexia is not only for frail girls

    I am going to suggest that anorexia is not only for frail girls akin to the one used in this commercial. I think that anorexia can affect fat girls. This is somewhat even more concerning because in the latter, it's less discernible from an observational stand point yet the victim still suffers from all the same mental anguish. People tend to ignore this serious condition or blow it off like "ahh it's good for her, she needs to lose a few pounds" This video concerns me for a plethora of reasons.
    Firstly, the female is loathing the image in the mirror which makes implications that seem to suggest the image in the mirror is not a good one. The girl in the mirror is GORGEOUS!!! Albiet it was not the intent of this commercial to suggest that chubby is bad but the way it is presented it's almost like it goes without saying that nobody would want to be the girl in the mirror.

    Moving past the aforementioned minor hang up, there is a bigger issue and that is the reality this video so poignantly depicts. I think the truth here is tragic. I believe that anorexia is a sad thing.

    I have even spoken privately with some of you, and I know that you see a much larger, and much less attractive person standing in the mirror looking back at you. This makes me sad to think about. Hopefully if ltc can tell you anything,... If I can tell you anything it's that ...


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