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    Ode to My Body

    • hello my dearest, my lovely. you are the most beautiful thing.

    hello my dearest, my lovely. you are the most beautiful thing i have ever encountered, and oh how i relish your countless imperfections as they complete you and your unexplainable glory. i love the way at times how you tremble and shiver in the cold air- but, i know you long for the freedom. you long to be exposed to the glimmering sunlight to let it dance across you and feel its warmth penetrating every crease, every fold. in the night you fluctuate with every breath and the dark comes in and kisses every luscious roll, every intricate scar left behind from a time of growth
    and oh my dear how gorgeous the silken slivers of flesh are,
    for you are ample and you are woman.
    for you are dimpled and marked with time and your beauty marks are laced with wisdom
    and you rubble with every hint of laughter
    illuminating pure joy in ever fiber of your being,
    you are amazing.
    im sorry that i ever doubted you,
    and hurt you
    and im sorry that i called you names
    and i'm sorry that at times i even hated you.
    you didn't deserve that my love,
    you didn't do anything but what i asked of you
    which was just to be.
    you were…. and i love you for that.
    i love your ever changing nature
    and love every wrinkle
    and i love the way you sway when you walk
    and i love your not-so-delicate wrists
    and i love those "child bearing" hips
    and i love the that new lil dip just bellow the belly button
    you are more perfect than i could have ever imagined
    and i'm sorry that sometimes the world doesn't notice
    i'm sorry that they say you aren't good enough
    i'm sorry that sometimes you're used as an "example"
    and i'm sorry that they call you a disease,
    know that you are more then they could ever see,
    you are more then they could ever hope to be…
    you are my body
    and i love you!

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