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    The 15 Reasons Men Find Fat Women Unattractive

    • Do you fall under any of these?

    Do men like fat women? Are men shallow because they are attracted to skinny women? In this video, Dan Bacon cuts to the truth of the matter and explains why men don’t find fat women attractive.

    Here are the 15 reasons:

    1. A fat woman isn’t the entire package that we’re looking for in a woman.

    2. A fat woman looks like ‘used goods’.

    3. A fat woman makes unattractive sounds during sex.

    4. A fat woman lowers a man’s status.

    5. A fat woman attracts less-favorable treatment in society.

    6. A fat woman’s true physical appearance is hidden.

    7. A fat woman is unhealthy.

    8. A fat woman will likely pass on her bad habits to the children.

    9. A fat woman is missing the most attractive element.

    10. A fat woman is ‘heavy-lifting’ in the bedroom.

    11. A fat woman requires more food.

    12. A fat woman doesn’t have a natural, female form.

    13. A fat woman is usually lazy.

    14. A fat woman usually has psychological issues.

    15. A fat woman looks older than she is.

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    User Feedback

    I don't believe any of this is true, I completely disagree with these "blanket" statements.

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