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    Too ridiculous to find offensive

    • He is explicitly looking for a lady 130lbs and under

    My friend posted a link to this guy's blog, calling it "the world's biggest douchebag".

    Under his list of requirements for a mate, he is explicitly looking for a lady 130lbs and under (us big girls here need to look elsewhere! Sorry ladies!) On top of being overly misogynistic, he is oddly specific. Looking at his pictures, music and everything else, it is just so absurd to be offended by.

    I think the big deal comes in the fact that he is far too picky regarding what he wants in a woman, and in that case the weight requirement is a drop in the bucket when it's compared to other things.


    People have preferences, but I think it's rather limiting to be that specific. That perfect person does not exist that will be everything you want 100% of the time. I think it's the imperfections that make people interesting. You shouldn't settle, but at the same time I think it's worth getting to know a person to see if you actually connect before just saying "wrong skin color, GO AWAY!" "135 pounds? GO AWAY!" or "She buys lottery tickets sometimes? GO AWAY!"


    But that's just me. My entire requirements for dating revolve around whether or not I connect with a person. I never really found myself to say silly things like that to be deal breakers, but that's just me.


    Not gonna lie, I would totally want to meet him just to see what he actually is like. You're probably right about him being a complete weirdo.


    Anybody else have any thoughts on him?

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