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  2. Be sure to check out my site at and the BigCuties blog at (: XOXO Aurora
  3. Too FAT for my car! (BONUS blog update): I cannot believe how fat I have grown recently. I am now even outgrowing my car! Look how my belly rests, flopping over onto my steering wheel. I still think I need to gain more weight though, what do you think? Bonnie x0x0x
  4. It's a snug fit in my jeep. The passenger seat is okay. I only need a seatbelt extender because I cant fit into the seatbelt without it. I simply cannot get the strap across my tits. The drivers side is a whole other story. My belly sits right on the steering wheel. My hips push against the door and when I open it, my fat makes the door spring open super fast. And the place where my seatbelt extender plugs in grinds against the console when I sit. Basically it's a tight fit. Cupcakes and Kisses, Marilyn Find Me> [url=][/url] Big Cuties Blog > [url=][/url] Tumblr> [url=][/url]
  5. Nothing makes me feel more sexy or glamorous than naked skin covered in sheer lace. Especially when it opens up perfectly and shows off my giant beautiful belly. My curves are always growing and I'm always looking for ways to show myself off. The bigger I get the more fabulous I get. Cupcakes and Kisses, Marilyn Find Me> [url=][/url] Big Cuties Blog > [url=][/url] Tumblr> [url=][/url]
  6. I am digging this new bikini top so much! I'm pretty into how big that ass looks with the sun shining on it too. I'd be comfier if you were my chair though. Any volunteers?? Find this update and lots more at! Fat, Happy, Hungry, CaitiDee Follow me! snapchat @ caitidee More free content!
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  8. PoV Messy Hand Feeding This clip starts off with me telling you that I want to gain more weight. That I want to be so fat that I take up an entire couch! That when I sit down I want to hear the couch groan as it strains under my weight. I look you in the eyes and I ask, what do you have for me to eat? My attention turns to the box beside you. As you open it I can see what looks like huge cupcakes. My mouth begins to water. Those cupcakes look like they're easily over 300 calories a piece! Your hand moves towards the carton that was facing away from me. As you pour some into a plastic cup I see that it's heavy cream. I know that this snack is going to easily be a whole day's worth of recommended calories. My panties start to get wet at the thought. As you bring the cupcake to my lips I can't believe how rich and buttery it tastes. Every bite is like an orgasm for my mouth! Bianca Jiggles My Back Fat & Ass Bianca loves that I have an ever expanding waistline. She's particularly fond the thick rolls of fat that have accumulated underneath my shoulder blades. With all of the weight that I've gained it's quite possible that they've grown to be larger than my double D breasts! She loves how they jiggle at her slightest touch and how heavy they feel in her hands. She has me sit backwards on a chair so, every inch of my blubbery backside is exposed to her. She applies coconut oil to my skin so, her petite hands can easily transverse the sea of lard that is before her. She talks about how obese I've become while lifting, grabbing, and jiggling all of my supple fat. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. Mobile optimized clips now available.
  9. Every day I become bigger and rounder! After stuffing my face with cream-cheese packed pastries, I’m ready to weigh in and show off my pudgy gains. Won’t you join me? Check out all my photos and videos at And don’t miss the Big Cuties blog at
  10. Hi there... an extra bonus set is up on my site and I'm frolicking around ... in bed ... showing just how weighty Snow can be Instead of 7 dwarfs, I need 7 boxes of donuts... come check out this extra set just for you! xoxo, Britt Check out the blog to stay up-to-date! It's free!
  11. Hi there... I love sudsing up my bodacious and luscious body in a hot, steamy shower. However, some spots are very hard to reach and could definitely use an extra hand... 11 minutes of wet and wild fun in this video... come play xoxo, Britt Check out the free blog to stay up-to-date!
  12. Hi all! I've had a lot of fun lately testing my fitness levels - and I know you've enjoyed it too, seeing how unfit I am. And I know how much you love watching me bounce my fat up and down so I decided to combine the two and see how I got on with a jump rope... Check out the full set now to see how I got on
  13. Hey there! You guys have been patiently waiting for this video and I’m so excited to finally be sharing it! I found out my weight at a doctor’s appointment a while back and couldn’t wait to film this for you. It’s amazing to see how far I have come, especially since my site opened! All the changes you have been through with me (including the countless pairs of pants that no longer fit) have been so exciting! I love knowing how much I have grown, and being able to show off how big and heavy I’ve been feeling is exhilarating. Thank you all for being with me on this journey… I can’t wait to see how much more I progress!! Come check out this set at and visit the other big cuties at XOXO, Margot
  14. Hello all! I'm in love with how now my chubby cheeks are chubbier and even my double chin is growing! Also, my belly is getting quite huge nowadays My elastic stocking are so tight that my belly popped out, since is so big now!
  15. You snuck in to watch me shower again? You're a bad boy. As soon as I dry off I'm going to punish you. Tumblr: Twitter: Wishlist: BC Blog:
  16. So excited for summer and all the bikinis I'll be wearing!! My belly doesn't seem to fit these bottoms though. I definitely outgrew them, but I think my belly looks cuter when it's hanging over them anyway Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  17. We've got another update from the beautiful Dorothy for you over at Bonanza!! She's hanging out with her chubby girlfriend, and they decided to compare their fattest bits, come check it out! See this set, and many other models, over at
  18. Hey everyone! Kelly and I just updated our Clips4Sale with a new video! Flogging The Hogs What's better than spanking one big fat ass? Spanking two big fat asses! Kelly and I were being our usual bratty spoiled princess selves and our feeder was getting fed up. He had us get completely naked and kneel on the couch for a little punishment. And we got punished! We are both very pale girls, but by the time he was done with us, our butts were right red! He told us that this would hurt him more than it would hurt us, but I have a feeling it didn't hurt him at all. Two fat asses all to himself, all the groping and grabbing and jiggling he could want. He must have been in hog heaven! Now that we've been properly disciplined, we need someone to come and rub our sore butts. Any volunteers? Thanks so much for looking! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Ms. Fat Booty and Kelly!
  19. I ordered this lingerie online making sure I clicked on the 'plus size' option. When it arrived I couldn't believe how small it was! It was supposed to fit like a dress.. Covering my ass and wasn't supposed to expose my midriff. How silly was I to think this itty bitty lingerie would cover me all the way. My belly fully hangs out of it and my ass is nowhere near covered. I bust of out my regular clothes.. Of course I would bust out of plus size lingerie soon enough. XOXO! Your Growing Piggy Princess, Nova Check me out @ Or Visit the free BigCuties Blog @ & Don’t forget to follow me on Tumblr and Twitter!
  20. Hey everyone! Kelly and I just updated our Clips4Sale with a new video! Couch Crushing Lisa recently told me she had never experienced a facesitting or squashing session, so being the good friend and bad girl that I am I arranged a victim for us to pulverize with our enormous fat asses. Lisa's a little hesitant at first as our victim grunts in pain when I sit full-weight on his chest but soon enough she's following my lead and throwing all 470+ pounds of her weight onto the poor boy's legs and chest. We even take things a bit too far as the couch gives out beneath our massive frames, flattening our victim even further into the cushions. I'm pretty sure we came close to killing him! Maybe we'll have to find another victim once we've put on some more weight, I always wanted to feel a man's ribs snap under my ass. -Kelly Thanks so much for looking! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Ms. Fat Booty and Kelly!
  21. Come on over to Bonanza and meet our newest guest model, Emelie!! We know you'll love this chubby brunette with her soft round boobs, squishy fat belly, and gorgeous face! See this update, and many other models, over at
  22. When you have a big, hanging belly like I do, it can be hard to tell if I am wearing panties or not. My pendulous belly hangs down to my thighs, covering any undergarment that might be there. I did have a pair of panties that matched the nightie I wore for this set, but they didn’t quite fit. Instead of finding another pair, I decided to just shoot the set without them! Unless I wanted you to know, you had no idea there were no panties there! This of course made it very easy to show off my huge, glorious, and dimpled booty! You know I couldn’t finish shooting the set without showing you exactly how well these panties DIDN’T fit me in the video. Snug is an understatement! Wiggles and jiggles, MsFatBooty
  23. hello my friends! I have a pretty new set for you! The focus is all about this beautiful lace lingerie that a fan sent me I love how it looks on my sexy fat body, don't you??? xoxo Chloe FIND ME HERE ----> SNAPCHAT NAME ----> bigcutiechloe --- subscribe to my premium for free by leaving your snap name in the comments on my members only blog BIGCUTIES BLOG ---->
  24. As you know, I can never get enough of my belly. I haven’t done a simple belly play video in awhile so I thought it was time. I dance and move to the music and can’t help but touch my belly and make it bounce with every move. Make sure you check out my Members Only Blog, I just recently started posting vlogs/random videos that I think you’ll really enjoy! My Website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me: Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
  25. So we all know that extra chub is adorable and wonderfully sexy, but what about it having real world benefits? In this video set I tell you about an unfortunate situation I was in last summer and all about how my supersized body protected me from being seriously hurt. If I didn't have enough reasons to love my rolls & pudge already, this definitely solidified my love for all of this padding! Come hear about how my fat saved me. Enjoy! Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms, Beccabae
  26. I thought it was about time I spoiled you all with another feeding video. Stuffing and feeding sets are always my most favourites, especially when they are combined! I love to be on top of someone, pinning them down with all my weight. See them grab, jiggle and play with all my mounds of fat, while their other hand shoves endless fattening treats into my awaiting mouth. It is just so sexy! To have a feeder constantly fattening me up, intent on helping me grow into a bigger, FATTER ball Bonnie x0x0x
  27. Wow! I know you can tell I’ve packed on a couple of pounds, huh? It’s been a while since I stepped on a scale though. I was actually shocked by the number. I know I’m colossal but I had no idea how close I was to entering a whole new weight bracket.
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