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  2. In this set I show off my car and my sexy body... but I know which one you'll really be paying attention to I love how low my belly hangs over my tight jeans and have you seen my butt shelf? It's more obvious than ever! In part one you got to see my jiggling belly while I drive, but in part 2 I wanted to show you even more jiggling as I jump in the passenger seat... my driver made sure my belly jiggled and swayed lots for you. I love how it felt feeling my body moving all over, I'm sure you'll love watching just as much. Holly See the full set now at Visit the Big Cuties blog
  3. After stuffing myself with nuggets, I needed some downtime to relax and soothe my swollen belly. I thought I would lounge around on the couch and show you just how round and full I am from eating so much at once. For the video I thought it would be fun to do something I never have before - sucking my belly in and pushing it out for you. I remember doing this when I was a teenager and much smaller, but haven't done it since I crossed over into the SSBBW realm. I don't think I'm going to be able to full anyone.. even if I am trying to suck it in. It was a little more strenuous than I imagined, but I think part of that is due to being soooo stuffed (and never using my stomach muscles :p). Enjoy! Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms, Beccabae
  4. Hey everyone! I just updated my Clips4Sale with two new videos! Ms. Fat Booty - What Was I Thinking? I recently bought a pair of leggings at Walgreens and when I tried to put them on, well, the title says it all! What was I thinking??? I really have no business trying to find clothes at a pharmacy, so what did I expect? Either I think I am smaller than I am or the packaging lied. Either way, watching me try to squeeze these tree trunk thighs into a tiny pair of leggings is quite the sight! And quite the work out too as it left me breathless! Hopefully watching me wiggle and jiggle into these pants leaves you breathless too! Ms. Fat Booty - Too Turned On I had just finished making a custom video for a fan as a thank you for a gift and I turned myself on so much that I just had to make myself cum! And as I was feeling my massive breasts and playing with my sensitive nipples, I could feel myself getting even more and more turned on. Thinking about how huge I've gotten and how huge I am going to get was almost too much for me to even think about. The fact that my thick thighs could hold my vibrator in place was making me so wet. And I just loved feeling my big belly jiggle and shake as I was writhing around in pleasure. Promise you'll be there to help me out next time? Thanks so much for looking! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Ms. Fat Booty Big Cutie Ms Fat Booty Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Tumblr!
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  6. I am feeling quite sexy in these giant heels. My huge belly naturally pulls me forward so these heels make for an even greater struggle but man wouldn't we look sexy in your room. Especially, when I put on some music and give you a strip tease. Come and play with me!Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,EllieCome see this and much more on my site at:http://ellie.bigcuties.comFree BigCuties Blog: bigcutieellie.tumblr.com
  7. Big Cutie Fleur - Belly Play

    I love belly rubs so much! I'm so soft and jiggly! See my round fat belly being squeezed and rubbed! I have never been so squishy! Cuddly and erotic at the same time. Soft squishy hugs, Fleur
  8. It has been quite a while since I last tried to squeeze into my old clothes and since I have become so much fatter and not worn my summer clothes in a while, I decided to show the results of my gain by struggling into them. I couldn’t believe that one of my dresses, which I haven’t had long only 3 months, was tight when I bought it but I could still easily zip it up. Now after 3 months of constant stuffing sessions and very little exercise, I can no longer zip it up! I absolutely love trying on old clothes. It shows me my gaining results without my having to step on the scales. To see and feel the material stretched out to bursting point, almost breaking at the seams as I struggle into it, is just so sexy! I would love to eventually be so fat that no clothes would fit my body any longer, then I could just lay about completely naked! Big FAT sex ball! Bonnie x0x0x
  9. Big Cutie Luscious

    I've been a lazy fat piggy lately! This weigh in is proof of how much my appetite has grown. All those late night stuffings caught up to me lol. Hope you enjoy this set! Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  10. Leah is sitting down for a big fat chat with you!! Listen as she tells you all about her big fat life, and shows off all those jiggly bits as she does it! See this set and more at
  11. Come on over to Bonanza and meet our newest guest model, Zelda!! This chubby brunette beauty is doing some of her favorite yoga poses, and we love seeing how her soft belly spills over her lap in some of them! See this set, and many other models, over at
  12. BigFatBestFriends - 3 New Updates!

    Hey everyone! Kelly and I just updated our Clips4Sale with three new videos! Weighty Workout When Lisa and I stayed in a hotel with a 24 hour fitness center we thought it might do us good to get a little physical activity. Neither of us could remember the last time we’d stepped foot in a gym, though we vaguely remembered having some sort of athletic ability. Ummm, now not so much. We are seriously out of shape and work up a sweat on the ellipticals, the weight bench and of course sneaking snacks and sodas into the gym. I don’t think either of us will be bodybuilders anytime soon but we can keep building our butts, boobs and bellies! Force Fed Friends It isn't always easy gaining hundreds of pounds. We all hit plateaus, sometimes you forget to stuff your face and other times you're just not that hungry. Lucky for me I have a great friend like Lisa who's always willing to force feed me delicious treats! One of the best things about having a Big Fat Best Friend is that we can always count on one another to keep each other stuffed. And if Lisa wants to force feed me, well I'm going to do the same! Lisa and I take turns stuffing each others faces with cookies and glazed donut before realizing it would be much faster to just feed each other at the same time! Maybe if you can squeeze between our massive bellies you too could help feed us, just be careful you don't lose a finger, we're pretty greedy when it comes to sweets. -Kelly Coke and Mentos: The Belchmaker! Lisa introduced me to coke and mentos bloats after she shot a bloat video for her store. So of course the next time we got together I just HAD to do a bloat with her to see what it felt like. One of my longest held fantasies is instant gaining, I’ve always wanted to see what it feels like to just swell up with pounds and pounds of fat. Well, me and Lisa didn’t swell up with fat (though we looked it) but the bloating blend of coke and mentos certainly made us feel like we were exploding! Watch us show off how much our bellies grow after chugging 2 liters of coke and whole sleeves of mentos, and you won’t believe the burps and belches us two piggies make in this video! Ugh, we’re so swollen we can barely rub our own bellies. Why don’t you come help us out? Thanks so much for looking! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Ms. Fat Booty and Kelly!
  13. Big Cutie Eve in Bed Time Babe

    Just about to crawl into bed, care to join me?
  14. Finding tights that fit my huuuuge legs is the dream that just never comes true. Another day, another clothing struggle! Tumblr: Twitter: BC Blog:
  15. Shower me Cute :)

    Here I go again. I am the bathroom queen. I live for long showers and nice hot baths. I just love the way my skin feels when it's all wet and soapy. Just slippery and soft at the same time. I can't get enough of the feeling. Here lately I feel like I'm outgrowing the showers. Everyone I get into gets a little smaller and the doorways just a little bit more narrow. Eventually I'm just going to have to get a giant hot tub to fit my fat butt. My belly gets bigger and my thighs just keep expanding. One day I just won't fit. Cupcakes and Kisses, Marilyn Find Me> [url=][/url] Big Cuties Blog > [url=][/url] Tumblr> [url=][/url]
  16. Big Cutie Marilyn-Hefty in a Hoodie

    This is a very small hoodie. How is a girl ever supposed to keep warm if I can't get the warm clothes over my chest?? It's a size large in men's so obviously it's not going to fit the best. But damn if I wasn't proud to see that I couldn't even get it close to the end of my belly hang. This chest and this belly are out of control and I don't think I want to stop. Cupcakes and Kisses, Marilyn Find Me> [url=][/url] Big Cuties Blog > [url=][/url] Tumblr> [url=][/url]
  17. Big Cutie Trysta ~ Midnight Munchies

    I’m always hungry with the midnight munchies and the fridge is stuffed with leftovers and snacks galore! I can’t decide on anything, so I just grab everything. Want to join me for a pudgy picnic on the kitchen floor while I stuff my face with my fatty finds? Check out all my photos and videos at And don’t miss the Big Cuties blog at
  18. Big Cutie Margot is a Sexy Stinger

    Hey guys! I am loving this tiny tee shirt I found. What better to wear after a big meal than a flirty tee shirt that barely covers my bulging belly? As I mention in the video, I had a deliciously fattening meal before shooting this… and I always need a good, big belly rub after getting so full. However, sometimes I don’t mind a bit more… that feeling of being so gluttonous and full is one that really excites me! So go on… sting me… I don’t mind! Check out this set at and check in with the other cuties at XOXO, Margot
  19. Okay okay, I didn't actually hike. You guys already knew that!! But I went a couple hundred feet down a path where other hikers started their journey. A couple of them almost caught me while I was half naked, pants undone. Oops! The view here is absolutely incredible and I hope you enjoy my fat ass in front of it! Find this update and lots more at! Fat, Happy, Hungry, CaitiDee Follow me! snapchat @ caitidee More free content!
  20. BigCutie CHLOE Kettle Corn Cutie!!!

    HELLO FRIENDS! New update and blog post on and they're both sexy! My new update features goodies I have received from my amazon wishlist! I love it when you guys spoil me with treats and pretty lingerie! Two of my favorite things! come on over to my site and watch! xoxo Chloe FIND ME HERE ----> SNAPCHAT ----> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG ------>
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  22. The third set I released on my site was called “Soapy and Squishy” and it was a shower set taken in a roll-in shower. This set was shot two years and I was so excited to be back in the same room to see how much bigger I’d gotten! There was definitely a whole lot more thigh and leg to hoist up on that shower shelf this time! It’s also a bit more tiring to take showers standing up. This time I decided to try out the shower seat and see if you would make taking showers easier. Let me tell you, it really did! It was so nice being able to take a seat while I was showering. And with the shower shelf, I could even wash myself while taking a seat. This is definitely something I need to look into for my home. Sitting and showering is the way to go! Wiggles and jiggles, MsFatBooty
  23. Fat Admiration: Your Body Is Mine It's fun to switch things up from time to time; I love when my boyfriend Elijah assumes the dominate role. Once he's in control there's no turning back. In this clip he'll use one of his large hand to cover my mouth and grip my throat while the other one savagely grabs handfuls of my soft supple fat. He know that he will leave me bruised. That's the point, isn't it? He wants everyone to know that I'm his fat slut. His ministrations leave me whimpering and begging for more. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. Mobile optimized clips now available.
  24. BigCutie Cherries-League of Cherries

    I know there are many League of Legends players out there, but unfortunately I’m not one of them. However, the board game that they came out with is one of my absolute favorites! Mechs vs Minions is so much fun that I had to do a set with it. If you play, who is your favorite Champion? Like I said, I don’t play but I know a few things about it! I think Gnar is the cutest =) My Website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me: Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
  25. Big Cutie Holly in 'Sweet Seduction'

    Hi everyone! I got this new lingerie set just for you. I knew you'd love how sexy I look in it... I even made sure it was just a tad too small so you could see all fat bits bulging out Make sure you check out the video for this set... it is by far the most fun I've had when shooting. There's lots of giggling and jiggling but more importantly there's lots of jumping and belly slapping for you to enjoy! You'll love watching how much my big belly moves as I jump up and down on my hotel bed See it for yourself at Check out the Big Cuties blog Holly
  26. Big Cutie Luscious- Bouncy Belly

    Watch me shake my soft curves to one of my favorite songs. I'm looking so much fatter with lots more cellulite these days and I love it! So I had to show off my jiggly self by dancing. My belly is so heavy it started to weigh me down, but I still kept going. I wanted you to see my fat body in motion! Hope you enjoy this set Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious Email me if you have any comments or questions [email protected]
  27. You left your sweatshirt at my place, and I just had to put it on, I was missing you! Of course it doesn’t fit me, but it sure is hot to see me squeezed into it! See this set and more at
  28. Hey guys!! The weather's warming up, but it's still grey and rainy so I am already thinking about warm weather and sunshine hitting my warm, growing body. I love a good short skirt that flirts with the breeze by blowing up and leaving nothing to the imagination. Lately, I have been noticing just how chunky my thighs are getting. I am loving how soft and fleshy they are. The bigger I get, the more pronounced my thick thighs are! It’s hard to keep my hands off of them If only you were here to come and give them a good hard squeeze! Come check out set 107 at and visit the other big cuties at XOXO Margot
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