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  2. If you've missed this update from May 2nd on my website, then you're really missing out! Watch tiny little Petra feed me burger after burger until I'm stuffed to death. (well not quite to death, but you get the idea. haha) and then rubs my full, painful belly for me. I've loved working with Petra, because shes one of the only thin girls, that I feel truly loves working with me, and feeding me, and gets her own pleasure from feeding me. You can see it in her face, and eyes and smile, and that's what makes being fed worth it all for me - I live for not only the extra pounds, but also for others satisfaction while being my feeder. A girl(or man) enjoying feeding me, is just such a turn on for me. To watch Petra enthusiastically feed me, join my website at: Free BigCuties blog: Follow me on Snapchat!: ssbbwbrianna || Premium snapchat is available $$! just ask. Follow me on Twitter: @ssbbwbrianna || @bigcutiebrianna
  3. Hot girl + red thong = what dreams are made of right?? Add in an extra 150 pounds of thickness and I think you'll be enjoying watching me grind and twerk almost as much as I love doing it for you (;
  4. I found my american flag bikini from an old set and thought it would be cute to try it on and see if it still fits. I really had to try and squeeze into it this time, its a good thing my belly hangs down because this bikini could hardly contain my lady bits. My ass swallowed up whatever fabric that tried to contain it as well!
  5. Did you know? Every day before you get home from work, I spend an hour getting dolled up and putting on a dress that you like, making sure the house is organized, clean, and smells amazing. I make sure to prepare something for dinner, and keep it warm until you arrive. I make sure everything is perfect, so that when you finally do get home from working all day you can focus all of your attention on me! It's quite selfish really (;
  6. Hey guys! I'm not quite sure why, but before I moved to the south I never cared about pecan pie. Like it wasn't a thing in the north.... but oh my god its my new obsession. I pretty much eat it every day now, in fact I can eat a whole pie all by myself! Feel free to watch me mindlessly gorge on over 4000 calories worth of pie (;
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  8. Hey guys! I wanted to make a new video to get you up to date with all that is chloe! I love when you guys send me questions and want to know more. It makes me want to share more and more with you! I talk about eating habits, work and goals. Of course you get a pretty good view as well! xoxo Chloe SUBSCRIBE HERE ------> SNAPCHAT------> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG ------->
  9. Hi I absolutely LOVE this little dress. I love how it clings to every curve and I love that it has little holes for my soft fat to poke through You know how much I enjoy trying on my tightest clothes for you so I thought I'd let you watch me as I struggle to squeeze my big body into this tiny dress. It's truly stretched to the max when it's on, which I find so hot. You can see every roll and dimple through it and I feel so sexy I can't help but grab and jiggle my belly for you. I have a feeling you'll like this dress as much as me Holly
  10. Don't worry - these are all things of the past! I thought I would give you a little insight into my past with dieting and trying to lose weight - from my pathetic attempts at exercise, to practically binging food after dieting, and I even add in some of my fattest memories of myself. With my history it really is no wonder I'm as huge as I am now! This video really gives a different look at how I've always been incredibly lazy and gluttonous, even from such a young age. Thankfully as I've matured I've given into said impulses, but you should definitely come listen to my failed attempts at controlling them when I was younger. GIF: Enjoy! Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms, Beccabae
  11. Sometimes in the morning I like to wake up, put on my bathrobe and make some tea. Then I like to lounge around for a bit and have a relaxing, quiet morning. This is always nice to do after a long week and a good way to not rush into more work. Also, if you’ve been wondering what my measurements are my most recent ones are in this video! My Website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me: Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
  12. When I was younger I actually wanted to be in the army, can you believe that?! It got me thinking about what it would be like if I attempted to join it now, at my size! As my fitness level is so poor, what would they think of me?! A Huge breathless fatty struggling to do simple tasks that others could fulfil with ease. My flabby belly, legs and arms jiggling all over the place out of control as I try to jog and jump. I decided to play this scenario out for you as it has been too long since I did an exercise video and I know you all LOVE seeing me struggle with activities, as I love to show you. My poor fitness levels truly show me how much of a greedy gluttonous pig I really am. Most of my days are spent lazing about stuffing myself, so really what do I expect! Bon x
  13. I have the munchies all day and night, so my pantry is well stocked with chips, donuts, and other yummy snacks. In fact, as I type this there is a bag of powdered donuts in front of me! Come see me all cute and comfy with my fave noms. Find this update and lots more at! Fat, Happy, Hungry, CaitiDee Follow me! snapchat @ caitidee More free content!
  14. for this set, i am totally au naturel and i'm giving you a peek into a hot, intimate shower with me! i could use a little help making sure i get all soaped up between every roll and ripple - care to join me? xoxo,RubySee this set and more at me on tumblr all the BigCuties at
  15. Boring Girlfriend to Sexy School Girl At such a substantial weight it's not surprising that a majority of Xutjja's clothes are so tight that they look like they're painted on. Although her clothing leaves little to the imagination Seth still thinks that it's quite boring. Xutjja has a tendency to favor monochrome colors and it shows in her wardrobe. Most of her clothes are variants of gray or black. Seth feels that most of the time she looks like she's headed to a yoga class instead of to their bedroom.Determined to make her see the error of her ways Seth has purchased something for her to wear that is outside of her comfort zone. Something that would look sexy on her and also fulfill one of his personal fantasies. He'd always wanted to see his blubbery beauty in a school girl outfit. His cock was getting hard just thinking about how it would look on her. He pictured her ponderous belly hanging out the bottom of the skirt as her love handles overflowed the waist band. His cock twitched as he wonder if the bottom of her ass cheeks also hang out of the bottom of the skirt?Seth came home to see his corpulent queen sitting on their bed. Maybe it was his imagination but he swore she looked even fatter than she did a few days ago. Her gluttony never failed to astound him. As expected she was dressed in a skin tight gray outfit. Seth would never admit it but the way her pants outlined her lower belly was enough to make his breath hitch. He could feel his cock starting to get hard again. He steadied himself and began trying to convince her to try on the outfit he'd bought for her. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  16. I bought this flannel in a size 3xl without trying it on first. Of course it didn’t end up fitting very well!! Having a big round belly and wearing buttoned clothes is a challenge, but I love being reminded of just how fat and soft I am. Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  17. Apparently I’m so fat now I’m breaking beds and maybe my scale too! I’m rolling out my fat, apron-like belly to see just how much it weighs. Even with considerable overhang (enough to make my scale completely disappear beneath it), it’s quite heavy. Won’t you join me for the weighty reveal. Also don’t miss my bed cracking outtake that practically tips me out on the floor. Check out all my photos and videos at And don’t miss the Big Cuties blog at
  18. To borrow an AC/DC line, this week I’m ‘knocking you out with those American thighs’. I’m definitely exercising my right to “bare” arms (and legs and booty)! And if I do say so myself, all of them are looking particularly lush and roly poly. Come have a look!
  19. I saw this super sexy fishnet lingerie set and I just had to have it. It was a cute top and skirt and it said “One Size Fits All”. I knew I would be taking a chance with it as I am way way bigger than all. At first I thought I had wasted my money when I took it out of the package. It looked so tiny and small. There was no way that this would fit my humongous body! But after some stretching and pulling and straining, I was able to get the top on. The skirt was not going to happen though. I didn’t even think it would fit around one thigh, nevermind both! You’ll have to watch the video to see where that teeny tiny skirt ended up. Once I had the top on though, I really loved how it looked. It looked dark and goth and I thought I looked very sexy so I kept it on for most of the pictures. I loved seeing my fat poke through the holes and I know that you will love it too! Wiggles and jiggles, MsFatBooty
  20. Too Fat For His Arms When I'm sitting only mere inches stand between my belly touching my knees. The thick fat on my midsection juts out over a foot in front of me. Try as he might my feeder simply can't get his arms all the way around my ever expanding waistline. Although my fat is soft and supple he's unable to squish enough of it inward to make his finger tips meet. He has to slide his arms up under my breasts to be able to clasp his hands together.I can feel his touch but when I look down all I can see is his thumbs. My view obscured by the mountain of fat that is my stomach. I assist him in positioning his hands to lift up all this lard. I can feel his erection press into me as he comments on how heavy it feels. I know he's proud of himself. After all he did this to me. All those nights continually pushing my limits; pressing food to lips when I was already too full to move. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
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  22. Please use the following → link ← to purchase this clip. This is a custom video. This video contains minor special effects. As you open your eyes you're unable to focus. Your body feels as if it's weighted down by some unknown force. You're having a hard time keeping your head up. Someone is speaking to you but the sound is distorted as if you were listening while underwater. Slowly your vision clears and you see a woman standing before you. She's dressed simply in a black bra and panties. What stands out about her is her size, she is simply massive. You attempt to speak but words fail you. Your throat is raw. She hands you a glass full of milky white liquid. Provoked by thirst you take a big gulp without hesitation. You're pleasantly surprised by the taste of the liquid; it's rich, creamy, and lightly sweet. Although she is speaking to you, you don't quite understand what she is saying. You feel an intense hunger gnawing at your gut. The smell of freshly baked cookies wafts up. Your stomach growls and mouth begins to salivate. As she presses the cookie to your lips you feel compelled to take a big bite. The cookies have a surprisingly soft texture with a rich buttery taste that's perfectly complimented by the chunks of decadent chocolate. You find yourself longing for more. As if reading your mind you find another cookie pressed against your lips. Eagerly taking a bite you nearly take a chunk out of one of her perfectly manicured fingers. As you finish the cookie you find that you're once again thirsty. As if she's once again reading your mind she encourages you to finish your drink. Your eyelids feel as heavy as the rest of your body. Try as you may you can't seem to keep them open. Despite your best effort your nod off. You awake to the sound of her snapping her fingers. As your vision clears the look on her face tells you that she wants your full attention. You try to speak but she cuts you off. She tells you that the liquid you've been drinking is her very own breast milk. You should feel repulsed but strangely all you want is more. Some of those cookies wouldn't hurt either. How can you already be hungry again? You feel strange as if you're stuck in a dream. You try to ask a question but become focused on her bosom. She's slowly unhooking her bra. To your embarrassment you feel yourself begin to drool. Your eyes are glued to her chest. As her big breasts fall free from their confines you feel your pants become uncomfortably tight. The way that she's playing with her breasts is mesmerizing. She genitally touches your shoulder. You must've nodded off again. The tone of her voice indicates that what she's saying is serious. You try to focus. Could what she's saying be true? Are you going to be completely under her control now? You admit to yourself that you're finding her more and more alluring. It's as if you want to do anything that she tells you to. She tells you that you're now her pet pig and that you're going to gain copious amounts of weight for her. Your cock twitches upon hearing this. You can't believe you're getting so turned on. This is completely insane yet you find yourself ready and willing to eat anything that she puts in front of you. ·.·★·.·´¯`·.·★·.·´¯`·.·★·.·´¯`·.·★·.·´¯`·.·★·.· Please use the following → link ← to purchase this clip.Breast Milk ManipulationAlternative Edit
  23. Hey guys! This is a place I’ve been meaning to shoot in for so long. The narrow staircase leading to my basement is tight, steep, and the perfect place for a plump butt to show off! I love comparing my own size to that of the staircase and realizing I’m not that far off from being just as wide. I like to imagine having to turn sideways to get down the stairs… but then, what if my belly and huge bubble butt got in the way?! For now, a girl can dream.. and show off just for you! Come check me out at and visit the other big cuties at XOXO, Margot
  24. I almost wasn't able to wear this fishnet dress (yes, its supposed to be a dress), but I cut out the solid bra part that was sewn in and squeeeeeeezed my rolls into it. It's the little things that make me happy, ya know? Find this update and lots more at! Fat, Happy, Hungry, CaitiDee Follow me! snapchat @ caitidee More free content!
  25. What better way to spend the 4th of July then being an independent gal who loves her fat body? I knew this dress would be tight and therefore, I thought it would be just right! So I squeezed into it for you and threw on some cute heels that actually work, and viola!, a cute stuffed in stripes set just for you. I hope you had a safe and happy 4th! GIF: Enjoy! Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms, Beccabae
  26. I hope you all enjoyed this long holiday week, I know I've been pigging out all week at cookouts and on my couch! Now you can see me on your screen looking like a hot ass firecracker in this skin tight dress One of my many sexy outfits for this weekend! xoxo Chloe SUBSCRIBE TO MY SITE HERE -----> SNAPCHAT NAME------> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG ---->
  27. Don’t you think I look so much fatter in this body stocking now? It has been a while since i wore it last and I can really notice how much my belly and thighs have grown since then, especially my belly!! It is enormous now and hangs even lower than it did before. Luckily this stocking is ridiculously stretchy, otherwise I would have had no hope fitting into it! I loved rubbing my belly over the fishnet material, seeing my fat poking out through the holes, it was just so sexy! In my video I share with you all how much it turns me on to look at old photos of myself in this stocking, compared to me in it now. How much it arousing me…ALWAYS! How I hope to one day outgrow it too, would LOVE to be so fat that I burst out of it! Ultimate fantasy! Bonnie x
  28. Happy 4th of July! I hope you had a great day celebrating and eating delicious food, I know I did. In this video I celebrate with hot dogs, white castles (I didn’t have normal burgers) and potato salad. I ate so much that I could barely move at the end! Make sure you check out my member’s only blog where I posted a video about how full I was. My Website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me: Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
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