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  2. It's no secret that I am a total dessert person and when I'm out I often like to take my dessert home so I can enjoy it properly. This time I got myself a nice, thick piece of tiramisu cheesecake and I want you to generously feed it to me, only stopping to grab my soft, stuffed belly. It's a huge slice, but I know if we work together a girl my size can handle it!xoxo,RubySee this set and more at me on tumblr all the BigCuties at
  3. Margot has your hoodie, and she's not giving it back! It's not the right size, but she loves how snug and cozy it feels, and how it doesn't cover up her big amazing butt at all! See this set and more at
  4. Aurora is feeling pretty greedy today, so she's got stacks of her favorite foods to eat, and she's stuffing herself silly, come watch! See this update and more at
  5. I love being lazy and having my big belly out to hang freely. It’s so soft and round I can’t help but rub and jiggle it! My lingerie was a little too tight as you can tell. Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  6. Lusilla is out in the wintery weather, and she's loving the cold snowflakes on her belly! She looks so cute in her sweater and leggings, and we love when she takes her belly out, too, come check it out! See this set, and many other models, over at
  7. New Update is here! I think you know by now how much I love sweets, and donuts sure do fit in that category! Lets see how many I can stuff into my big belly xoxox Chloe SUBSCRIBE TO MY SITE! -----> SNAPCHAT -----> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG ---->
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  9. Speed Stuffing & After Stuffing Burps When the hunger takes hold I’m completely within its grip. In that moment there’s only one thing that matters to me, eating. Every minute that passes without gorging myself is sheer agony. By the time my delivery order arrived I could barely think straight. I opened a box and greedily shoved it contents into my wanting mouth. Bite after frantic bite I attempted to satiate the gnawing hunger within me. In about ten minutes I’d ate my way through over 3,700 calories. That’s nearly two days worth of recommended calories for an average adult female. I’d eaten far too quickly but I couldn’t have stopped myself. I lack the sheer willpower needed to overcome such hunger. I’m a slave to its desires. The warmth of the food had caused my sinuses to run. I wiped the grease from my fingers and then blew my nose. (I normally would edit this portion out but I wanted to show what my unbridled glutton does to me.) I felt the gas building in my overstuffed and painfully stretched stomached. I took another gulp of soda hoping the carbonation would help to bring it up. A series of burps erupted from me. The expulsion of gas had made room in my painfully full stomach but I couldn’t leave well enough alone. There was still a chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie. I had began to salivate thinking about eating it. I couldn’t stop myself from taking a bite. The taste had made me moan with pleasure. There was no stopping now. My stomach ached as I took the last bite. I chugged the rest of the soda hoping it would calm my gurgling gut. It seemed that only more burping would do that. Eating Till Orgasm I couldn't stop now even if I wanted to. I'm addicted; a slave to my nearly insatiable hunger. I just ate enough food to feed three adult men. I should be full. No, I am full. Yet, I want more. As I bite into the calorie laden lava cake a moan escapes my lips. They're so decadent. It's almost as if I can feel myself getting fatter with each bite. That makes my perfect plump pussy even more wet. I truly am more sow than woman. Only a pig would get soaking wet from glutting themselves on such fattening food. My arousal consumes me. I release my massive mammeries from their lacy confines. As my fingers brush past my nipples they begin to harden. I squeeze my soft supple breasts and watch as my fingers sink in deeply. My hand moves downward to grab a the roll of fat at the top of my double belly. It's gotten so very thick. I sink my fingers into my belly fat, squeeze, and then shake. The motion reminds me that my stomach is painfully full. The sensation is overwhelming. I can't take it anymore. I need to make myself cum. I awkwardly position my bloated body to allow me to insert the vibrator. Another moan escapes my lips as it goes in. I lazily move the toy in and out of my dripping wet pussy. It's getting hard to reach around my big blubbery belly. Thankfully between my vast thighs and fat pussy I can hold the toy in place without using my hand. I sit up right and start to ride it. Within moments the minor exertion has me panting. It's obscene how out of shape I am. My free hand grabs at fattest parts of my body. I can't help but touch myself. I'm obsessed with my own blob-like body. I lean back once more and turn the toy on high. Thrusting it in and out as quickly as I can. I'm exhausted but I'm getting close. I just need something more! I grab a hand pie from the shelf and shove it into my mouth. The sweet taste pushes me over the edge and I orgasm over and over. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  10. I love school girl outfits, there’s just something about them that is super sexy. I think my outfit looks great on me, don’t you? The only problem is my skirt is so small! Sometimes I barely move and it pops right off! Guess I’ll have to wear something else to class.... My Website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me: Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
  11. I have had this fantasy for years where a pirate captures me and ties me to a chair before force feeding me. I have to admit that it was hard to fake a struggle as I couldn’t contain my utter excitement and arousal in this video! I really cannot act like a person who is being stuffed against their will, I just love it far too much! As I sat strapped to the chair, I was bursting out of my corset and I could feel it becoming tighter and tighter as my pirate shoved more food down my throat. I was wriggling about on the chair as I could feel myself get more and more aroused, I just wanted him to rip off my corset and stuff me some more and….haha well you can imagine the rest!! Bon x
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  13. I’m looking extra round in this set! My thighs have so much cellulite on them now and my belly just looks huge!! Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  14. When I was young, I couldn't stop it... now I have to work at it lol but mama didn't raise no quitter! I got these gains and I'll keep on getting them all year! Come see Find this update and lots more at! Fat, Happy, Hungry, CaitiDee Follow me! snapchat @ caitidee More free content!
  15. This is one of my most biggest fantasies! So I decided to role-play in this video to show it to all of you! Since you have been away at work your maid hasn’t been bothering to clean. In fact instead of cleaning your house, she has been raiding your fridge and stuffing all your food, lazing about on the sofa eating junk and doing as little work as possible! Now due to her lazy days and gorging relentlessly on food, she has started to notice her uniform getting a little snug, but is in complete denial and decides that it must have accidentally shrunk in the wash. No way had she gained weight! Suddenly hearing the keys rattling in the door she quickly started to clean, upon seeing her you are shocked and amazed! There she was bursting out of her uniform, at least 3 stone heavier than when you last saw her! You couldn’t wait to entice her over to the bed so you could explore all her new fat rolls! Bon x
  16. Give In, Get Fat You've turned me into an helplessly over indulgent sow. My whole body is now covered in an obscenely thick layer of fat. You've been a dedicated and doting feeder but I've grown bored with our relationship. I want to do for you what you've done for me. I've seen the way that you look at me. How your eyes linger on my lips as you press food against them. There's a longing in your eyes that betrays your true desire. The desire to get fat. To be free of society's standards. To let go of all inhibitions and eat, and eat, and eat. To feel the painful pleasure of having your stomach stretched to its limits. You know it's what you truly want. It's time to give in to me and get fat. Stuffed & Stuck The lounge chair in my hotel room looked luxuriously wide. Surely it was wide enough to accommodate even my expansive posterior. By the time I felt my hips rub against the sides of the armrests it was already too late. The force behind my downward momentum was enough that the armrests were able to push my soft supple fat inward. As my body came to an abrupt halt it caused a cascade of waves throughout the thick layer of fat that engulfs me. I sighed and slowly began rubbing my painfully bloated belly. The day had passed by in a blur of calories as slices of cake, hand pies, foot long sandwiches, and chocolate dipped cookies all passed my lips. All washed down with liters upon liters of sweet tea or soda. I caught myself nodding off in the chair. My body was struggling to digest copious amount of food that I put into it. I knew that I needed to get ready for bed before my body became too tired to move. I placed my flabby arms upon the armrest and applied the necessary force that it takes to lift myself. To my shock and horror nothing happened. It would seem that my blubbery backside was firmly stuck within the confines of the chair. I tried not to panic as the realization that I was all alone set in. Frantically I tried to dislodge myself from the chairs grasp. As I jostled my painfully overfull stomach a series of burps erupted forth. The minor exertion left me panting. As I caught my breath I ponder what to do. Jerk Off to My Fat Body I know your secret. I know that every free moment that you have your on your phone or computer looking at super-super obese women. You're addicted to our big blubbery bodies. There's just something about greedy gluttonous sow stuffed into ill fitting lingerie that turns you on. Their fat oozing out of every inch. Lingerie link mine. I bet you're wondering how it hasn't burst off of me. I'm wondering that too as it strains against my immense girth. It makes your cock rock hard. That's good, I want it to. I want you to stop looking at other pigs. I can provide you with everything that you need. My whole body is covered in an ever thickening layer of fat. I'm eager to show off every inch. Give in to me. Embrace me as your supersized goddess and become my stroke junkie. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  17. My first full year as a BigCutie has come to a close and I celebrated by answering some of your most-asked questions! Check out this extra-long video for some exclusive details about yours truly. xoxo, Ruby See this set and more at Follow me on tumblr See all the BigCuties at
  18. Aurora is ready for Santa, and she's got the little tshirt to prove it! Check this babe out in her holiday happy tshirt! See this set and more at
  19. Aurora was soaking up some late autumn sun in the garden, and she got wild with the hose! Her tank top is soaked right through, and you can see all the dimples in her lovely rolls, too! See this set and more at
  20. Margot loves these pants, they are covered in stripes and make her big round butt and thunder thighs look even more luscious! Come check her out! See this set and more at
  21. Margot loves how sexy she feels in her little plaid skirt and polka dot undies, and she loves giving you sneaky peeks of those thunder thighs! See this set and more at
  22. Squashing and eating my shrunken roommate!
  23. December means Christmas and this year I wanted to be extra comfy so I decided to stock up on my Christmas pajamas and I just love this great little number with my favorite dogs on them. I myself have a corgi of my own. As you can see, these pants have plenty of room to grown into but the bralette has no extra room for me... I mean... well... you know. The straps are already digging in and I've pretty much used up all the fabric already. Ooops! If my breasts keep growing I don't know if it'll fit anymore. I'll have to keep these around and show you how things go in a future set. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! Cupcakes and Kisses, Marilyn // Big Cuties Blog] Tumblr>]
  24. Aurora loves her new lingerie, and she looks so cute with her little ears and whiskers, a big fat cat! See this set and more at
  25. Margot is trying on all her swimsuits for you! She loves how they feel, tight on her body, and showing off all her curves! See this update and more at
  26. Margot has a gorgeous figure, and nothing accentuates her amazing bubble butt like a pair of daisy dukes! Short shorts and lots of chubby bits, come check her out! See this set and more at
  27. HAPPY 2019! It is going to be a fantastic year! I have cherries with me in this set to chat about our goals and resolutions for the new year! We also recap 2018 a bit too xoxo Chloe SUBSCRIBE TO MY SITE! -----> SNAPCHAT -----> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG ------->
  28. In celebration of the New Year, I thought I would get something festive and tight to adorn my chubby body with. This one was exactly what I was looking for - it was a beautiful color, bright, shiny, and looked like it would fit me amazingly. I thought to myself, 'a 3x should be perfect, right?'. Boy, was I in for a treat! For the video I decided to try it on for the first time and while I thought it would be a tight fit, I still thought that it would somehow be a mini dress on me. Not only was it a struggle to get into, but it was barely a shirt once over my gigantic belly. It quickly dawned on me that if I went out like this, I would probably be arrested for indecent exposure. I mean - my entire ass IS hanging out of the back! All that said, I think it does fit perfectly, in it's own way. Perfect to show off just how huge I am and how something as seemingly simple as finding a pretty dress to wear can be a huge feat for me. Aw well - guess I'll just have to stay inside and show off the dress to you! Hopefully you enjoy the show. GIF: Happy New Years! Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms, Beccabae
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