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  2. BigCutie Piper in A Full Rack

    Come watch me stuff my face I know you won't be disappointed. I literally put myself in a food coma and can't move or breath after but I am so fat and happy it is ridiculous. xoxo, Piper See this set and more at
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  4. Right before I climbed on this guy I asked him how much he weighed, turns out I’m exactly four times his weight. The terror in his eyes when he realized that was completely equal to the delight in my own. Come watch me smash this kid flat
  5. Beccabae ~ Belly Bloat

    I figured it was about time to do another bloat video for you guys! This time around I thought it would be fun to measure my belly before and after drinking - just to see how much my belly expands from all of the liquid in a matter of minutes. As is tradition with bloat videos - there are lots of burps, some groaning, and definitely some tummy jiggling. By the end my belly is so painfully tight and full that I feel like I can barely move. Perhaps you would be kind enough to rub my tummy until it's better? Enjoy! Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms, Beccabae
  6. Heather loves donuts, and we can all see they love her too! She has tons of amazing donut shops where she lives, so she makes sure to do extensive taste testing to always know where the tastiest ones are! Here she's trying some from Pinkbox in Vegas, and make sure you stay tuned, she'll definitely be doing this again! See this update and so much more over at
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  8. The Chubbiest Cupid

    This Valentine’s Day your Chubbiest Cupid was real hard at work trying to find some big fat love!!! This huge belly makes it pretty hard to fly though… haha but look out my arrow my be coming for you! Come see this and much more on my site at: Free BigCuties Blog: Twitter: Tumblr:
  9. I'm not normally much of an animal print girl, but this little nightie is soooo tight and cute that I'll make an exception. Tumblr: Twitter: Wishlist: BC Blog:
  10. Ms. Fat Booty - Dine and Drive

    Hey everyone! I just updated my Clips4Sale with a new video! Ms. Fat Booty - Dine and Drive A big, hungry girl like myself can't go too long without eating. Being in the car is no exception. If I've got a drive that's longer than 20 minutes, you know I am grabbing a snack or two for the ride! Today I had a 1 hour drive ahead of me so that meant quite a few snacks! I set up my camera on my dashboard and bring all of you for the ride! I let my big belly out and stopped at a couple of places to make sure I am well-fed during my small road trip. Wanna ride shotgun next time? Thanks so much for looking! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Ms. Fat Booty Big Cutie Ms Fat Booty Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Tumblr!
  11. BigCutie Chloe Be My Valentine!!!!

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY LOVERS! How gorgeous are these preview pics?! I love romance and hallmark holidays! come watch me struggle my way into this stunning bustier at!!!! xoxo Chloe FIND ME HERE ---->>>> BIGCUTIES BLOG ----->>
  12. Valentine's day is my favorite day of the year. not only because it's my birthday but I just love the idea of being pampered, spoiled, and affectionately stuffed with chocolates. I might not have a valentine but I sure do have a big box of chocolates that will wind up in my big belly! Who says you can't spoil yourself?! XOXO! Your Growing Piggy Princess, Nova Check me out @ Or Visit the free BigCuties Blog @ & Don’t forget to follow me on Tumblr and Twitter!
  13. Quite a while back, I posted on my members blog about this insanely HOT dream I had where I keep stuffing on a HUGE cake until I am finally 600 lbs. As requested, I made a video discussing this and put it on my blog Hope you all enjoy! Bonnie x0x
  14. Sometimes I feel like the fattest gal in the entire universe...and sometimes I just look extra doughy in these tight, stretched out galaxy leggings! This update is ONLY available @ JAE.BIGCUTIES.COM! Jae P.S. be sure to check out my member's only blog for extra goodies!! Visit my Tumblr | EVERYTHINGJAE.COM Follow me on Twitter | @BIGCUTIEJAE See more BigCuties | BIGCUTIES.COM/BLOG
  15. Big Cutie Trysta ~ Sausage Stuffing

    I’m starting my day off with a big plate of big and juicy sausages and some fast caffeine. I find it so difficult to wait for them to cook while my senses explode with the wonderful smells and sounds of sizzling sausage, so I’ll have to amuse myself with bubbly belches and belly musings before some serious sausage stuffing! Check out all my photos and videos at And don’t miss the Big Cuties blog at
  16. BigCutie Cherries-Cupid's Cutie

    I thought we could spend Valentine’s Day together in bed. I picked out this special lingerie just for you, it really shows off my curves. Thank you for the chocolate, I can’t wait to enjoy it with you. I might not share any with you though, I kind of want to eat it all myself..I hope you don’t mind. Happy Valentine’s Day! My Website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me:
  17. Hi everyone, I am so in love with my new, super cute underwear set that I HAD to share it with you. I mean a pair of underpants that (sort of) covers my belly is a miracle hehe... and I love these colors on me, I look so pretty In the video, you can watch me doing what I do best... lounging on my couch with my big belly out, barely moving unless reaching for my snacks hehe. I definitely feel like I am snacking more than ever. Sweets and crisps never last long in my house and I am struggling to keep up with own eating habits... woops! Happy Valentine's Day! Holly
  18. It’s been only a few weeks since my last comparison set, but I decided to spoil you all with another, since I have become so much fatter than my earlier sets. This one is a comparison of over 3 years ago, I have grown so much since I last took the earlier photos! Looking back I cannot believe that I once thought I was so huge, haha! I was tinyyyy! Makes me wonder, in another 3 years will I look back at pictures of me now and think the same thing?! In the video I discuss my huge gain and tell you how much it turns me on & encourages me to gain even more weight! Bonnie x0x
  19. Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day!! Watch me eat cheesecake for you while rubbing my big soft belly. All the yummy food I've been eating like desserts help me maintain my figure Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
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  21. More Bounce per ounce

    So for this set, I was trying my best to break a bed. Sadly, I'm not quite there. However, I get credit for trying. I'm so big now that I'm surprised I haven't broken more furniture. I know that I'm close and I am convinced that I can at least crack a bed. Even though I didn't break the bed, it sure is fun to do and even better to watch. It's quite a work out to hoist this big body up and out of bed. Please enjoy and I think you'll agree that I've a lot more bounce per ounce! Cupcakes and Kisses, MarilynFind Me> Big Cuties Blog > Tumblr>
  22. In Case you missed me...

    I was a pretty “risque” store recently and I noticed that they had some plus size items so I decided to take a chance and buy something that is straight scandalous. I could never wear this out of the house, but I can definitely wear this at home and just relish in the way that my belly stretches at those straps in the front. Not to mention the way my chest is practically ripping the top off of this little number. It still has quite a bit of room to stretch so im going to hold onto it and see how much further I can test the limits of this “dress”. Cupcakes and Kisses, Marilyn
  23. I shot my very first set for Big Cuties two years ago! And since my 50th set was just released I thought this was the perfect time for a comparison set. A lot has changed in two years and I wanted to show you! This size 18 nightie is even smaller than I could imagine. So many seams popped as I tried it on for the first time in two years. The fabric used to be opaque, but now it is stretched so thin over my bulging belly that you can see my skin tone in the white parts of the fabric. The biggest difference I noticed was just how huge my belly had gotten. It hands so much lower and takes up so much more of a lap. I think I’m going to hold on to this little nightie just a little bit longer. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in another 2 years! Wiggles and jiggles, MsFatBooty
  24. Cherries-Clips4Sale Updates

    Happy Friday! Here are a few of my most recent clips4sale updates. Don’t forget, if there is ever anything you want to see on any of my sites please let me know! Little Black Dress This dress looks like it’s too small for you think I can fit in it? Love My Ass The first half of this video I show you my ass up close with panties on, and even lotion it for you. Then I decide to take my panties off and have a little fun by sitting right on your face. *You see pretty much everything in this video, so if you liked Naked Body Exploration you’ll love this* Happy Valentine’s Day I’m so sad we can’t be together today, so I made a video telling you how much I miss you and also thanking you for the wonderful gift you sent. I even demonstrate a few ways to use it...
  25. Getting fatter means encountering new problems.. It seems that now I’m fighting with basics, like fitting through doorways. Come watch me struggle!
  26. We've got another update from guest model Aria for you over at Bonanza!! She's getting comfy in her hotel room after a night of partying, and there's plenty of takeout to make her belly happy before bed, come check it out! See this set, and many other models, over at
  27. After a day sunbathing, I need a good shower and a sudsy lather. Thankfully my good friend Big Cutie Ellie came to my rescue to help suds between all my hard to reach, sexy folds and bits. It’s a tight squeeze with both of us super fatties in this jumbo shower and we definitely get all steamy and soapy with all the rubbing against each other! Want to join us? Check out all my photos and videos at And don’t miss the Big Cuties blog at
  28. BigCutie Aurora in Fatty Struggles

    Hey guys! In this set I wanted to share with you a few of the struggles I have on a daily basis as a fat girl. Whether it be battling flights of stairs, squishing myself into "normal size" chairs, or checking the serving size on my snack only to find out I've already had twice the recommended serving and I'm still hungry! I guess that's just the price you pay to live the pudge life (: Be sure to check out my site at and the BigCuties blog at (: XOXO Aurora
  29. BigCutie Aurora in Snuggly Study Date

    Hey guys! Since I decided to go back to school next quarter I was inspired to do a sexy study date set. In this set I show you guys how cute I look all snuggled up studying, and also in nothing but a pair of glasses and black panties (; Be sure to check out my site at and the BigCuties blog at (: XOXO Aurora
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