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  2. This Valentine's Day, I threw on some tight, sexy lingerie and indulged in one of my favorite sweet treats - chocolate truffles! If you keep buying me all these chocolates, I might not fit into anything next year xoxo, Ruby See this set and more at Follow me on tumblr See all the BigCuties at
  3. My Fat Ass Broke What?! The world simply isn’t made for pigs like me. Even products that boast weight limits upwards of a thousand pounds buckle under the strain of my mass. Even furniture made of fattened pigs such as myself can’t withstand prolonged exposure to my excessive weight. What is a overfed sow such as myself to do? It would seem that I’m just too fat for most things. With my waistline ever expanding it’s only a matter of time before I’ll need to switch to only using specialized bariatric furniture. I should be ashamed of what I’ve done to myself. To have willingly let myself get so hopelessly pitifully obese. Yet I find myself getting more turned on than ever. In this clip I’ll go over the high points of my furniture destruction throughout the years. Be it wood or metal no furniture seems to be safe from my crushing weight. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile.
  4. Some girls want flowers and candy for Valentine’s Day, not me. I want something a little more personal: you under me for as long as I’d like. Come have a look!
  5. Oooh la la! I would like to make my debut here in my first ever corset. I definitely do see the appeal in these now that I've seen myself in one, but man oh man - the title of this is very literal! I had to have two people struggle to get me into this thing. My friend kept loosening up the ties in the back and saying, 'this will work!' only to have it be a half foot away from actually fitting. Finally after loosening the ties to essentially as loose as they could possibly be, it was a success! What I love about this is how much it just makes my belly hang and bulge even further. My belly is essentially just being forced down, thus making it look even more huge than it normally does. Due to this, it was incredibly hard to breathe and I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited to release myself from it I wouldn't be opposed to trying a few more, as long as I have a few helpers to stuff me into it. Any takers? GIF: Happy belated Valentine's Day, cuties! Enjoy! Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms, Beccabae
  6. Hey!So I've recently been a bride and wanted to tell you about some of the fat related problems I had on the day!I definitely struggled to find bridal pjs and robe to fit me... probably because most brides try to be nice and slim on their wedding day so they don't need a big size like I do hehe. I also had a hard time squeezing my big butt into the chairs at the venue, I was worried the chair might not hold my weight, but luckily it didn't give up on me and I made it to the end of the night where I ate lots of cake http://www.holly.bigcuties.com
  7. I'm a tad late in advertising this, but it's never too late to make me your Vintage Valentine! I'm available all year with loads of pics and videos to make your heart (and your pants) go pitter patter. ❤️ Okay but really that ass thoooooo! Find this update and lots more at! Fat, Happy, Hungry, CaitiDee Follow me! snapchat @ caitidee More free content!
  8. I want you to make me much, MUCH fatter. I want you to be the one responsible for growing all my fat rolls, the one shoving endless fattening treats into my mouth. Watching me grow fatter and fatter day in and day out. Your growing fat piggy, yours alone. You know how much it excites me to grow for you, to see the desire in your eyes as I stuff more and more food each day. Watching your delight as I moan and groan that I am too stuffed to move. When I become breathless from all the food I have consumed and when I’m so stuffed the it is painful too. You love it and I do too, so can you please just come and make me into the fattest blob ever! Bon x
  9. Happy Valentine’s Day! The best part of the holidays is the chocolate and candy, especially for a fat girl with a sweet tooth. Mmm Sweets and belly rubs are my idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day. Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  10. Margot loves a bodysuit and some booty shorts, and she's rocking them together in her new update! She loves how tight the bodysuit feels against her belly, and how the shorts just can't keep that booty covered, come check it out! See this set and more at
  11. We've got another update for you from smokin' hot Jolie, and she's really heating up your Valentine's Day weekend! Bright red lingerie, bedroom eyes, and that gorgeous fat body, she's a dream!! See this set, and many other models, over at
  12. Aurora is out and about getting some fresh air, and she decided to look like all the other hikers at the park! Sports bra, leggings, and all those curves, we'd love to see her on the trail with us! See this set and more at
  13. I love Valentine ’s Day for all the sweet and treats I receive and my Valentine knows of my weakness for chocolate. And in return for my belly-pleasing loads of candy, I give my Valentine everything they want … me! Watch me indulge and delight in chocolate, chubs, and belly rubs, while you delight in me Check out all my photos and videos at And don’t miss the Big Cuties blog at
  14. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY LOVERS! I hope you were spoiled as much as I was! All the candy hearts, boxes of chocolates and heart shaped pizzas were this fatties dream! xoxo Chloe SUBSCRIBE HERE ------> SNAPCHAT -----> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG----->
  15. Hi Folks, We have had ups and we have had downs but mostly I think we made something magnificent here. 10 years of joy that I am truly grateful for. It's clear that isn't the popular hub it once was. I haven't had the desire nor time to work with this project as I used to. However, The message behind and the spirit of it is still something I greatly believe in. A lot has changed in all of our lives since the early days of LTC, but none the less, I feel 10 years is quite an achievement for any website. I will always feel a great sense of pride knowing what we have accomplished here. I know that has touched many lives throughout it's years and many of us have had the opportunity to meet lots of great people on this website. I personally have met lots of great people and have many memories that will be cherished for the rest of my life. I want to thank everyone for all they have contributed to this amazing website. We were a movement before the movement was cool! Now, off into the sunset we ride. . . Love always, J
  16. Happy Valentine’s Day! You always know how to surprise me on this day, and this year it’s no different. I walk in to some special gifts; new lingerie, chocolate and a scale! I wonder what you want me to do with these? I try on the lingerie, have a few chocolates and hop on the scale since I know that’s what you’ve been waiting for. And wow...I’m shocked by the number! I just can’t believe it, it’s my biggest one yet! My Website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me: Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
  17. Your Girlfriend Can’t Cum Without Eating I need to make a confession. I’ve been hesitant to bring this up because I don’t know how you’re going to take it. I want you to know that this isn’t a reflection on you, it’s a reflection on me. A reflection on what a greedy gluttonous sow I’ve become. My association with eating and sex has become intertwined to the point where it’s hard for me to cum without glutting myself on sinfully fattening food. What, you want me to show you? I couldn’t. I’m too embarrassed. It’s not normal for a woman to only get turned on by overeating. I suppose that you’re right. I have nothing to be ashamed about. You’ve seen my big blubbery body many times before. After all it was your fingers that pushed thousands of calories past my plump lips. It was you that helped rewire my brain to make these new associations. Who am I to deny you from seeing the fruits of your labor. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile.
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  19. I stopped by the local Krispy Kreme and picked a dozen of the glazed doughnuts. I love how soft and pillowy they are when they are first made. A lot like myself. I love to sit down and have a sugar induced coma for breakfast and I always have a glass of milk with it. I can eat the whole box by myself. I'm such a fatty. Cupcakes and Kisses, Marilyn // Big Cuties Blog] Tumblr>]
  20. Morbid Feeder Wants You Immobile The content of this video is not for the faint of heart. This video is for pigs; greedy gluttonous pigs that want to grow hopelessly pitifully obese. The type of pigs that struggles to get through the day as their thoughts are consumed by food, fat, and sex. I know what you need. I know that you want to be reprogrammed to let go of all inhibitions and willing trap yourself in a life of over indulgence. I can do that for you fatty. Follow my instructions and you’ll watch as your rolls of fat thicken by the day. Soon you’ll find yourself trapped in the cycle. You see the heavier your body gets the lazier you will get and the lazier you get the heavier your body will get. Till you find yourself on the brink of immobility. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile.
  21. With my extreme, curve enhancing corset on, it’s a strain and struggle to bend and contort around the extreme confines of the corset and my huge belly, but oh what fun it is trying! Not my best game ever, but I hope you like the struggles and the shapes my body creates. And you’ll want to see just how my belly is a real ball breaker! Literally. Check out all my photos and videos at And don’t miss the Big Cuties blog at
  22. In the final series of my fitness tests, I decided I would do something that was focused on running. I sure as hell wasn't going to attempt to do the mile (which is basically my least favorite childhood memory), so doing some kind of short sprint seemed to be the next best thing! I'm gonna be honest and say that I really don't even think this is 30 meters, maybe not even 20 or 25 meters, but for the sake of bad science.. we'll just say it is. However, if you do keep in mind that it's likely not even THAT far of a distance.. it makes my times for these sprints even more laughable. I have to say that it's been over 10 years since I actually tried full on sprinting/running and WOW, I cannot believe how weird and uncomfortable it felt. Jogging is one thing, but actually trying to run as fast as I could made my body feel so unsteady and every fiber of my legs was just like, 'STOP'. When I was younger my endurance was particularly shitty, but I could still run fairly fast for short distances. Now it feels like my body is going to fall apart, hahaha. Like I said in the video - if I have to run from anything chasing me at any point in my life, I'm a goner. Let's hope that never happens and in the meantime just appreciate my ginormous jiggling body in it's very out of shape form. GIF: Enjoy! Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms, Beccabae
  23. Savory is better than sweet. Forever. Fight me. Every now and then though a delicious sweet thing pops up on my radar. This time I found one that is so delicious that I considered becoming a convert. I found the mother of all ice cream sandwiches recently. It’s sweet, rich, buttery, and oh so creamy. I can never stop eating them until the whole box is gone. Come watch!
  24. I may not be your typical wet t-shirt contest participant, but I think I'm quite the contender! I threw on a tight white shirt and hopped in the shower for some soaking wet fun. I feel so sexy, strutting my fat, jiggly stuff in my totally transparent tee - what score would you give me?! xoxo,RubySee this set and more at me on tumblr all the BigCuties at
  25. Hey!I decided to treat myself to some breakfast in bed and thought you could join me I was so hungry that I decided to order myself 2 vegetarian breakfasts with toast, mushrooms and loads of scrambled egg... yummy! Me being the greedy pig that I am eat the lot and was left wanting more. Maybe next time I should order 3? hehe.You'll love watching me stuff my face and grab my big fat belly... it's got so big lately and with all these double breakfasts I've been having it's only going to get even bigger http://www.holly.bigcuties.com
  26. You wouldn't just expect a regular stuffing from me, right? 3 pounds of food and 2 large cokes from McDonald's... this is probably the hardest stuffing I've ever done, and you can truly see it on my face throughout the video as I eat. I start out eating quickly cause i'm excited, and then I slowly decline in speed, as my belly becomes painfully full but I continue taking bites, trying to block out how full I am. This is what true stuffing is about. pushing one's self.. until you can't take another bite. I loved it, even if my face at the end may have said different Lol. My belly was pleased, and so was my waistline! Join my website to see all 25+ minutes! To see all the models, take a look at
  27. New update is now live! I am looking lazy in my leggings. Since I have gotten bigger and bigger, I only wear leggings! I need the extra stretch for every day errands and activities! Come check me out in my super tight leggings where you can see all my dimples and curves!xoxo ChloeSUBSCRIBE HERE -----> ------> bigcutiechloeBIGCUTIES BLOG ----->
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