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Ms. Fat Booty

Grand Opening! Big Fat Best Friends on Clips4sale

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Hey guys! I am soooo excited to announce the grand opening of Big Fat Best Friends

Kelly and I are the very best of friends and love spending time together. Basically all we do when we hang out is eat, talk about boys, eat, watch TV and eat. We didn't think it was fair to keep all that fun just to ourselves so we decided to share with all of you! 

Tubbies in the Tub

Being the size of a house makes finding a bathtub that fits enough of a challenge, nevermind when two massive fatsos are trying to take a bath together. Luckily we found a hotel with a big enough tub, well at least it looked big enough for the two of us on the website. But after we stripped down and started filling the tub we realized we were in for a much tighter squeeze than we anticipated. Will we fit? How much water will flood if we do? And how the hell are we going to get unstuck if we get in?


Booty and Belly Battle

Kelly and I wanted to show off how strong we were by bumping our massive bellies together. Each time we bumped it was like an earthquake! Can you just imagine a big soft belly with hundreds of pounds of force behind it bumping right into you? We almost knocked each other a couple times! After we bumped bellies for a while, we wanted to try bumping our fat booties together! Each bump sent waves of fat rippling all over our super sized bodies. I hope you don't get seasick watching all this blubber jiggle! 


Sisterhood of the Shrinking Shirt

You've all heard of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants right? Well Kelly and I have the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Shirt! About 3 years ago I gave Kelly a shirt that I had outgrown but fit perfectly on her. I hated to give it away as it was just too cute, but it was so tight and was always riding up on my belly. I knew she would give it a better home. I noticed that she had stopped wearing it and asked her what happened. As you can guess, she's outgrown it as well! After seeing how small and tight it was on her now, I just had to see how it would fit me now that I've gotten so much fatter. Snug is an understatement! Now we need to find someone else to give this shirt too....and help out grow it!


Thanks so much for looking! 
MsFatBooty & Kelly!

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