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Over the years I have had so many embarrassing fat moments and although at the time I may feel slightly embarrassed by the looks and stares, I also feel a sense of excitement too! When I am in a situation where I am humiliated or embarrassed due to my size, I cannot help but be aroused by it!! 
For example, the time when I was directed by a waiter to sit in a chair which I couldn’t squeeze myself into. I had to be moved and even when I sat in another chair, I was completely squished in and overflowing. I had loads of customers staring at me and whispering, probably discussing the probability of my breaking the chair and eating the restaurant out of business! Haha!
I discuss so many sexy and exciting fat moments in this video, I actually have loads!! It is crazy how many of these humiliating and arousing situations I find myself in on a daily basis!!


Bon x




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