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Looks like Princess Elsa has became really fat from being locked up inside the castle for too long! ;)

I barely managed to squeeze my fat ass into this dress, even though it was plus size 28! Such a fatty now! I had been wearing my dress and stuffing myself all day. I could feel it getting uncomfortably tight across my belly too, so I decided to strip down to my underwear, just in time for my feeder to return home with LOADS of food for me. He had bought my favourite, Mac ’n’ cheese. I really couldn’t wait to stuff it all so as quickly as I could I crawled on top of him, straddling him as I rubbed, jiggled and dropped my belly onto him while he fed me the food. 
I felt as though I couldn’t be satisfied and wanted to be stuffed even quicker, so snatching the food from his grasp I began to shovelling it into my mouth faster and faster as I moaned in ecstasy. He rubbed and jiggled my belly as I become more and more aroused. I am definitely looking my fattest in this video, don’t you think? ;)

Bon x





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