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Naughty Lesbian Nurses

Featuring: Bianca Baker

I unzipped the gore splattered nurse's outfit and carefully pulled the short sleeves up my arms.  The material began to stretch taunt as it battled with the girth of my weighty upper arms.  With a bit of finesse I was able to get it to just fit.  I sucked in my ponderous gut and desperately pulled on the stretchy material trying to make the ends of the zipper meet.  I'd just finished wiggling my oversized body into my Halloween costume when Bianca walked in.

She was dressed in a the top of a similar nurse's outfit.  Only hers fit her like a glove; hugging her hourglass figure in all of the right places.  As she seductively sauntered over I saw her black lace panties peak out the bottom of the hem.  Her perfect perky breasts pushing out of her black lace bra.  She licked her plush lips as she looked at me.  She whispered that she had something special planned for me.  From the way she was dressed I had the feeling tonight's plans didn't include going to a Halloween party or handing out candy.  

She pushed me down on the reinforced bed.  The thick layer of fat that encases my body quivered on impact. She gave me a lopsided smile as she clasp her small but powerful hand over my mouth.  A muffled moan escaped my lips.  She wrapped her hand in my long hair and suddenly jerked my head towards her.  Our eyes met and her tongue darted out to tease my wanton lips.  She pulled her head back as I craned thick my neck for a kiss.  She placed her delicate fingers into my mouth and told me to suck on them.  I eagerly obliged.  Anything for my lithe goddess.  I was putty or more aptly lard in her hands.  I had a feeling this was going to be the best Halloween ever.

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