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Beccabae - Fall Time Fatness

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Oh how I love the fall time! Whenever the weather really starts to cool down, the leaves start changing, the air feels crisp and fresh - it makes me one happy girl. In celebration of that, I thought I would shoot a cute/sexy outdoors set for you up in a park.

I wanted to wear something that was season appropriate, but also showed off my belly for you - so I settled on this adorable crop top/legging/flannel combo! There were people nearby in the same park, so it was always a little risky to pull my tummy out, but I had to do it for your viewing pleasure. :P

For the video I show off the cute outfit and how I make the park benches bend/stretch underneath me. Honestly though - I'm impressed that they were able to hold up all my weight despite putting my full weight on top of it. I may or may not get a little out of breath from just getting myself up on top of the table (which was a struggle!).

Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms,


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