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Give In, Get Fat

You've turned me into an helplessly over indulgent sow.  My whole body is now covered in an obscenely thick layer of fat.  You've been a dedicated and doting feeder but I've grown bored with our relationship.  I want to do for you what you've done for me.  I've seen the way that you look at me.  How your eyes linger on my lips as you press food against them.  There's a longing in your eyes that betrays your true desire.  The desire to get fat.  To be free of society's standards.  To let go of all inhibitions and eat, and eat, and eat.  To feel the painful pleasure of having your stomach stretched to its limits.  You know it's what you truly want.  It's time to give in to me and get fat.


Stuffed & Stuck

The lounge chair in my hotel room looked luxuriously wide.  Surely it was wide enough to accommodate even my expansive posterior.  By the time I felt my hips rub against the sides of the armrests it was already too late.  The force behind my downward momentum was enough that the armrests were able to push my soft supple fat inward.  As my body came to an abrupt halt it caused a cascade of waves throughout the thick layer of fat that engulfs me.  I sighed and slowly began rubbing my painfully bloated belly.  The day had passed by in a blur of calories as slices of cake, hand pies, foot long sandwiches, and chocolate dipped cookies all passed my lips.  All washed down with liters upon liters of sweet tea or soda.  

I caught myself nodding off in the chair.  My body was struggling to digest copious amount of food that I put into it.  I knew that I needed to get ready for bed before my body became too tired to move.  I placed my flabby arms upon the armrest and applied the necessary force that it takes to lift myself.  To my shock and horror nothing happened.  It would seem that my blubbery backside was firmly stuck within the confines of the chair.  I tried not to panic as the realization that I was all alone set in.  Frantically I tried to dislodge myself from the chairs grasp.  As I jostled my painfully overfull stomach a series of burps erupted forth.  The minor exertion left me panting.  As I caught my breath I ponder what to do.


Jerk Off to My Fat Body

I know your secret.  I know that every free moment that you have your on your phone or computer looking at super-super obese women.  You're addicted to our big blubbery bodies.  There's just something about greedy gluttonous sow stuffed into ill fitting lingerie that turns you on.  Their fat oozing out of every inch.  Lingerie link mine.  I bet you're wondering how it hasn't burst off of me.  I'm wondering that too as it strains against my immense girth.  It makes your cock rock hard.  That's good, I want it to.  I want you to stop looking at other pigs.  I can provide you with everything that you need.  My whole body is covered in an ever thickening layer of fat.  I'm eager to show off every inch.  Give in to me.  Embrace me as your supersized goddess and become my stroke junkie. 

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