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I’ve always been a gassy gal. My love of sweet sugary soda definitely helps with the gassiness. Even though I feel like I am always burping, I find that it’s hard to capture it on film. As soon as the camera starts rolling, it seems like I just can’t manage a burp. I started noticing that every time I drank Dr. Pepper though I would get so very burpy, like non-stop burping! So I decided to try drinking a lot of Dr. Pepper on camera and just seeing what would happen! Let’s just say this burping experiment was a success! Not only did I burp a ton, I felt sooooo bloated! But in the most perfect way! I love that tight feeling I get in my belly when I’ve had too much to eat and drink. This time though, I felt especially tight and bloated because it was all bubbly and carbonated. I really couldn’t decide what I loved more about filming this video, how burpy I got or how bloated and huge I felt! Maybe you can tell me what you liked the best while you rub my swollen belly and help me get more of this gas out. ;)

Wiggles and jiggles,


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