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Beccabae - Tantalizing Tubby

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By now it should be pretty obvious that I adore taking baths. Even though it's a bit different than taking them when I was younger (by different I mean significantly tighter), I still find them to be so relaxing and soothing. 

Most baths I can't even really fit into, so I always have to take advantage when I find one that I can - no matter how crammed! This one had a decent sized one so I thought I would enjoy it and document it for you guys to appreciate as well.

I show you just how tightly squished I am, whether I'm laying down or on my side - either way I definitely fill this tub up. So much so that whenever I move to adjust myself, water tends to go pouring out the back - woops! :x

After I'm done jiggling my chubby belly for you, I dry off and move on to lotioning up everywhere so that I can stay soft in every way possible!
Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms,


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