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Fattening You Like A Pig

I’m often asked for tips on how to gain weight.  While I could’ve shared my personal experiences with weight gain I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to look into the science behind the fattening of hogs.  After so many years of hog farming I assumed that there must be a tried and true method.  Surely if my piglets applied the same methodology then they to could fatten themselves like a prized pig.

That’s what you want isn’t it fat boy?  To fatten yourself like livestock.  To be able to watch yourself getting fatter by the day.  Knowing that each time you indulge you’re becoming more like a pig than a man.  Your willpower being eroded as you feed the side of you that yearns to grow fatter.  Watching your body begin to swell with fat.  Yet it’s not enough.  It’s never enough.  You’re just like me fatty, you don’t simply want it, you need it.

You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.  
This file is also available in SD MP4.

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