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    Back in 2012, FlamingHades published a nifty little story called "The Slowest Champion." A story about weight gain and role-reversal, it is noteworthy for being not a very “nice” story. It casts weight gain in an objectively negatively light. It flirts with themes of punishment, humiliation, degradation, disempowerment, failure, defeat, and shame. It lacks a traditional happy ending. Those are all things I love about it, and they are big part of why it ranks among my recent(ish) favorites in the realm of weight gain fiction. That said, I have always regarded “The Slowest Champion” to be a bit of a diamond-in-the-rough. While powered by great ideas and a sense of energy that builds towards one of the most elegantly-simple yet crushingly-effective conclusions I’ve ever read in this genre, in other respects some parts of the story seemed to me unpolished, or simply incomplete. With blessing from FlamingHades, this is my attempt to give that underappreciated gem a little TLC, to help bring out its dark inner sparkle. "The Slowest Champion -Revisited-" A story… Written by me, Riptoryx. Edited by realistic dark weight gain erotica luminary (and one my personal favorite authors in this genre), Maverick. With creative consultation from “Ali.” Based on the original "The Slowest Champion" by FlamingHades. Single-sentence summary: “A champion high school swimmer’s figure and fortunes are undone when she succumbs to the temptations presented by her own success.” Read it here: ...or read it on Curvage here: LINK
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    Welcome Back LTC

    Bittersweet memories here. Here's to nothing but happy ones to come!
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    Hey everyone! Kelly and I just updated our Clips4Sale with a new video! Taco Binge Aftermath Lisa and I are stuffed beyond belief, bellies filled with tacos and Dr. Pepper. Watch us struggle to get off my couch, rub our bellies and tell you just how it feels to be such massively overstuffed piggies. A few belches and farts squeak their way out too, but can you blame us? We're basically overstuffed balloons of gluttony by this point! -Kelly Thanks so much for looking! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Ms. Fat Booty and Kelly!
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    Big Cutie Eve in Pinchy Panties

    Getting all this ass into a pair of panties sometimes feels like a wrestling match. Sure, they look cute but you have no idea how tight these panties are. If they’re not rolling down off my belly they’re burrowing in deep to give me a wedgie. Come see how close they fit.
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    I cleaned out my closet and found a pair of old jeans that used to fit me like a glove. I was so excited to try them on because I knew damn well they wouldn't fit anymore. I struggle hard trying to get them over my thicker thighs. Getting exhausted just trying to pull them over my expanded hips and growing ass. And of course, they absolutely cannot button since my belly has gotten so big and round. Despite all of this, they look pretty dang good on me. Come watch me try them on! XOXO! Your Growing Piggy Princess, Nova Check me out @ Or Visit the free BigCuties Blog @ & Don’t forget to follow me on Tumblr and Twitter!
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    Ms. Fat Booty

    BigCutie MsFatBooty - Pretty Peach

    Bright colors tend to flatter my pale skin, and this peach colored bra and panty set was no exception! I felt like a big ripe juicy peach just waiting to be picked. I’m definitely as soft and sweet and mouth watering as a peach. Don’t you just want to take a bite of this large and luscious lovely? Speaking of soft and luscious, a big girl needs to take care of her skin! That’s why I got a handy lotion applicator. When you’ve got such a big hanging belly and rather short arms, it can be hard to reach everywhere on your body. This lotion applicator solves that problem for me. Take a peek into one of my nightly rituals and see how I keep my skin soft and smooth! Wiggles and jiggles, MsFatBooty
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    BigCutie Chloe

    BigCutie Chloe in Bedtime Bulge!

    Come watch me jiggle and play before bedtime in my little pajama set! My belly and thighs are bulging out of my shorts and my top can't even contain my growing boobs! I swear they get heavier by the day xoxo Chloe FIND ME HERE -----> SNAPCHAT ------> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG ---->
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    *Big Cutie Bonnie-Flabby fitness!*

    Been quite a while now since my last exercise video! I feel extremely conflicted about these sets as I do love to watch all my fat jiggle, feeling the heaviness of my belly bouncing about as I jump, BUT I really do hate exercising! I would rather be sitting on my fat arse ALL day stuffing myself with ridiculous amounts of food so that I grow even FATTER! I hate to think of the calories I lost while doing this set! Haha I know the video is only a few minutes long, but I want to keep as many as possible! Don’t worry though, straight after filming this I got a MASSIVE pizza. I really needed to fill my fat belly up with loads of food, as a delicious reward for all that exercise! Doing this set made me realise what an unfit fatty I really am too!! Bonnie x0x0x
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    Post a Picture of You Now.

    this is still the best thread
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    Make Me The Perfect Pear It's no secret that Bianca is obsessed with my wide hips and massive thighs! In this clip she pushes her delicate fingers into my fat to see how far that they will sink in. She pinches, pulls, and kneads my soft supple fat reminding me that I'm hers to mold. She tells me that she wants me to start gaining again. She talks about where she would like to see the fat accumulate on my body and all of the fattening food that she's going to feed me to make it happen. She wants me to become her perfect pear. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. Mobile optimized clips now available.
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    BigCutie Cherries-Just Jeans

    I use to wear jeans a lot when I was thinner, especially since jeggings weren't really a thing then. I'm so happy they exist now because I don't think my belly would enjoy being stuffed into jeans every day! I rarely wear jeans now, but I do still have a few pairs that I thought I'd try on and see how they fit. Let's just say they were a lot tighter than I thought they would be... My website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me: Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
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    BigCutie Piper in Frisky Business

    I have always wanted to wear a sexy button up shirt but could never find one that fits. I finally did but so decided to take some pictures before I overstuff this one too. I seem to be growing bigger by the day and I cannot wait to show you in this set. See this set and more at
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    BigCutie Britt is a Jumbo Jasmine!

    Hi there... let me show you a whole new world full of fat women and full bellies. But first, I'd like to visit the market so I can eat all of the tasty foods... actually let's just stay there come on a magical journey... *if you've already seen this set as it's an older one, make sure to check out my most recent set that just went up! xoxo, Britt Don't forget to check out the blog! Free, sexy content!
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    We are so excited to share that the gorgeous Sadie's site is now open for membership!! Come on over and see what this bottom heavy beauty is offering, we know you'll love her as much as we do! See her site over at Follow our FREE blog at
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    BC Ash is Tubby

    It is extremely rare for me to find a tub that I fit in, but when I do I can't resist! The problem, though, is that I always forget that getting out of a tub is just like getting off of the floor--very, very hard. In this set, though, I'm enjoying my blissful bath, playing with bubbles, and soaping up my huge belly and legs. It was so enjoyable that I'd probably get into that tub again. Does anyone have a crane I can borrow to get back out? Tumblr: Twitter: BC Blog:
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    BigCutie Holly

    Big Cutie Holly ~ (Un)Censored

    Hi When ordering this sexy bodysuit from a plus size retailer, I kinda figured it would be snug like everything I buy, but I didn't expect it to literally rip in half as I put it on It goes to show just how massive I am getting these days... even big made stretchy clothing can't withstand my curves. I make the most of what I have left and turn it into a sexy top... but it's so tight and keeps riding up. This set is definitely NOT censored... but I'm sure your not complaining
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    Big Cutie Fleur - Cuddly Bear

    I am a cuddly snuggly bear! I give amazing Bear Hugs with all my softness, I promise! Come, and enjoy my soft body!:smitten: Soft bear hugs, Fleur
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    Big Cutie Trysta ~ Acrylic Assets

    Want to play peek-a-boo, because my chair is totally see-through! Clearly my chub is challenging this chair, but I’m enjoying every bare and bouncy moment! Want to join me? Check out all my photos and videos at And don’t miss the Big Cuties blog at
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    BigCutie Aurora

    Bigcutie Aurora is a Domestic Diva

    I got all dolled up and put on my apron just for you! I've been feeling a bit domestic lately and I really wanted to bake you some cookies... so I could eat them all. I hope you don't mind (; Does my ass look fat in this apron? I certainly hope so! Be sure to check out my site at and the BigCuties blog at (: XOXO Aurora
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    You know the old saying about May Flowers (and my showers last month certainly inspired some blooming), but it's still been a rainy week here in Southern California. Come see my huge ass getting rained on! Find this update and lots more at! Fat, Happy, Hungry, CaitiDee Follow me! snapchat @ caitidee More free content!
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    Big Cutie Eve in Hole Lotta Donut

    Big girls deserve big snacks. The more I held this floatie the more I wished it was a real donut. I did manage to find a little treat, come check it out
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    Not long ago, a generous fan sent me a gift card to the cheesecake factory! I was so surprised and so happy because I simply love the cheesecake factory. They have a giant menu with delicious appetizers and entrees and of course they have the most amazing cheesecake! Since I was by myself I didn't want to go in for a meal, but instead decided to pick up some very decadent and rich slices of cheesecake and enjoy them on the couch in my undies! I have to say, it was a very smart decision! I got a slice of my absolute favorite cheesecake - lemon meringue! I also got a slice of Dutch apple strudel and key lime. I picked up some milk and was ready to feast! Each bite was so delicious and orgasmic. And each bite left me wanting more and more and more. All I needed was someone to come and rub my full swollen belly - and maybe get me just one more slice Wiggles and jiggles, MsFatBooty
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    It’s been quite a while since I measured my growing body, so I thought it was about time that I filmed a measuring set. I managed to find a Baywatch costume (much to my delight!) and even though it was far too small for me, I managed to squeeze my fat arse into it, before proceeding to measure up all my delicious mounds of fat. My thighs seem to be where most of the extra inches have spread to, not that I’m complaining! Thicker thighs are ALWAYS a great thing! It’s so sexy for me to think that my thighs are now so fat in comparison to how tiny they once were, they are fatter than most people’s waists!! I actually asked my friend, after I had finished filming this video, how big her thighs were and was ASTONISHED to find out that they were smaller than my upper arms!! It’s just so sexy! Bonnie x0x0x
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    BigCutie Britt's Beats!

    I love listening to music and dancing around so much, but I get tired out so easily carrying this big belly and body around. Come find out just how exhausted dancing truly makes me in this set... and see how much I can wiggle and jiggle meanwhile. xoxo, Britt Don't forget to check out the to stay up-to-date with all the sexy updates!
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    Well...trying to stuff this big body into a small suit looks a little something like this. I think the outfit fits perfect, what about you? The true question is... can I button it? This belly put up a FIGHT, let me tell you. xoxo, Britt Don't forget to check out for the sexy updates!
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    In this set I show off my car and my sexy body... but I know which one you'll really be paying attention to I love how low my belly hangs over my tight jeans and have you seen my butt shelf? It's more obvious than ever! In part one you got to see my jiggling belly while I drive, but in part 2 I wanted to show you even more jiggling as I jump in the passenger seat... my driver made sure my belly jiggled and swayed lots for you. I love how it felt feeling my body moving all over, I'm sure you'll love watching just as much. Holly See the full set now at Visit the Big Cuties blog
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    BigCutie Holly

    Big Cutie Holly ~ Subaru Squeeze

    Hi! As most of you know I love driving and I LOVE my car, but it seems I have just about outgrown it... woopsies! I have just got a new, BIGGER car to accommodate my growing curves and to celebrate I thought I'd let you all see just how squished I am inside my Subaru. Holly
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    This lady has the most wonderful ass!!! If you like the preview photos you can download the full folder of 140 Download link:
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    fatty easter

    see mimi dressed up like a cute easter bunny shes sooo fat her belly bulges out of the bottom of her shirt so he has to take it off this set is a must see for the fat lover !!! and its only on
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    candy shop

    see mimi stick her candy where it doesnt belong shes soooooo naughty