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Found 22 results

  1. I love being lazy and having my big belly out to hang freely. It’s so soft and round I can’t help but rub and jiggle it! My lingerie was a little too tight as you can tell. Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  2. I bought a pair of leggings in my usual 3xl size and realized that’s not my size anymore lol. I struggled to get the waist part over my huge belly. Such a struggle! My belly hang is out of control lately. Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  3. I’m looking extra plump in this set! I love how my belly feels so soft and jiggly. It’s fun to play and show off all my fat body. There’s just so much of me! Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  4. Wearing lingerie so tight my belly bursts out and all my fat rolls hang out makes me feel so sexy. I love all my softness. It’s fun to show off all this fat and tease! Luscious XOXO @BCLuscious
  5. I bought this flannel in a size 3xl without trying it on first. Of course it didn’t end up fitting very well!! Having a big round belly and wearing buttoned clothes is a challenge, but I love being reminded of just how fat and soft I am. Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  6. I had just got back from dinner n drinks with friends and was feelin pretty tipsy. I decided to shoot a set and show you guys my big belly while shoving mini pastries in my mouth lol. They were sooooo goood too!! I hope you enjoy this set Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  7. Belly play and chocolate. My two favorite things combined are like heaven to me! I love the feeling of having my belly rubbed and jiggled while I sit back and enjoy it. The bigger I get the more belly fat I have to be played with! Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  8. I’m hiding a surprise under my belly! You’ll have to come find out what it is. My hang has gotten so much bigger, I can hide just about anything under there lol Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  9. I feel like such a fat princess in this light pink lingerie! My belly hang is peeking out waiting for rubs and kisses I could just lay back on the bed while I get a nice long belly massage. Mmm! Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  10. These shorts used to fit! My round belly has gotten too big for them. I still tried to squeeze myself into them. They were digging into my poor thighs too! Poor not so little me Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  11. I might have gotten a little too fat for my car. My big round belly presses against the steering wheel! That doesn’t stop me from eating more and getting fatter though. Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  12. Happy Valentines Day from your big bellied gal! I picked out the perfect red lingerie just for you. All I need are kisses and lots of chocolates. Maybe a massage too Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  13. I had a super lazy day, and decided to show you guys just how full and round my belly was looking! Even though I was sitting on the front porch I just had to take my belly out and play with it. Those leggings were seriously digging into my poor belly. I’ve gotten too fat for them and most things. Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  14. With the help of Big Cutie Ellie, I managed to squeeze into this lingerie! It was digging into my fat so much lol. Of course it wasn’t long enough to cover all of my belly hang. I’m getting softer and fatter lately!! Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  15. I’ve been outgrowing a lot of my clothes lately! My big belly just can’t seem to stop growing wider and softer. My tops are fitting tighter and rolling up way more often. I just had to show you how fat I’ve gotten for my clothes. Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  16. Merry Christmas! I managed to squeeze all of my big round body into this tight 3xl dress. Don’t you love how this dress clings to my big belly so much?! It’s the perfect dress to get stuffed full of yummy Christmas food and desserts! Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  17. Yay so excited this set is out! Sadie and I basically stuffed our faces in our undies while talking about fat girl struggles lol. It was really fun playing with each other’s bellies. She has the cutest double belly and I have my extra round belly! Hope you enjoy this set. We’ll have to do another one together soon!! Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  18. I was on my way home, and had an intense craving for donuts. You know I had to get some! I require a lot of sweets and fattening foods to keep this belly happy and growing. I’m getting softer and softer as a result. Luscious xoxo Twitter @BCLuscious
  19. Describing my perfect Feeder while eating pastries and rubbing my belly, all in one video! My belly is getting so much softer these days. So jiggly and so much to play with. Hope you enjoy! Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  20. This lingerie was a struggle to get on! My belly ended up ripping it around the center. Oops one size definitely doesn’t fit all, especially extra round bellies lol. Hope you enjoy this set. Luscious XOXO Twitter @bcluscious
  21. So I ordered a bikini online in a size 3xl that ended up being way too small. I don’t know why I thought I’d even fit in it lol. My round belly was no match for these bottoms, so I let it hang out instead and got in the hot tub! Fat feels so nice underwater. Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  22. When BigCutie Trysta and I get together we are TRIPLE THE SIZE and "Twice The Trouble"! We are all about super fat fun and shenanigans! After a long night of dancing and alcohol we decided it was time to pull out the roulette wheel and play games with the wheel and our big ginormous bellies. Things got a little wild and crazy and we had lots of sweet sugar coated fun and a little belly play in the process too! Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs, Ellie Come see this and much more on my site at: Free BigCuties Blog: Twitter: Tumblr: