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Found 61 results

  1. If you missed my Red Hot Holiday set, I'll still be here for you in this sexy little outfit until you're ready to join Jae both took these photos, and gave me this sexy red nightie of hers. The video with this set is the real reason you should join my site: To see all 142 updates on my website, including this one go to To see all of the updates from all other models, visit the free blog:
  2. If you missed my Red Hot Holiday set, I'll still be here for you in this sexy little outfit until you're ready to join Jae both took these photos, and gave me this sexy red nightie of hers. The video with this set is the real reason you should join my site: To see all 142 updates on my website, including this one go to To see all of the updates from all other models, visit the free blog:
  3. The bigger my belly gets, the more time it takes to slather my body down daily to get all the moisture it needs to keep growing. I love rubbing down and feeling my stretch marks and feeling how much my big belly has grown. I'm always changing and it's so much fun. Cupcakes and Kisses, Marilyn // Big Cuties Blog] Tumblr>]
  4. One of my top 3 HOTTEST BigCuties updates this year! Set 140 released in October. You already know that I love how much fatter I am than Petra. It turns me on when we film together, cause our size comparison is just enormous. I look like a beached whale next to her tiny frame. Sexiest size comparisons, always. Watch this 10 minute video, by joining free bigcuties blog: Follow me on Twitter || Message me on how to become a part of my Premium Snapchat! @ssbbwbrianna Any business inquiries can be sent to [email protected] || Skype show || Paid meet: Indianapolis, IN || anything, just email me!
  5. I'm really giving off some "Big Wife Energy" in this update! haha. Wearing heels at 600 pounds is surprisingly uncomfortable whether you're sitting or standing, who knew.. lol. I might have taken a large spill in the heels, and fell on my ass, but it didn't make the final cut for the video. If you felt an earthquake recently, might have been caused by me. Lol. With these heels, I was over 6 ft, so if you enjoy a nice tall SSBBW in heels, join to see this and 140 other updates! So much fat, for under $25 a month! Check out the BigCuties blog: Follow me on Twitter || Message me on Snapchat to become part of my Premium Snapchat @ssbbwbrianna
  6. It was such a beautiful day out. Check me out, in my light wash, cutoff jean shorts! My cellulite looks crazy, and I mean that in the best way! The huge thighs of an SSBBW are so sexy right? My long, cellulite covered legs and dimply belly are so big and beautiful in the pictures, and in the video with this update, you can watch me waddle around, thighs rubbing, legs and belly jiggling. And god, I look so huge while doing it. The sunlight seems to amplify my cellulite, and how absolutely soft and perfect my fat looks. If you want to see more of me, join my site: and you get 139 updates. That's thousands of pictures, and over 100 videos! Links Join my website || BC Blog || My Twitter || & Snapchat || @ssbbwbrianna
  7. Y'all know me by now. I am the queen of comfy clothes. I live for pajamas and my bunny slippers. I can't get enough elastic in my life, especially when it's a Saturday night and I just can't seem to bring myself to get off the couch. So instead, I gathered up some snacks, some of my favorite soda and get to munching and burping my way through some of my favorite movies. Cupcakes and Kisses, Marilyn // Big Cuties Blog] Tumblr>]
  8. Too Fat For His Arms When I'm sitting only mere inches stand between my belly touching my knees. The thick fat on my midsection juts out over a foot in front of me. Try as he might my feeder simply can't get his arms all the way around my ever expanding waistline. Although my fat is soft and supple he's unable to squish enough of it inward to make his finger tips meet. He has to slide his arms up under my breasts to be able to clasp his hands together.I can feel his touch but when I look down all I can see is his thumbs. My view obscured by the mountain of fat that is my stomach. I assist him in positioning his hands to lift up all this lard. I can feel his erection press into me as he comments on how heavy it feels. I know he's proud of himself. After all he did this to me. All those nights continually pushing my limits; pressing food to lips when I was already too full to move. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  9. When I was a little girl into teenagehood, late night snacking got me into tons of trouble. I'd eat a plate and a half of food at dinner, and then go into the refrigerator after my mom had gone to sleep. . I swear my mom threatened me for years, about putting a chain and padlock on the fridge. Lol she never went through with it.. and look at me now Little did she know that I'd ever be this huge.. In the video for this set, I stuff my face with hostess cupcakes in the kitchen. Check out all 136 updates, including this one, at Join my website at: Free BigCutie blog: Follow me on Snapchat! ssbbwbrianna - message me for info on becoming a paid member of my Premium Snapchat,where you get sexy goodies daily/weekly.
  10. If you want to watch a 600 pound, 24 yr old guzzle chocolate like her weight depended on it, you might want to check out my sexy, gluttonous shower video this week at: I drink half a bottle of chocolate syrup paired with a can of whip cream and I get more turned on the more I poured in my mouth, leading to a very sexy tease, and shower jiggle to get chocolate off my belly and boobs. There's a reason i'm over 600 pounds now Lol. Let me show you why Join my site or stay dreaming about it while looking at the free bigcuties blog.
  11. Watch me struggle into my jeans from my Sophomore year of high school, which I made into cut-offs to show off way more skin. They've been in a few Big Cuties sets, & this will be my last time wearing them, because they've gotten unbearably hard to get in and out of. That means i'm doing this gaining thing right, right? My loss is your win, because you get to see me jiggle, struggle and get out of breath. You know where the magic happens, at: Did you know bigcuties has a free blog?
  12. My sex appeal has gotten even stronger since I keep getting fatter and fatter. And Fatter 60 photos of my adorable growing body in a black lace nightie given to me by Jae This set is just photos, but part 2 which is already up on my site right now, is a skinny girl Squashing video with Petra. Check out both updates!: Join my website at: Free bigcuties blog: Follow me | Twitter: Follow me | Instagram:
  13. Velma and Daphne haven't seen each other in a while... and Velma has put on a serious amount of weight in that time. Daphne can't help but notice Velma's gotten huge! .. but she seems intrigued by Velma's larger body at the same time... This is a one of a kind set honestly. and I am so excited for this to come out! I love how much more massive I am than Daphne(Petra Love) We really created something really hot for you! And this is just one of the many more great updates I have for you. This update Includes: 75 photos (including squash/smother photos, size comparison) 8+ minute Size Comparison in character as Velma & Daphne Join here: And check out BigCuties free blog at
  14. Hey! So it felt like it's been so long since I flashed my fatty flesh in public. I missed the feeling of cool air on my big belly and I missed the excitement of knowing I could get caught any minute hehe. So here I am, in public showing off for you I just love how big my belly looks in the set. My jeans can barely contain it any more and when I let it hang out, it's so heavy and sways from side to side when I walk. Soon it'll be down to my knees! And look at my big jiggly boobs! I love how soft and squishy they are and I love how they hang when I bend over... do you like them too? Holly
  15. I decided to have a little fun in some tight, revealing lingerie. My boobs are just bursting out of this little lacy bra and my belly can barely be contained by these tiny panties! I can’t see this outfit fitting much longer I have some fun rolling around on the sheets and then decide I’ll show off my growing curves and give you a few minutes of super fun belly play! xoxo, Ruby See this set and more at ! Follow me on tumblr! See all the BigCuties at
  16. I am a cuddly snuggly bear! I give amazing Bear Hugs with all my softness, I promise! Come, and enjoy my soft body!:smitten: Soft bear hugs, Fleur
  17. Happy New Year!! I ended the year with a very full belly. I'm ready for 2017, and my body growing softer & my rolls getting bigger from all the different yummy foods in my future Hope you enjoy me stuffing my face with strawberry chocolate cake in this video too! Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  18. I love showing off my growing curves and big belly in skin tight lingerie like this one. Makes me look even rounder than usual. Bonus video of me jumping up jiggling! Hope you enjoy Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious
  19. Hi all I'm sooo happy I've finally had a chance to shoot a feeding video for you. If there's one thing I love more than filling my face with yummy donuts, it's someone else filling my face with lots of yummy donuts So check out my very first feeding video at now! And visit the Big Cuties blog Holly
  20. This dress was tight on me back then, and now it's even tighter! Trying it on felt like a work out, and squeezing out of it felt almost impossible lol. Comparing the two sets, I feel like I've filled out a lot more and I have lots more visible cellulite. My face was way slimmer and I only had a lil double chin, compared to my super round face and big double chin haha. Hope you enjoy my growth and this set! Happy Thanksgiving Luscious XOXO Twitter @BCLuscious (new videos up every week!)
  21. Hello, This update is all about the big curves Gabi has and water running down her soft swedish skin. Stop by to see this update today. Much Love, Gabi
  22. Trying on really tight clothes is always fun, especially jeans. These were extra tight it felt like a work out. You can actually hear me getting out of breath, because the struggle was real lol. Hope you enjoy this set and how soft n squishy my belly looks in it!!! Luscious XOXO
  23. I love having a relaxing night in and this cold weather makes me want to get as cozy as possible. My favorite sweater doesn’t quite fit like it used to, it won’t even cover my belly and these thigh high socks are knee high on me but I think I still look cute. I can’t move around much without my panties from rolling off my luscious hips and under my enormous belly. When I start thinking about you here watching me I can’t keep my hands off luscious fat body and it makes me want to take it all off. Come watch… xoxo, Piper
  24. Hey! Hope you all had a Happy Halloween. I had so much snacking and watching scary movies. I had a full bloated belly at the end of the night that sure could have used a nice long rub & lots of kisses!! Special members only blog video post on my site! Enjoy this set, and let me know if you have any requests for upcoming sets you'd like to see! Luscious XOXO
  25. Being a giantess is hard work. I need to keep myself flexible so I can get into all those positions when needed. Like when wrestling helpless guys.. I mean err.. when having sexy time with appreciative guys.. I mean... well you know what I mean! Watch me as I give this inflated exercise ball a run for it's money. It was almost giving up under my hundreds of pounds of unrelenting flesh. I promise, if it were you, you'd have given up far before it did. xoxo, Piper