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Found 8 results

  1. Look at me. Look how fat I am now. These old clothes of mine do not even fit anymore. I couldn’t wear these to the gym even IF I wanted to (Haha but like I even go to the gym!) I’m such a HUGE blob these days! Come watch me as I struggle into my old exercise clothes. Can you imagine if I actually went to the gym wearing these? My rolls of fat over flowing and hanging out for all to see. Jiggling crazily while I attempted to walk on the treadmill, we all know I’m not even going to attempt to run, I’m far too fat for that now! I doubt I could even try or 5 seconds!!! I am just too lazy, practically living as though I were immobile on some days. I just laze about and stuff and stuff. I did love squeezing back into these old clothes though, as it is very sexy to see just how far I have come. Bon x
  2. Christmas is always one of the most fattening times for me. I tend to eat more and always buy even more chocolates too! I laze about all day, especially on Christmas day and just gorge on cakes, crisps, chocolates and have at least 2, if not 3 dinners too! I just have no control, even less than usual! I really do associate Christmas with gaining lots of weight, everyone tends to get a little bit fatter around this holiday. Knowing that spurs me on to get A LOT fatter ready for the New Year! In this video I wore my VERY tight Christmas onesie and stuffed myself on 4 boxes of potato wedges, pizza and cookies. It felt so good to fill my belly up with all that food. I could feel myself becoming very bloated and even though I felt like couldn’t eat another bite, I still could not stop stuffing. As I lay on my bed rubbing my ballooning belly, I felt so turned on while I grabbed another cookie and stuffed it into my mouth. I was moaning in sheer ecstasy as I ate everything. After I had finished, I only wished that I had bought more food! In total I ate over 4000 calories in under 30 minutes! I am such a gluttonous and greedy FAT pig and I love it!! Bon x
  3. Ever imagined what it would be like to grab, squeeze and jiggle me? After a gigantic stuffing session I decided to laze about on my bed like a MASSIVE beached whale! Rubbing my ballooning belly I decided that my fat rolls need some special attention so asked my camera man to come and film me while he grabs, squeezes and jiggles my soft fat. I thought you would all love this video as you can imagine it is you doing this to me while I moan in pleasure!
  4. Fast Food Frenzy: Getting Fat in the Car Featuring Xutjja Plag BBW Bonnie The thing about stuffing is the more days that you consequently stuff the hungrier that you get. That day Bonnie and I were absolutely ravenous! We decided that we were going to go to not one fast food restaurant but three! I wanted Bonnie to be able to try all lot the fast food restaurants in the area in her short time here. I knew that all that greasy calorie laden food would help in fattening her up! Being the greedy piggy that I am I couldn’t resist stuffing my face as well. In this clip we’ll order food from Dairy Queen, Dunkin’ Donuts, and McDonald’s. Parking in the McDonald’s parking lot we begin to gorge ourselves on obscene amounts of fast food. Our gluttony on display for everyone to see. Pushing ourselves to eat every last bite. In one sitting I ate over 4,000 calories and Bonnie ate over 3,500! Sadly the GoPro overheated towards the end of our stuffing session. I’ve inserted a slide that goes over what happened in the last few minutes of missing footage. I’ve also inserted slides that list what each of us ate, the calories for each item, and the total calories consumed. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. Other car themed clips that you might enjoy: Wrecking The Rental Other fast food stuffing clips that you might enjoy: KFC Snack Pigging Out on Wendy’s Smoking, Stuffing & Burping Fast Food Fatties - 2,000+ Calorie Stuffing
  5. It’s been only a few weeks since my last comparison set, but I decided to spoil you all with another, since I have become so much fatter than my earlier sets. This one is a comparison of over 3 years ago, I have grown so much since I last took the earlier photos! Looking back I cannot believe that I once thought I was so huge, haha! I was tinyyyy! Makes me wonder, in another 3 years will I look back at pictures of me now and think the same thing?! In the video I discuss my huge gain and tell you how much it turns me on & encourages me to gain even more weight! Bonnie x0x
  6. I just love the idea of someone feeding me fatter and FATTER. Stuffing endless quantities of donuts into my mouth, while grabbing my belly and encouraging me to get even fatter, arouses me so much! Seeing people glance at me as I walked past with boxes of donuts in my hand, eagerly waiting to get in the hotel room so I can begin to devour them! Judging from the stares I’m sure they sensed my greedy anticipation too! To be fed fatter, with someone who is as aroused by all my delicious growing rolls as I am myself, is one of the HOTTEST experiences imaginable to me! I felt like I needed a seriously cold, icy shower after this video! I hope it makes you feel the same too! Bonnie x0x0
  7. I get so aroused when I see my fat wobble and jiggle all over the place. It reminds me of the constant ripples of an ocean or a massive plate of wobbling jelly! It's so hot to watch and hear my fat rolls jiggling, slapping and crashing together with every move I take. I experienced this the other day when I decided to wear my jumpsuit to the pub, which was once (hard to believe) very loose on me! However, now as you can see, it has become extremely tight & I think we ALL know why that is! 
When wearing my jumpsuit I got various reactions from people outside. Whereas some looked shocked to see such a MASSIVE fatty with all her fat jiggling happily with every step, others appeared very pleased by the display! Haha very pleased indeed! I think all of you will love this latest update! Don'y you think I am looking my FATTEST here?!! Bonnie x0x0x (I update my blog every Sunday, don't forget to check it out!)
  8. I thought it was about time that I did more videos where my fat was jiggled, groped & grabbed! These are some of the hottest ones for me as I not only get my fat rolls played with, but also can compare see how much fatter I am than the person beside me! I absolutely LOVE to be rubbed all over, to feel someone's hands gliding all over my delicious mounds of FAT & to see it all jiggle like the ripples of the ocean. It is so HOT! Wouldn't you LOVE to have your hands all over my body moisturising me too? Bonnie x0x0x