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Found 43 results

  1. I may not be your typical wet t-shirt contest participant, but I think I'm quite the contender! I threw on a tight white shirt and hopped in the shower for some soaking wet fun. I feel so sexy, strutting my fat, jiggly stuff in my totally transparent tee - what score would you give me?! xoxo,RubySee this set and more at me on tumblr all the BigCuties at
  2. Checkout my current update on my website- Right before winter, I went to a park, and walked around in a tight jean outfit, and showed off my hula hoop skills for you.. let just say it fit more like a glove, than a hula hoop. I was moving alot, so I was very jiggly, out of breath and sweaty. I think you'll like very pleased with the outcome of me and this hula hoop. -Bri You can join my site to see this lovely video, at: to check out other BC models, head over to for all the model updates in one place.
  3. It was such a beautiful day out. Check me out, in my light wash, cutoff jean shorts! My cellulite looks crazy, and I mean that in the best way! The huge thighs of an SSBBW are so sexy right? My long, cellulite covered legs and dimply belly are so big and beautiful in the pictures, and in the video with this update, you can watch me waddle around, thighs rubbing, legs and belly jiggling. And god, I look so huge while doing it. The sunlight seems to amplify my cellulite, and how absolutely soft and perfect my fat looks. If you want to see more of me, join my site: and you get 139 updates. That's thousands of pictures, and over 100 videos! Links Join my website || BC Blog || My Twitter || & Snapchat || @ssbbwbrianna
  4. Watch me struggle into my jeans from my Sophomore year of high school, which I made into cut-offs to show off way more skin. They've been in a few Big Cuties sets, & this will be my last time wearing them, because they've gotten unbearably hard to get in and out of. That means i'm doing this gaining thing right, right? My loss is your win, because you get to see me jiggle, struggle and get out of breath. You know where the magic happens, at: Did you know bigcuties has a free blog?
  5. In this update, I introduce my BigCuties members to my friend and roommate Leighton(@bbwleightonrose on Twitter & Instagram) We've lived with one another for almost a year, and I've helped fatten her up a dress size or 2 in that time. She's a cellulite covered short stack of pancakes, with tons of rolls on her body just like me... but there's a 12 inch height difference betweenus. Join to cover our rolls in your butter Join my site or just look at the free bigcuties blog and wish you were a member.
  6. My sex appeal has gotten even stronger since I keep getting fatter and fatter. And Fatter 60 photos of my adorable growing body in a black lace nightie given to me by Jae This set is just photos, but part 2 which is already up on my site right now, is a skinny girl Squashing video with Petra. Check out both updates!: Join my website at: Free bigcuties blog: Follow me | Twitter: Follow me | Instagram:
  7. I hope you had a Happy Christmas! Since you have been soooo good this year I figured I'd give you exactly what you asked me for... A super hot crushing video I love how huge I look in comparison to my partner's smaller frame, it's so hot watching his little arms try to reach around my belly. I've never felt so big and sexy! See this super hot video now: Holly
  8. Hey! So it felt like it's been so long since I flashed my fatty flesh in public. I missed the feeling of cool air on my big belly and I missed the excitement of knowing I could get caught any minute hehe. So here I am, in public showing off for you I just love how big my belly looks in the set. My jeans can barely contain it any more and when I let it hang out, it's so heavy and sways from side to side when I walk. Soon it'll be down to my knees! And look at my big jiggly boobs! I love how soft and squishy they are and I love how they hang when I bend over... do you like them too? Holly
  9. I have been incredibly lazy lately and loving every minute of it. Today I didn't even want to get out of bed but my rumbling belly was telling me I needed to go get food, so I called for a delivery and jumped back into bed with it Come join me as I tuck into this big delicious breakfast. I might not be one for sharing food, but I'll share the pleasure See the full video now at And visit the Big Cuties blog Holly
  10. Hi all! I know how much you love seeing me in tight, revealing clothes, so I figured it would be a great idea to try on some nice, tight swimsuits for you It's times like these where it becomes really obvious how much weight I've put on in such a short period of time. Bikinis that fitted fine just last summer, now struggle to contain my belly and even my most recently bought swimsuit is uncomfortably tight. PLUS I get really hot and sweaty from trying on the swimsuits... a task that really shouldn't be a struggle is a workout for me hehe! See this super hot video now at And check out the Big Cuties blog:
  11. It’s been quite a while since I measured my growing body, so I thought it was about time that I filmed a measuring set. I managed to find a Baywatch costume (much to my delight!) and even though it was far too small for me, I managed to squeeze my fat arse into it, before proceeding to measure up all my delicious mounds of fat. My thighs seem to be where most of the extra inches have spread to, not that I’m complaining! Thicker thighs are ALWAYS a great thing! It’s so sexy for me to think that my thighs are now so fat in comparison to how tiny they once were, they are fatter than most people’s waists!! I actually asked my friend, after I had finished filming this video, how big her thighs were and was ASTONISHED to find out that they were smaller than my upper arms!! It’s just so sexy! Bonnie x0x0x
  12. I have gained so much weight recently, to the utter shock of my doctor, who last saw me when I was at least 3 stone lighter! He weighed me and I must admit, I was immensely happy with the results! I feel that I am well on my 'weigh' to my ultimate goal! However, as you can imagine, I was the only one elevated by these results and my doctor was quite concerned and decided to give me thorough check over. He kept saying that he couldn't understand how I was putting on ALL this weight so fast & that I would have to be eating a ridiculous amount of calories. Haha I was loving it! I proclaimed that I only ate like a little bird and didn't see the problem with my growing rolls! He would be so shocked if he knew how much I am eating everyday! I'm sure you will all love this update! (So HOT how fat I look in this gif!!!) Bonnie x0x0x
  13. Hey! I decided to treat myself to some delicious rose wine but there's still something missing... you! So come join me for a nightcap in my room where I'm wearing nearly nothing. Your eyes can wonder while I sip my wine and give you a glimpse underneath my kaftan See the full set now at And check out the Big Cuties blog: Holly
  14. Happy Christmas! It's my favourite time of year and I want to give you a very special present this year... ME! hehe. I look so cute wrapped up with a big bow. I bet you can't wait to unwrap me While I'm waiting for you I delve into some of my favourite chocolates... Ferrero Rocher mmmmm. This is definitely a good Christmas! Holly
  15. Happy Halloween! It's that time of year again and I'm super excited to dress up and stuff my face with lots of yummy treats... There's just one problem... My XXXXL bodysuit is so small that it won't even cover my belly So I decide to spend the night in bed with you and let all my rolls hang out. And you don't want to miss this video... I show you how terribly unfit I am as I try my hardest to bend and stretch to get the buttons fastened myself. It's quite the workout and I get out of breath pretty quickly! Holly
  16. I love keeping lots of snacks around the house, and even more in my fridge. My growing belly craves a lot of sweets, especially ice cream yum. I felt so cute in my lingerie, all that was missing is an endless belly rub and kisses all over!! ...maybe some brownies to go with my ice cream too lol. Hope you enjoy this set! Luscious XOXO And if you'd like to treat me to something off my wishlist, you'll get a thank you video
  17. There’s no denying that I have put on a considerable amount of weight in recent years… everything has ballooned up and I’m loving the results. But I wanted to do a comparison so we could REALLY see the difference and OH MY I found some pictures from when I was a lot smaller and recreated them wearing the same bra and similar leggings which I’ve had for years and are waaay too tight, hehe. Although I’ve never intentionally gained, it’s obvious that your compliments on my growing body and your encouragement for me to eat what I want have definitely had an effect. But who’s complaining? Hehe. Holly
  18. Hey guys! I decided to do my third Mcdonald's set, and eat a bunch of chicken nuggets (40 pc) in one sitting. The funniest thing is I was in line at the McDonald's drive thru, when I was looking through my emails and I saw that this set had been posted lol. I knew I had to order some chicken nuggets to go with my double quarter pounder meal haha! Hope you enjoy this set. Luscious XOXO (For any questions, requests or comments email me at [email protected]) *belly play videos are posted weekly on my members only blog*
  19. Double Jiggle Format: MP4 Length: 4 mins Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Size: 300 MB Featuring: Layla Moore In this clip Layla and I will see how jiggly our thighs have become. I find out to my shock that I’m no longer able to make a clapping sound with my thighs. It seems that my thighs have gotten so massive that the sound dissipates within the thick rolls of fat. Can you believe what a blob I’ve turned into? You can find this clip and many more at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. A mobile optimized version is also available.
  20. Hi there! When I tried on one of my old dresses I was so shocked at how tight is on me now… It used to fit me perfectly and now I am stretching it to the max I of course, wanted all of you to see how good it looks on me, so here it is! Don’t you love how much my big bum sticks out? And how massive my belly looks? I love that you can see the outline of my belly through the dress, hehe. See the full set now at And visit the Big Cuties blog
  21. I found the cutest pastel marshmallows while shopping for snacks, and decided to do the chubby bunny challenge in a set. I also put some marshmallows in my belly button, because it's always so fun to see what I can fit in there aaaand it's a turn on! My thighs have become so soft and extra squishy with cellulite. I'm turning into a toasted marshmallow lol Hope you enjoy this set, Luscious XOXO
  22. Hey! So I was expecting a nice sunny day and had planned to go out and get some really cute outdoorsy pics for you, but instead it rained and I decided to spend some time chilling in my room… Do you want to join me? I strip down for you, wearing just my underwear and a really cute, but really old cardigan. It was so tight and snug on, especially around the arms. In fact, I ripped a whole in the arm as I tried to squeeze it on hehe. Oh and make sure you check out the video in this set! It contains lots of fun, nearly naked dancing It’s not to be missed. See it now And visit the Big Cuties blog Holly
  23. Hey We’ve had such warm weather here in Scotland, I’ve been spending more time outside and wearing considerably less clothes. Today I took a trip to a small beachy area and although there was plenty of other people there, it didn’t stop me from wearing a bikini and flashing my fat. Although I got a few looks, I didn’t care, I just loved getting all the attention hehe. Oh and while shooting this set, my bikini top broke. A sign that my boobs are getting bigger. Yaaay! Do you think I’m getting bigger? Let me know See the full set now at And visit the Big Cuties blog Holly
  24. Hey Come join me as I get ready to enjoy some sun out in my back garden. Being Scottish, my skin isn’t too used to the sun so I need to put on LOTS of sun cream. I let you watch as I massage it onto my big arms and my even bigger legs. I love how shiny I look and I love how soft I feel as I touch my pale skin. Unfortunately I can’t reach my back… maybe you could come help? Hehe. After all that stretching and reaching to put lotion on, I really need something to help cool me down and what else other than a delicious ice lolly? It tastes so good and I love the cold sensation in my mouth. Once I’m lotioned up and fed it’s time for me to relax in the sun. I bet you’d love to join me. See the full video now at Visit the Big Cuties blog Holly
  25. Hey! One of my amazing members bought me these beautiful pants (panties) and they looked so good on I couldn’t wait to do a set wearing them. I love how they show off my bum, because let’s be honest, a bum like mine should never be covered up hehe. I felt so sexy wearing them and couldn’t stop touching my big soft body all over :). The video is especially sexy… I tease you by shaking and slapping my huge ass, jiggling and bouncing it for your pleasure. I then show off my big belly, rubbing and grabbing it, making you wish you were right there with me Check out the full set now at And check out the Big Cuties blog Holly