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Found 5 results

  1. Some girls want flowers and candy for Valentine’s Day, not me. I want something a little more personal: you under me for as long as I’d like. Come have a look!
  2. Remember when I told you that I had my own personal squashing bench? Wanna see what I do with it? Come have a look!
  3. Carrying a booty like this around requires frequent rest stops Some seats aren’t up to the challenge. Come see what happens when it all goes wrong.
  4. Two bold young adventurers venture into the desert having heard a tall tale of a massive she beast that lurks there. It’s tall, but it’s no tale. Come see what they find and the horrible fate that befalls them… This Halloween, I’ve brought you a treat. I’ve had this title in my head since the first day I started with Big Cuties. I’m a huge (hehe) Russ Meyer fan and I’ve always wanted to do an homage to him and his movies as they (mis)shaped my adolescent brain. This is an absolute must watch.
  5. Last Weezer reference, I promise, but I just couldn’t resist. This guy thought he could handle me, even though I’m easily more than 3x his weight. He put up a good fight though. Come see what became of him!