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Found 2 results

  1. Look at me. Look how fat I am now. These old clothes of mine do not even fit anymore. I couldn’t wear these to the gym even IF I wanted to (Haha but like I even go to the gym!) I’m such a HUGE blob these days! Come watch me as I struggle into my old exercise clothes. Can you imagine if I actually went to the gym wearing these? My rolls of fat over flowing and hanging out for all to see. Jiggling crazily while I attempted to walk on the treadmill, we all know I’m not even going to attempt to run, I’m far too fat for that now! I doubt I could even try or 5 seconds!!! I am just too lazy, practically living as though I were immobile on some days. I just laze about and stuff and stuff. I did love squeezing back into these old clothes though, as it is very sexy to see just how far I have come. Bon x
  2. When I was younger I actually wanted to be in the army, can you believe that?! It got me thinking about what it would be like if I attempted to join it now, at my size! As my fitness level is so poor, what would they think of me?! A Huge breathless fatty struggling to do simple tasks that others could fulfil with ease. My flabby belly, legs and arms jiggling all over the place out of control as I try to jog and jump. I decided to play this scenario out for you as it has been too long since I did an exercise video and I know you all LOVE seeing me struggle with activities, as I love to show you. My poor fitness levels truly show me how much of a greedy gluttonous pig I really am. Most of my days are spent lazing about stuffing myself, so really what do I expect! Bon x