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Found 70 results

  1. Wouldn’t you love to make Zelda your FAT pig? Bend her over on the bed, rubbing her HUGE arse and slapping it too. Then proceeding to shove endless cream cakes into her salivating mouth? She wants you to fatten her up more, even though you have already turned her into your HUGE ball of fat! Making her beg everyday for more and more, you love it and she does too. You need to fatten her up even more, make her more unrecognizable. Link will never even know it’s her! Bon x
  2. Bedroom Confessional: I Love Being Humiliated I have a dirty little secret. Perhaps some of you will already know what I’m about to say. I feel like my mannerisms and patterns of speech betray me. You see, I have a humiliation fetish. I’m not talking about being lightly teased either. In this clip I’ll talk about how I’d love for you to humiliate me. What phrases makes this pitifully weak-willed sow’s panties moist. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in SD MP4.
  3. Showing Off & Talking About My Blob Bod I’m a shameless sow. Any sane woman my size would be rightfully embarrassed to show off her body. A body that has become so swollen with fat that it’s devoid of any womanly curves. I’m not sane. I’m a weak willed sow that’s hopelessly addicted to food, fat, and sex. I love what I’ve become. I can’t stop touching the soft and supple fat that engulfs me. You could say I’m obsessed. When I touch myself I start to get turned on. When I start to get turned on I start to get hungry. It’s an endless cycle you see. A cycle that ensures that I’ll continue to get fatter and fatter. I want to share my body with you. I want you to be as turned on from watching me as I am from showing off for you. Just look at the way all of that pig jelly jiggles. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile.
  4. My Fat Ass Broke What?! The world simply isn’t made for pigs like me. Even products that boast weight limits upwards of a thousand pounds buckle under the strain of my mass. Even furniture made of fattened pigs such as myself can’t withstand prolonged exposure to my excessive weight. What is a overfed sow such as myself to do? It would seem that I’m just too fat for most things. With my waistline ever expanding it’s only a matter of time before I’ll need to switch to only using specialized bariatric furniture. I should be ashamed of what I’ve done to myself. To have willingly let myself get so hopelessly pitifully obese. Yet I find myself getting more turned on than ever. In this clip I’ll go over the high points of my furniture destruction throughout the years. Be it wood or metal no furniture seems to be safe from my crushing weight. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile.
  5. I want you to make me much, MUCH fatter. I want you to be the one responsible for growing all my fat rolls, the one shoving endless fattening treats into my mouth. Watching me grow fatter and fatter day in and day out. Your growing fat piggy, yours alone. You know how much it excites me to grow for you, to see the desire in your eyes as I stuff more and more food each day. Watching your delight as I moan and groan that I am too stuffed to move. When I become breathless from all the food I have consumed and when I’m so stuffed the it is painful too. You love it and I do too, so can you please just come and make me into the fattest blob ever! Bon x
  6. I have had this fantasy for years where a pirate captures me and ties me to a chair before force feeding me. I have to admit that it was hard to fake a struggle as I couldn’t contain my utter excitement and arousal in this video! I really cannot act like a person who is being stuffed against their will, I just love it far too much! As I sat strapped to the chair, I was bursting out of my corset and I could feel it becoming tighter and tighter as my pirate shoved more food down my throat. I was wriggling about on the chair as I could feel myself get more and more aroused, I just wanted him to rip off my corset and stuff me some more and….haha well you can imagine the rest!! Bon x
  7. This is one of my most biggest fantasies! So I decided to role-play in this video to show it to all of you! Since you have been away at work your maid hasn’t been bothering to clean. In fact instead of cleaning your house, she has been raiding your fridge and stuffing all your food, lazing about on the sofa eating junk and doing as little work as possible! Now due to her lazy days and gorging relentlessly on food, she has started to notice her uniform getting a little snug, but is in complete denial and decides that it must have accidentally shrunk in the wash. No way had she gained weight! Suddenly hearing the keys rattling in the door she quickly started to clean, upon seeing her you are shocked and amazed! There she was bursting out of her uniform, at least 3 stone heavier than when you last saw her! You couldn’t wait to entice her over to the bed so you could explore all her new fat rolls! Bon x
  8. Give In, Get Fat You've turned me into an helplessly over indulgent sow. My whole body is now covered in an obscenely thick layer of fat. You've been a dedicated and doting feeder but I've grown bored with our relationship. I want to do for you what you've done for me. I've seen the way that you look at me. How your eyes linger on my lips as you press food against them. There's a longing in your eyes that betrays your true desire. The desire to get fat. To be free of society's standards. To let go of all inhibitions and eat, and eat, and eat. To feel the painful pleasure of having your stomach stretched to its limits. You know it's what you truly want. It's time to give in to me and get fat. Stuffed & Stuck The lounge chair in my hotel room looked luxuriously wide. Surely it was wide enough to accommodate even my expansive posterior. By the time I felt my hips rub against the sides of the armrests it was already too late. The force behind my downward momentum was enough that the armrests were able to push my soft supple fat inward. As my body came to an abrupt halt it caused a cascade of waves throughout the thick layer of fat that engulfs me. I sighed and slowly began rubbing my painfully bloated belly. The day had passed by in a blur of calories as slices of cake, hand pies, foot long sandwiches, and chocolate dipped cookies all passed my lips. All washed down with liters upon liters of sweet tea or soda. I caught myself nodding off in the chair. My body was struggling to digest copious amount of food that I put into it. I knew that I needed to get ready for bed before my body became too tired to move. I placed my flabby arms upon the armrest and applied the necessary force that it takes to lift myself. To my shock and horror nothing happened. It would seem that my blubbery backside was firmly stuck within the confines of the chair. I tried not to panic as the realization that I was all alone set in. Frantically I tried to dislodge myself from the chairs grasp. As I jostled my painfully overfull stomach a series of burps erupted forth. The minor exertion left me panting. As I caught my breath I ponder what to do. Jerk Off to My Fat Body I know your secret. I know that every free moment that you have your on your phone or computer looking at super-super obese women. You're addicted to our big blubbery bodies. There's just something about greedy gluttonous sow stuffed into ill fitting lingerie that turns you on. Their fat oozing out of every inch. Lingerie link mine. I bet you're wondering how it hasn't burst off of me. I'm wondering that too as it strains against my immense girth. It makes your cock rock hard. That's good, I want it to. I want you to stop looking at other pigs. I can provide you with everything that you need. My whole body is covered in an ever thickening layer of fat. I'm eager to show off every inch. Give in to me. Embrace me as your supersized goddess and become my stroke junkie. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  9. What It's like to Date a Supersized Fatty Featuring: SSBBW Kenna What would it be like to have a girlfriend who is not only supersized but also a feedee? In this clip we'll discuss what it would be like to date either of us. We'll talk about things like: How much we eat on a daily basis. If we like to cook or not. How we like to bed fed by our feeders. The challenges of shopping for a supersized body. How we've become too fat to fit into booths and chairs with arms. How normal chairs can be uncomfortable for our extra large asses. How much we food order at restaurants. Last but not least what it's like to have sex with us. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile and WMV.
  10. I know you have noticed me getting fatter, you can see that I’m outgrowing my clothes and hear that I am panting desperately when I climb the stairs. I am becoming so fat and unfit! All I do is laze about all day stuffing lots of junk food. I’m just a huge blob these days! I just cannot stop, it turns me on so much. Feeling myself bursting out of my old clothes but still struggling into them daily, it is just so arousing. Come and hear what I want you to do to me, how I want you to fatten me up even more. I confess, I absolutely love feederism and want to be your HUGE fat pig. (You can watch and download this video on my members blog)
  11. Talking About & Jiggling My Obese Body As I breath in to fill my lungs with air I can feel the substantial weight of heavy layer of fat that engulfs me pushing back. My super-super obese body has me in a constant state of arousal. I’m hopelessly addicted. All I care about is food, fat, and sex. I’ve past the point of no return. I don’t think that I could change now even if I wanted to. I find myself constantly grabbing the thick rolls of fat that have accumulated on my midsection. I just can’t keep my hands off of myself. I’ve really started to blob out. I went from a shapely pair to a mountain of flab. I want to show you how I can effortlessly sink my fingers into all of this soft supple fat. Watch how it jiggles. I’m so out of shape now that I get winded just from preforming for you. That should cause me to be alarmed. After all this is my livelihood. If I’m being brutally honest it makes my p**** soaking wet and my stomach growl with hunger. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile and WMV.
  12. Putting Lotion on My Supersized Body Throughout this clip I'll be applying lotion to the shapeless blob-like mass of quivering blubber that I call my body. Applying lotion should be a simple enough task but for overfed sow like me it's a chore. The thick layer of fat hanging from my limbs weighs me down and the stockpile of lard that has accumulated around my mid section restricts my mobility. I've eaten myself into a state where my fingers effortlessly sink into the depths of my softness. The exertion of talking while working the lotion into my cellulite ridden skin leaves me flushed. It's obscene how out of shape I've become. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile and WMV.
  13. Supersized Daily Struggles Each calorie laden treat I push past my lips contributes to my body steadily grow more cumbersome. I've eaten myself into such a state of fatness that it impacts my everyday life. As I've become more sow than woman it's my fatness that now defines me. It is the deciding factor in every decision that I make. Simply put the world wasn't build for someone as freakishly fat as I am. In this clip I'll talk about how weighing over 500lbs (227kg/36st) has affected my daily life. Such as, how I no longer fit in a single seat on public transportation. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile and WMV.
  14. As you all know, stuffing arouses me so much!! I get so horny when I stuff loads of food and feel my sexiest when my belly is all tight and bloated. When it looks HUGE from all the food, like I have swallowed a massive beach ball. It is just so hot! So after going to the McDonald’s drive thru (something I do ALL the time!) I was so horny! First I ate 4 large meals and as I still wasn’t satisfied, I went back to the drive thru and ordered more food again! Another 2 meals plus a muffin and 3 donuts! After all that, my jeans were digging into my fat belly and I couldn’t wait to get them off! Laying on the bed I rubbed my ballooning belly while I talked about how aroused I was from all that food and how I still wanted to eat even more!
  15. I just do not feel fat enough…i want to be so much FATTER! I constantly gaze at myself in the mirror, my eyes taking in my hanging belly, my flabby arms and forever growing rolls. Even though I can see that I am indeed VERY fat, I still am not satisfied. This fat body of mine is just not big enough for me!! I have to gain more and be even fatter. I honestly do not know if I will ever feel like I am fat enough, I surpass my gaining goals continuously, always telling myself I will just gain a little more, just a few more fat rolls and then it will be enough, but It never is though! Check out my NEW update!! Bon x
  16. Too Fat For His Arms When I'm sitting only mere inches stand between my belly touching my knees. The thick fat on my midsection juts out over a foot in front of me. Try as he might my feeder simply can't get his arms all the way around my ever expanding waistline. Although my fat is soft and supple he's unable to squish enough of it inward to make his finger tips meet. He has to slide his arms up under my breasts to be able to clasp his hands together.I can feel his touch but when I look down all I can see is his thumbs. My view obscured by the mountain of fat that is my stomach. I assist him in positioning his hands to lift up all this lard. I can feel his erection press into me as he comments on how heavy it feels. I know he's proud of himself. After all he did this to me. All those nights continually pushing my limits; pressing food to lips when I was already too full to move. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  17. Don’t you think I look so much fatter in this body stocking now? It has been a while since i wore it last and I can really notice how much my belly and thighs have grown since then, especially my belly!! It is enormous now and hangs even lower than it did before. Luckily this stocking is ridiculously stretchy, otherwise I would have had no hope fitting into it! I loved rubbing my belly over the fishnet material, seeing my fat poking out through the holes, it was just so sexy! In my video I share with you all how much it turns me on to look at old photos of myself in this stocking, compared to me in it now. How much it arousing me…ALWAYS! How I hope to one day outgrow it too, would LOVE to be so fat that I burst out of it! Ultimate fantasy! Bonnie x
  18. So You Want To Get Fat? I've seen the way that you look at me. I can tell that you're not only attracted to me, you want to be me. You want a body like me. You're envious of the thick layer of fat that covers my body from head to toe. You want to have a big blubbery belly of your own. You want to take up space like I do. To see yourself spread out to engulf multiple seats when you sit down. You yearn for that, don't you? You want to be a big greedy piggy just like me. I've seen the way that you look at food. It's almost sexual. You lust for it the way that you lust after my big fat body. You want to let go of all of your inhibitions and just eat, and eat, and eat. I'm here to tell you that, it's ok. I want to that for you too. I want to see you let go completely. Embrace your inner pig and eat for me! You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This clip is also available in WMV and MP4 mobile formats. ----------------------------------------------- I love creating custom content. As an open minded individual I cater to a wide variety of kinks. Did I pique your interest? If so, email me at [email protected] for pricing and details.
  19. I have a confession for you. I know you have seen me eating more food lately, noticed my late night snacking and found certain items from the fridge missing. You have seen me breathlessly trying to struggle into old clothes and sneakily noticed me buying myself new clothes 2 sizes too big for me. Even the cake you bought for your family had disappeared and when I said I didn’t know where it went…I lied. I had eaten it all to myself, I just felt like I had no control. I wanted to stuff all those calories and laze about on the bed with my massive gut hanging out. Completely stuffed and unable to move. I wanted you to see me like this, to watch me gain and get fatter. It turns me on so much, I want you to be a part of this and enjoy it with me too. I confess I am helplessly addicted to the Feederism fetish! Won't you help me grow FATTER? Bon x
  20. Sharing My Extreme Fantasies Sometimes I feel as if I’m more sow than woman. Whenever I have the chance I stuff myself till the point where I’m unable to do anything more than lay on my bed moaning and grunting like the pig that I am. What was left of my self control has slipped away. I’ve become helplessly addicted to the feedee lifestyle. I couldn’t stop now if I wanted to. I’m stuck in a never ending cycle of hedonistic indulgence. As I’ve moved passed the 500 lb threshold I’ve found that the same things don’t turn me on anymore. It used to be that I’d fantasy about a feeder’s touch. A scenario like my feeder playing with my blubbery belly as he stuffs me full of cupcakes. That simply doesn’t do it anymore. In this clip I’ll talk about exactly what makes my greedy pussy dripping wet. Until I give into my desire and make myself cum over and over. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This clip is also available in WMV and MP4 mobile formats. I love creating custom content. As an open minded individual I cater to a wide variety of kinks. Did I pique your interest? If so, email me at [email protected] for pricing and details.
  21. PoV Fat Jiggles I finally found the memory card that I lost when Bonnie was here. I'm pleased to be able to release this amazing point of view footage that I filmed with a fan. With my blob-like body splayed out before him he begins lifting my ponderous gut upward and letting it fall back down into a cascade of jiggles. His hands sinking deeply into the thick layer of lard that encases my body. I instruct him to grab me roughly and show me what a fatty I really am! I love the feeling of having my fat grabbed. His large hand lost in the sea of fat. You can tell that I'm easily three time his size. Flipping me over to inspect my back rolls, he shows off how thick they're getting. My wide flabby ass jiggling at the slightest touches. Lastly he flips me on my side. This angle allows you to see the obscene amount of flesh jutting out from my middle; it has to be more than a foot of pure fat. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  22. I am such a greedy, gluttonous fat pig! Look at how tight this school uniform is on me! Can you see how stretched out it is? How my fat belly strains against the material, how the skirt digs into my fat rolls as it is far too tight for me now! I just have had no control when it comes to my overeating recently, I feel like I want to be stuffed, my belly ballooning constantly! I want to feel so stuffed everyday to the point it is painful. I am so addicted to stuffing as much food as possible and continuously want to set myself challenges where I eat more than the previous time. I want to consume so much food that even I am shocked by my stuffing abilities! I really have no self control…I will continue to overeat and gain until I completely burst out of this school uniform. Wouldn’t you love to see that happen? Bon x Bon x
  23. Super girl has been seriously greedy for month now and it seems like she has gained so much weight that she has managed to completely outgrow her costume! I last wore this costume over year ago, back then it was a struggle to squeeze it on, but I managed it! I pulled it up over my ballooning belly and boobs and onto my flabby arms too. I remember it being so tight though!! However, when I recently came across it when sorting out my wardrobe I was so shocked (not that I should be considering how much fatter I am now!) to find that it barely even got over my MUCH thicker thighs and fatter arse! It took me ages to wriggle into it! Now that my belly is so much bigger and hangs so much lower, I could not pull the straps up onto my arms, I’m just far too fat for it now! Come watch the struggle in this video and see how much fatter I have become since I last wore it! Bon x
  24. Ever imagined what it would be like to grab, squeeze and jiggle me? After a gigantic stuffing session I decided to laze about on my bed like a MASSIVE beached whale! Rubbing my ballooning belly I decided that my fat rolls need some special attention so asked my camera man to come and film me while he grabs, squeezes and jiggles my soft fat. I thought you would all love this video as you can imagine it is you doing this to me while I moan in pleasure!
  25. I went out before I filmed this video and stuffed a tremendous amount of food! I went to an Indian restaurant and ordered twice as much as usual! My belly was ridiculously HUGE after and I found it difficult to waddle back to my hotel with it weighing me down. It felt amazing to be so stuffed and I felt so sexy too with my massive belly protruding out, shirt buttons visibly straining against it. When I got back to the hotel I just had to show it off and tell you what a greedy girl I was and how much it turned me on to be publicly stuffing. Bonnie xxx