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Found 13 results

  1. Morbid Feeder Wants You Immobile The content of this video is not for the faint of heart. This video is for pigs; greedy gluttonous pigs that want to grow hopelessly pitifully obese. The type of pigs that struggles to get through the day as their thoughts are consumed by food, fat, and sex. I know what you need. I know that you want to be reprogrammed to let go of all inhibitions and willing trap yourself in a life of over indulgence. I can do that for you fatty. Follow my instructions and you’ll watch as your rolls of fat thicken by the day. Soon you’ll find yourself trapped in the cycle. You see the heavier your body gets the lazier you will get and the lazier you get the heavier your body will get. Till you find yourself on the brink of immobility. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile.
  2. Give In, Get Fat You've turned me into an helplessly over indulgent sow. My whole body is now covered in an obscenely thick layer of fat. You've been a dedicated and doting feeder but I've grown bored with our relationship. I want to do for you what you've done for me. I've seen the way that you look at me. How your eyes linger on my lips as you press food against them. There's a longing in your eyes that betrays your true desire. The desire to get fat. To be free of society's standards. To let go of all inhibitions and eat, and eat, and eat. To feel the painful pleasure of having your stomach stretched to its limits. You know it's what you truly want. It's time to give in to me and get fat. Stuffed & Stuck The lounge chair in my hotel room looked luxuriously wide. Surely it was wide enough to accommodate even my expansive posterior. By the time I felt my hips rub against the sides of the armrests it was already too late. The force behind my downward momentum was enough that the armrests were able to push my soft supple fat inward. As my body came to an abrupt halt it caused a cascade of waves throughout the thick layer of fat that engulfs me. I sighed and slowly began rubbing my painfully bloated belly. The day had passed by in a blur of calories as slices of cake, hand pies, foot long sandwiches, and chocolate dipped cookies all passed my lips. All washed down with liters upon liters of sweet tea or soda. I caught myself nodding off in the chair. My body was struggling to digest copious amount of food that I put into it. I knew that I needed to get ready for bed before my body became too tired to move. I placed my flabby arms upon the armrest and applied the necessary force that it takes to lift myself. To my shock and horror nothing happened. It would seem that my blubbery backside was firmly stuck within the confines of the chair. I tried not to panic as the realization that I was all alone set in. Frantically I tried to dislodge myself from the chairs grasp. As I jostled my painfully overfull stomach a series of burps erupted forth. The minor exertion left me panting. As I caught my breath I ponder what to do. Jerk Off to My Fat Body I know your secret. I know that every free moment that you have your on your phone or computer looking at super-super obese women. You're addicted to our big blubbery bodies. There's just something about greedy gluttonous sow stuffed into ill fitting lingerie that turns you on. Their fat oozing out of every inch. Lingerie link mine. I bet you're wondering how it hasn't burst off of me. I'm wondering that too as it strains against my immense girth. It makes your cock rock hard. That's good, I want it to. I want you to stop looking at other pigs. I can provide you with everything that you need. My whole body is covered in an ever thickening layer of fat. I'm eager to show off every inch. Give in to me. Embrace me as your supersized goddess and become my stroke junkie. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  3. Naughty Lesbian Nurses Featuring: Bianca Baker I unzipped the gore splattered nurse's outfit and carefully pulled the short sleeves up my arms. The material began to stretch taunt as it battled with the girth of my weighty upper arms. With a bit of finesse I was able to get it to just fit. I sucked in my ponderous gut and desperately pulled on the stretchy material trying to make the ends of the zipper meet. I'd just finished wiggling my oversized body into my Halloween costume when Bianca walked in. She was dressed in a the top of a similar nurse's outfit. Only hers fit her like a glove; hugging her hourglass figure in all of the right places. As she seductively sauntered over I saw her black lace panties peak out the bottom of the hem. Her perfect perky breasts pushing out of her black lace bra. She licked her plush lips as she looked at me. She whispered that she had something special planned for me. From the way she was dressed I had the feeling tonight's plans didn't include going to a Halloween party or handing out candy. She pushed me down on the reinforced bed. The thick layer of fat that encases my body quivered on impact. She gave me a lopsided smile as she clasp her small but powerful hand over my mouth. A muffled moan escaped my lips. She wrapped her hand in my long hair and suddenly jerked my head towards her. Our eyes met and her tongue darted out to tease my wanton lips. She pulled her head back as I craned thick my neck for a kiss. She placed her delicate fingers into my mouth and told me to suck on them. I eagerly obliged. Anything for my lithe goddess. I was putty or more aptly lard in her hands. I had a feeling this was going to be the best Halloween ever. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile and WMV.
  4. Gorging Myself Fatter Featuring: Bianca Baker My eyes were instantly draw away from Bianca’s lithe body and to the large platter that she held. I saw piled upon it all of my favorite foods; there was six pieces of toast with cream cheese and blueberry jam, scrambled eggs smothered in cheddar cheese, and what looked to be a whole pound of thick cut bacon! Almost simultaneously my mouth started to salivate and my pussy started to get moist. Despite the proximity of Bianca’s nearly naked body all I could think about was gorging myself. An all consuming need had me in its grip. I needed to glut myself to the point where my stomach was stretched in agony. The sultry seductress at my side was ready to enable my addiction. She brought the first bite to my lips. The taste of the food made me moan in pleasure. Bianca handed me the fork and instructed me to eat. She wanted to watch as the last remnants of my willpower melted away leaving only a insatiable sow in its wake; a hungry pig ready to greedily devour every last morsel on the plate. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile and WMV.
  5. So You Want To Get Fat? I've seen the way that you look at me. I can tell that you're not only attracted to me, you want to be me. You want a body like me. You're envious of the thick layer of fat that covers my body from head to toe. You want to have a big blubbery belly of your own. You want to take up space like I do. To see yourself spread out to engulf multiple seats when you sit down. You yearn for that, don't you? You want to be a big greedy piggy just like me. I've seen the way that you look at food. It's almost sexual. You lust for it the way that you lust after my big fat body. You want to let go of all of your inhibitions and just eat, and eat, and eat. I'm here to tell you that, it's ok. I want to that for you too. I want to see you let go completely. Embrace your inner pig and eat for me! You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This clip is also available in WMV and MP4 mobile formats. ----------------------------------------------- I love creating custom content. As an open minded individual I cater to a wide variety of kinks. Did I pique your interest? If so, email me at [email protected] for pricing and details.
  6. Fulfilling A Feedee’s Fantasy Featuring Bianca & Seth Baker In this clip Xutjja assumes the role of a lawyer with a dark secret. All of her life Xutjja has been obsessed with food. That obsession only amplified when she discovered the world of feederism. Afraid of what letting go all of inhibitions would do to her waistline Xutjja limits herself to one “cheat day” per a week. Glutting herself to the point where she’s barely able to breath. Her panties soaked through. She longs to exist only to bed fed and fucked like in the erotica she reads. Unbeknownst to her a couple with nefarious intentions have been stalking her every move. After watching Xutjja for some time they agree that she is the perfect candidate to be their third. Together they’ll fulfill all of Xutjja’s deepest feedist fantasties. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  7. My First Slim Female Squashee Featuring: Constance Over the years I've filmed countless squashing sessions. However, this is the first time I've ever had the opportunity to film with a slim model. The lean Constance weighs in at about 120 lbs. That's over a 400 lb. difference! The difference in our sizes is simply staggering. My blob-like body easily engulfs her lithe one. In this clip I will sit on her chest and face as well as smother her with my breasts and belly. Constance puts on a tough face but you can see her turn bright red as all of my weight bears down upon her. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  8. Measured Bigger Than Two People For this body comparison video I decided to do something differently. I decided to pit my measurements against that of a couple’s combined measurements. In this clip I’ll measure Bianca and Seth Baker’s combined upper arms, forearms, wrists, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and calves. Then they will work together to take my mammoth measurements. This clip really shows just how enormously fat I’ve gotten; next to their slender frames I look like a giant blob of fat. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. Mobile optimized clips now available.
  9. PoV Messy Hand Feeding This clip starts off with me telling you that I want to gain more weight. That I want to be so fat that I take up an entire couch! That when I sit down I want to hear the couch groan as it strains under my weight. I look you in the eyes and I ask, what do you have for me to eat? My attention turns to the box beside you. As you open it I can see what looks like huge cupcakes. My mouth begins to water. Those cupcakes look like they're easily over 300 calories a piece! Your hand moves towards the carton that was facing away from me. As you pour some into a plastic cup I see that it's heavy cream. I know that this snack is going to easily be a whole day's worth of recommended calories. My panties start to get wet at the thought. As you bring the cupcake to my lips I can't believe how rich and buttery it tastes. Every bite is like an orgasm for my mouth! Bianca Jiggles My Back Fat & Ass Bianca loves that I have an ever expanding waistline. She's particularly fond the thick rolls of fat that have accumulated underneath my shoulder blades. With all of the weight that I've gained it's quite possible that they've grown to be larger than my double D breasts! She loves how they jiggle at her slightest touch and how heavy they feel in her hands. She has me sit backwards on a chair so, every inch of my blubbery backside is exposed to her. She applies coconut oil to my skin so, her petite hands can easily transverse the sea of lard that is before her. She talks about how obese I've become while lifting, grabbing, and jiggling all of my supple fat. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. Mobile optimized clips now available.
  10. Make Me The Perfect Pear It's no secret that Bianca is obsessed with my wide hips and massive thighs! In this clip she pushes her delicate fingers into my fat to see how far that they will sink in. She pinches, pulls, and kneads my soft supple fat reminding me that I'm hers to mold. She tells me that she wants me to start gaining again. She talks about where she would like to see the fat accumulate on my body and all of the fattening food that she's going to feed me to make it happen. She wants me to become her perfect pear. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. Mobile optimized clips now available.
  11. Mutual Belly Button Orgasms Featuring Khlea Khaos Khlea had given me a very tiny dildo for my birthday. As it was too small to even use as a clitoral stimulation I thought it to be a joke gift. Boy was I wrong! While in bed that evening Khlea told me that she wanted to try something new. It was in that moment that I realized what she wanted to do. She was going to fuck my belly button! I felt myself getting moist at the thought of it! She parted the top and bottom fat rolls of my double belly and applied lubricant into the depths of my belly button. She begin teasing me; slowly running her finger along the slick outer rim of my belly button. I could feel my panties getting moist. A moan escaped my lips as I felt the cool plastic against my flesh. As she thrust the dildo in and out of my deep belly button I knew I was going to cum. I was still in shock that I could cum from just having my belly button played with. I wanted Khlea to experience such ecstasy as well. It was my turn to take control! You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. Mobile optimized clips now available.
  12. Featuring Bianca Baker When I told Bianca about the eating game her eyes lit up. I knew that she was already thinking about ways that we could play it together. That night I came home from work to the intoxicating smell of delicious mouth watering fudgy brownies. My first instinct was to run into the kitchen and start greedily shoving them into my mouth. It was then that Bianca walked out of the kitchen with a plate full of chocolate cupcakes. Cupcakes that smelled like brownies? Surely this was too good to be true! She told me to take off my clothes and meet her in the bedroom. I eagerly complied. With my eyes fixated on the plate of cupcakes Bianca told me the rules of the game. Then she started unwrapping the cupcakes and feeding them to me one after another and another. The cupcakes were so rich that they were like eating chocolate flavored butter. As we reached the last of the cupcakes I was beyond full. She looked at me and told me if I ate the last one she'd let me cum. How could I say no to that? I finished the last bite with a groan. Bianca then reached down and adjusted the vibrator against my freshly shaved pussy; having to hold up my fupa (fat upper pubic area) and double belly up to gain access. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. Mobile optimized clips now available.
  13. A Date To Die For Format: MP4 Length: 3 mins Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Size: 247 MB Featuring: Layla Moore You’ve been asking for it so, here it is: my very first vore clip! - I’d been talking to Layla for several weeks now. Finally she agreed to meet me for a dinner date. After wining and dining her, I easily won over her affection. When I asked her if she’d like to come inside she eagerly agreed. Little did she know that all too soon she’d learn why I wasn’t very hungry at dinner time. You can find this clip and many more at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. Also available in format optimized for your mobile device.