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Found 3 results

  1. You wouldn't just expect a regular stuffing from me, right? 3 pounds of food and 2 large cokes from McDonald's... this is probably the hardest stuffing I've ever done, and you can truly see it on my face throughout the video as I eat. I start out eating quickly cause i'm excited, and then I slowly decline in speed, as my belly becomes painfully full but I continue taking bites, trying to block out how full I am. This is what true stuffing is about. pushing one's self.. until you can't take another bite. I loved it, even if my face at the end may have said different Lol. My belly was pleased, and so was my waistline! Join my website to see all 25+ minutes! To see all the models, take a look at
  2. I went out before I filmed this video and stuffed a tremendous amount of food! I went to an Indian restaurant and ordered twice as much as usual! My belly was ridiculously HUGE after and I found it difficult to waddle back to my hotel with it weighing me down. It felt amazing to be so stuffed and I felt so sexy too with my massive belly protruding out, shirt buttons visibly straining against it. When I got back to the hotel I just had to show it off and tell you what a greedy girl I was and how much it turned me on to be publicly stuffing. Bonnie xxx
  3. Imagine if I was a super hero who was too preoccupied with stuffing and gaining weight than saving people. Too fat to climb, fight and rescue people. Just wanting to laze about getting fatter and fatter. My hero costume shrinking smaller and smaller ALL the time. My fat belly finally peeping through at the bottom while holes begin to appear as my fat rolls start burst out from it. An unfit and lazy super hero who’s only concern is to eat and eat in order to grow and grow! This is a big fantasy of mine, I hope you all enjoy it! Bonnie x0x0x