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Found 6 results

  1. TRAVEL DATES (Throughout Europe) March 2018 (If you are wanting to book a session, mail [email protected]) London March 12-14 Amsterdam March 15-16 Koln/Cologne, Germany March 17-18 Oberlahnstein, Germany March 18-19 (only possible if we find a host to stay) I am traveling with my best friend in the UK, he is a guy, but if you can host I will give you a reduce price for session for Europe) Brussels(Belguim) April 19-21 London March 21-23 Bath March 24-28 (Looking For Host to host us for 5 days) STRATFORD-ON-AVON April 28 TAUNTON April 28-29 London April 29-1st of April Hasting March 1-4 (need a host) Jawick or London April 5-7 (need Host) Jawick 5th-7th Depart to Denver, CO, April 8, 2018 December 1-December 28, 2018 Schedule not yet decided my photographer/guy friend and I will be traveling to Denmark, Germany, Brussels, France My session fee starts at 600/hr and will take 50 off each session per hour booked. Up to 200 dollars. If your comfortable being filmed you will only have to pay 500/hr. The session fee must be paid 50% and reserve a date for me to meet with u, you are also responsible for paying for a hotel, rest of payment is due at time that we meet. There is no sex or kissing, including a BG! If you are interested please let me know, [email protected]
  2. Hello Everyone, This week's update is Gabi eating an ice cream cake. Gabi is truly growing, just look at how massive Gabi's belly is, it takes up the whole picture and it looks so soft. Stop by to see this update today! Much Love, Gabi
  3. Hello, This update is all about the big curves Gabi has and water running down her soft swedish skin. Stop by to see this update today. Much Love, Gabi
  4. Hello Everyone,This update is all about Gabi and her experience getting in a 4 door sedan and how much her fat overtakes the steering wheel. In this photo you can clearly see Gabis fat over the steering wheel and how squished in the car. Stop by to see this update!XOXO,Gabi
  5. Hello,This update is all about a junk food eating and getting messy while eating. Stop by gaininggabi,com to see this 50+ pictures. Much Love,Gabi