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Found 5 results

  1. Fattening You Like A Pig I’m often asked for tips on how to gain weight. While I could’ve shared my personal experiences with weight gain I wanted to do something different. I wanted to look into the science behind the fattening of hogs. After so many years of hog farming I assumed that there must be a tried and true method. Surely if my piglets applied the same methodology then they to could fatten themselves like a prized pig. That’s what you want isn’t it fat boy? To fatten yourself like livestock. To be able to watch yourself getting fatter by the day. Knowing that each time you indulge you’re becoming more like a pig than a man. Your willpower being eroded as you feed the side of you that yearns to grow fatter. Watching your body begin to swell with fat. Yet it’s not enough. It’s never enough. You’re just like me fatty, you don’t simply want it, you need it. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in SD MP4.
  2. We Want You FAT! We’ve seen the way that you look at us. You’re not looking at us because you simply find us attractive. You’re looking at us because you want to be us. We know your secret; We know you long to let go of all inhibitions. You want someone to tell you that it’s alright to free your inner pig. We’re here to tell you just that. You see we want you to get fat. When we say fat we don’t mean a little chubby, we mean super morbidly obese. We want to corrupt you. We want to brainwash you till you’re hopelessly addicted to food. Till you’re on your way to becoming so pitifully obese that you can’t reach your manhood. Not that it would matter if you could. As your manhood will become completely engulfed by your thickening fat pad; swallowed by lard and next to useless. Stop doubting yourself and start listening to your dark desires. Your manhood knows what your body yearns for. We’re here to show you the way. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile.
  3. Let's Get Fat Together I’ve seen the way that you look at me. There’s more than just lust in your eyes, there’s envy. You want a body like mine; to be fully encased in a thick layer of lard. To have eaten yourself to the point of being a shapeless blob-like mass of quivering blubber. I understand your desires like no one else can. I’ll show you how to let go of all inhibitions and eat as if it’s your last meal. Submit to me and I will set free your inner pig. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile and WMV.
  4. Please use the following → link ← to purchase this clip. This is a custom video. This video contains minor special effects. As you open your eyes you're unable to focus. Your body feels as if it's weighted down by some unknown force. You're having a hard time keeping your head up. Someone is speaking to you but the sound is distorted as if you were listening while underwater. Slowly your vision clears and you see a woman standing before you. She's dressed simply in a black bra and panties. What stands out about her is her size, she is simply massive. You attempt to speak but words fail you. Your throat is raw. She hands you a glass full of milky white liquid. Provoked by thirst you take a big gulp without hesitation. You're pleasantly surprised by the taste of the liquid; it's rich, creamy, and lightly sweet. Although she is speaking to you, you don't quite understand what she is saying. You feel an intense hunger gnawing at your gut. The smell of freshly baked cookies wafts up. Your stomach growls and mouth begins to salivate. As she presses the cookie to your lips you feel compelled to take a big bite. The cookies have a surprisingly soft texture with a rich buttery taste that's perfectly complimented by the chunks of decadent chocolate. You find yourself longing for more. As if reading your mind you find another cookie pressed against your lips. Eagerly taking a bite you nearly take a chunk out of one of her perfectly manicured fingers. As you finish the cookie you find that you're once again thirsty. As if she's once again reading your mind she encourages you to finish your drink. Your eyelids feel as heavy as the rest of your body. Try as you may you can't seem to keep them open. Despite your best effort your nod off. You awake to the sound of her snapping her fingers. As your vision clears the look on her face tells you that she wants your full attention. You try to speak but she cuts you off. She tells you that the liquid you've been drinking is her very own breast milk. You should feel repulsed but strangely all you want is more. Some of those cookies wouldn't hurt either. How can you already be hungry again? You feel strange as if you're stuck in a dream. You try to ask a question but become focused on her bosom. She's slowly unhooking her bra. To your embarrassment you feel yourself begin to drool. Your eyes are glued to her chest. As her big breasts fall free from their confines you feel your pants become uncomfortably tight. The way that she's playing with her breasts is mesmerizing. She genitally touches your shoulder. You must've nodded off again. The tone of her voice indicates that what she's saying is serious. You try to focus. Could what she's saying be true? Are you going to be completely under her control now? You admit to yourself that you're finding her more and more alluring. It's as if you want to do anything that she tells you to. She tells you that you're now her pet pig and that you're going to gain copious amounts of weight for her. Your cock twitches upon hearing this. You can't believe you're getting so turned on. This is completely insane yet you find yourself ready and willing to eat anything that she puts in front of you. ·.·★·.·´¯`·.·★·.·´¯`·.·★·.·´¯`·.·★·.·´¯`·.·★·.· Please use the following → link ← to purchase this clip.Breast Milk ManipulationAlternative Edit
  5. Cupcakes & Whipped Cream Format: MP4 Length: 14 mins Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Size: 715 MB As seen on MTV’s True Life: I Have A Feeding Fetish Featuring: Betty Jetson The whole morning while we were shooting the only thing I could think about was the tripled chocolate pudding cupcakes with gauche frosting that I’d made for this clip. Just the thought of sinking my teeth into these delicious cupcakes was making my mouth water and my pussy get wet. As the morning faded into the afternoon my belly began to growl and I couldn’t wait any longer; I had to eat! The first bite of those delectably fattening little cakes was pure bliss! By the look on Betty’s face I knew that they felt the same. The joy that eating the cupcakes brought us was only amplified when we thought about how many calories we were eating. How every bite was going to make us even fatter than we already were! I felt sluggish after eating so many rich calorie laden cupcakes. I knew that a food coma was coming on quickly. Slowly I moved my massive body trying to position myself to be able to measure my ever growing gut. As I did a belch escaped me and Betty asked if the bed was breaking under the force of our combined weight. Thankfully it remained intact long enough to finish up our measurements. You can find this clip and many more at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. Also available in format optimized for your mobile device.