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Found 412 results

  1. I see you watching me from across the room. I can tell you can’t keep your eyes of my giant booty and you are you’re overwhelmed by the way the my thighs spill over my chair. Bet you’re trying to imagine what I have on under this dress. Come find out!
  2. These hips don’t lie, they let you know that I’m unbelievably wide these days. Basic things are becoming a challenge to navigate. Doorways are a case I point. I rarely meet one that I can navigate without some shuffling, jiggling, twisting or turning. Come have a look!
  3. Watch me struggle into my jeans from my Sophomore year of high school, which I made into cut-offs to show off way more skin. They've been in a few Big Cuties sets, & this will be my last time wearing them, because they've gotten unbearably hard to get in and out of. That means i'm doing this gaining thing right, right? My loss is your win, because you get to see me jiggle, struggle and get out of breath. You know where the magic happens, at: Did you know bigcuties has a free blog?
  4. In this update, I introduce my BigCuties members to my friend and roommate Leighton(@bbwleightonrose on Twitter & Instagram) We've lived with one another for almost a year, and I've helped fatten her up a dress size or 2 in that time. She's a cellulite covered short stack of pancakes, with tons of rolls on her body just like me... but there's a 12 inch height difference betweenus. Join to cover our rolls in your butter Join my site or just look at the free bigcuties blog and wish you were a member.
  5. 6,935 Calorie Stuffing It was time to once again challenge myself to eat more than I ever have before. To push my body to its very limit. While 6,300 calories is certainly impressive I knew that this greedy gluttonous sow could do much better! On the table before me sat large orders of toasted ravioli and mozzarella stick, an extra large BBQ chicken pizza, a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi, and a cinnamon swirl dessert pizza. I set upon the food like a mindless eating machine; bite, chew, swallow, repeat. Quickly I made my way through the toasted ravioli and moved onto the mozzarella sticks. As I neared the end of the mozzarella sticks I started to feel full. All of the cheese from the appetizers was sitting in my stomach like a rock. I began massaging my bloated gut in hopes of relieving the pressure. Gases trapped under the mountain of cheese I’d consumed erupted forth. Pushing forward I moved onto the extra large pizza. To my surprise the saltiness of the bacon and sweetness of the barbeque reinvigorated my appetite. Bite after bite I greedily shoveled it in. Towards the end of the pizza I felt my senses starting to dull. It was clear that a food coma was starting to set in. I sluggishly massaged my bloated belly. What a pig I must look like sitting here naked with BBQ sauce smeared on my face and my pendulous belly hanging between my legs. That realization in combination with my painfully stuffed stomach made my pussy dripping wet. When I get horny I get hungry! I tore into the dessert pizza. Sickly sweet bite after bite packed down into my already overfull stomach. By the end of it I was so full I could barely think! You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  6. Wanna know a secret? I have this bench tucked away in a closet and I only pull it out when I bring home a particularly agreeable type of young man. This thing is incredibly versatile and in this video I show you all the ways I like to use it. Come check it out.
  7. I just can't stop growing. I swear I just got this bikini and my huge belly won't properly fit In the bottoms. I am so fat that they keep rolling down the belly. I love showing of all this gluttonous glob of mine anyway. I bet you can guess who won this battle. What do you think of my new bikini? See this and so much more at: Free BigCuties Blog: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: bigcutieellie
  8. My sex appeal has gotten even stronger since I keep getting fatter and fatter. And Fatter 60 photos of my adorable growing body in a black lace nightie given to me by Jae This set is just photos, but part 2 which is already up on my site right now, is a skinny girl Squashing video with Petra. Check out both updates!: Join my website at: Free bigcuties blog: Follow me | Twitter: Follow me | Instagram:
  9. Supersized Body Tour I am getting so fat that the word fat doesn’t even adequately describe me anymore. Technically speaking I’m super morbidly obese. I feel like even that classification doesn’t do this immense body justice . Super morbidly obese people are generally people with a BMI in the range of 50 to 60. I’m way past that! I’m simply massive; you can grab a handful of fat pretty much anywhere on my body. In this clip I’ll show off my enormous body from my pudgy feet to my noticeable double chin. I’ll talk about how my fat is soft and supple. Showing you how easily my fingers sink deeply into it. I can’t keep my hands off of myself. I’m in love with my supersized body. The way even the slightest movement sends ripples throughout my fat like a rock skipping over a pond. If that wasn’t enough I’ll also talk about my current gaining goals. How I’d like to see my body transform with the next 50, 75, or 100 lbs that I gain. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. Would you like to purchase a custom clip? If so, email me at [email protected] for pricing and details.
  10. Wrap dresses are the best. They skim your body, cradle your curves and leave you room to grow. This does all that plus it sways so seductively when I walk. Come watch me move in it. Plus there are some bonus squashing clips on the blog this week!
  11. You have stuffed me full and so very fat and now it is time to worship this giant belly as my belly slave. Come and fulfill my every wish and command, no matter how big or small my desire is and I have many. This ginormous belly is the boss! See this and so much more at: Free BigCuties Blog: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: bigcutieellie
  12. Trying On Lingerie In this clip I’ll squeeze my supersized body into eight different pieces of lingerie for your viewing pleasure. The lingerie came from a variety of stores. All the pieces claimed to be plus size. Watch as I struggle to fit my immense bulk into the ill fitting pieces. My soft supple fat oozing out of any burst seam, slit, or hemline to escape the restrictive fabric. My pendulous lower belly and rotund bottom peeking out of all but the largest pieces. Listen as my breathing becomes labored from exertion. It’s clear that even trying on clothing has become a chore at my size! You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  13. Ever imagined what it would be like to grab, squeeze and jiggle me? After a gigantic stuffing session I decided to laze about on my bed like a MASSIVE beached whale! Rubbing my ballooning belly I decided that my fat rolls need some special attention so asked my camera man to come and film me while he grabs, squeezes and jiggles my soft fat. I thought you would all love this video as you can imagine it is you doing this to me while I moan in pleasure!
  14. I think I defied the laws of physics squeezing myself into these pants. I was super proud of myself until I looked at the pics afterward and saw that I stretched them so much you could see right through them. Oops!
  15. Eating, Weight Domination, & Belly Play There’s nothing that I love more than throwing my weight around. I make sure that my submissives know exactly who’s in charge. There’s no better way to do that then to push a sub’s limits. In this clip I’ll seat myself upon Gentle Giant and then inform him that I’m not getting up until I eat this whole plate of brownies. After I effortlessly consume hundreds of calories I reward Gentle Giant by letting him rub my perfect ponderous paunch. Watch as his hands easily sink deeply into my soft supple flesh; expertly working my fat like a chef would dough. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  16. Velma and Daphne haven't seen each other in a while... and Velma has put on a serious amount of weight in that time. Daphne can't help but notice Velma's gotten huge! .. but she seems intrigued by Velma's larger body at the same time... This is a one of a kind set honestly. and I am so excited for this to come out! I love how much more massive I am than Daphne(Petra Love) We really created something really hot for you! And this is just one of the many more great updates I have for you. This update Includes: 75 photos (including squash/smother photos, size comparison) 8+ minute Size Comparison in character as Velma & Daphne Join here: And check out BigCuties free blog at
  17. Facesitting, Bouncing, & Jiggling I love when a submissive knows his place. Gentle Giant knows that his place is having his face used as a seat for my perfect plump pussy and substantial ass. As he lays helplessly buried under a mountain of flesh I play with my blubbery body for your viewing pleasure. Watch as my fingers easily sink deeply into my thick rolls fat showing you how soft and supple it is. That’s simply not enough, I want to really show you how flabby I am. To do so I begin to bounce to Gentle Giant’s dismay causing every inch of my body to jiggle like a cup of gelatin. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  18. Corsets make this curvaceous girl feel confined. I love the structure and lines they give making me have more curves in the right places but the happiest part of the day is when I pop out of it and my fat pours out all over. What a glorious gluttonous site when your fat goddess breaks free. It is soft rolls and massive belly rubs, wish you were here. See this and so much more at: Free BigCuties Blog: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: bigcutieellie
  19. Umm, when I made this bathing suit it actually fit. Now I’m spilling out of it from very angle. Come see!
  20. Fulfilling A Feedee’s Fantasy Featuring Bianca & Seth Baker In this clip Xutjja assumes the role of a lawyer with a dark secret. All of her life Xutjja has been obsessed with food. That obsession only amplified when she discovered the world of feederism. Afraid of what letting go all of inhibitions would do to her waistline Xutjja limits herself to one “cheat day” per a week. Glutting herself to the point where she’s barely able to breath. Her panties soaked through. She longs to exist only to bed fed and fucked like in the erotica she reads. Unbeknownst to her a couple with nefarious intentions have been stalking her every move. After watching Xutjja for some time they agree that she is the perfect candidate to be their third. Together they’ll fulfill all of Xutjja’s deepest feedist fantasties. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  21. Duo Squashing, Bouncing, & Butt Drops Featuring: BBW BonnieWhen Bonnie came to visit I couldn’t wait to introduce her to my submissive Gentle Giant. The amount of abuse this man can take is staggering. It was amazing to watch her confidence grow as she realized she really could do anything she wanted to him. In this clip we’ll squash Gentle Giant tag team style. Watch as we drop down on him with our full weight and begin bouncing. There will be no mercy here. We finish up the clip with a combined squashing of over 800 lbs!You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  22. This year I turn 25.. and in March, I will have been with BigCuties on/off for 6 years(since I was 18!) I want to let you guys know what a pleasure it has been growing, and gaining for you. The encouragement has helped me successfully put on over 200 pounds since I turned 18. I have never had plans to stop, and I still have none. I've always been a proponent of "Indulge and let my weight go wherever it takes me." and its worked well thus far.. So why not let us keep going together? I'm very honored and excited to be back with my BigCuties family. You guys are in store for some Amaaaazing updates in 2018- especially these next few months. I wish I could give you sneak peeks of everything coming out, because you guys are going to go crazy over the new, sexy content.. BUT you will just have to stick around and pay attention to the free updates( This update includes: 70 pics of my over 600 pound body 9+ minute video! *Bonus* With this first update, there's a special Members-Only blog post that has a "2012 vs 2017" compare photo. For Access to my website, join here:
  23. There are certain places where I’m guaranteed to overindulge. Come watch me fill up on my very favorite fast food.
  24. Hello EVERYONE!!! I am back better than ever. Even perfection needs time off. I was away now I am back. While I was away my beautiful darling I got tons and tons of questions. So here I am replying to all those questions I've gotten. Come and see me and here me reply to all your naughty and nice questions. Site Link: Our Blog Link: Follow me on twitter: Want to see the things I like? Check my wish list:
  25. Heather has another update for you from the lost files, and she thought you'd love to see it! She knew it was time for a weigh in, but the scale just wants to fight her on every attempt! Come watch as Heather struggles to get the scale to weigh her, and she tells you all about just how FAT she is! See this update and more at