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Found 9 results

  1. Wouldn’t you love to make Zelda your FAT pig? Bend her over on the bed, rubbing her HUGE arse and slapping it too. Then proceeding to shove endless cream cakes into her salivating mouth? She wants you to fatten her up more, even though you have already turned her into your HUGE ball of fat! Making her beg everyday for more and more, you love it and she does too. You need to fatten her up even more, make her more unrecognizable. Link will never even know it’s her! Bon x
  2. Wouldn’t you LOVE this chunky cowgirl to ride you? Climbing on your lap, seeing my belly hang and slap against you as I sat on top of you. Feeling and seeing me jiggle from every little movement I make, sliding your hands across my soft skin and digging your fingers into my doughy, squidgy belly. I am sure you would never want me to get off you, haha or maybe you would when you feel like your lungs are bursting for air!Come watch as I get fed loads of fattening cream cakes as my volunteer jiggles and grabs my ballooning belly. I loved grinding against him, I could feel that he was as excited as me in this video, just wish I would have had more food!
  3. I went out before I filmed this video and stuffed a tremendous amount of food! I went to an Indian restaurant and ordered twice as much as usual! My belly was ridiculously HUGE after and I found it difficult to waddle back to my hotel with it weighing me down. It felt amazing to be so stuffed and I felt so sexy too with my massive belly protruding out, shirt buttons visibly straining against it. When I got back to the hotel I just had to show it off and tell you what a greedy girl I was and how much it turned me on to be publicly stuffing. Bonnie xxx
  4. I thought it was about time I spoiled you all with another feeding video. Stuffing and feeding sets are always my most favourites, especially when they are combined! I love to be on top of someone, pinning them down with all my weight. See them grab, jiggle and play with all my mounds of fat, while their other hand shoves endless fattening treats into my awaiting mouth. It is just so sexy! To have a feeder constantly fattening me up, intent on helping me grow into a bigger, FATTER ball Bonnie x0x0x
  5. As you ALL know, comparison sets are ALWAYS my absolute favourites as they truly show off the results of my constant gluttonous ways! I love to compare how many more fat rolls I have, how much larger my belly has grown and how much thicker and wider I appear. It's so HOT to look back at a chubby me, a me that I once thought was so FAT, to now think- 'WOW I was so skinny back then!' Haha, I cannot wait until I will look back at the me now & think the exact same! I stuff myself full of carrot cake in my video, all those delicious calories helping to make me even FATTER than I am now. If you LOVE comparison sets, then this is one for you! Bonnie x0x0x
  6. This is a fantasy I have had for a very long time & as it’s something that arouses me so much, I decided to play it out for you all to enjoy too! A fatty determined to lose weight as her clothes are now far too small, although still secretly loving her fat rolls, jiggling body & wide girth, decides to exercise in an attempt to get fit. However, she soon gets very tired & notices some fattening treats on the floor. Unable to resist the temptation she stuffs herself with donuts & begins to realise how much her fat belly & stuffing her fat face turns her on! Bonnie x0x0x
  7. Here is finally is, my long awaited weigh in set! Sorry it has been so long! Finally got some new scales, ones that I didn’t break this time too! I was extremely pleased with the result-such a HUGE turn on to think of how flabulously fat I am growing, with no intentions to stop just yet! After my weigh in I just has to stuff myself on some cream cakes! Now that I had seen the results of all my recent stuffings, I couldn’t resist but to shove more fattening food into my mouth. I am going to keep on gorging constantly until I gain even more delicious fat rolls! Hope you were as pleased with the number as I was! Bonnie x0x0
  8. As there has been a delay in posting a weigh in video to my blog (as promised) I decided to post this little mini set to compensate for the lateness. Watch this gorging feedee stuffing on all fours like a fat insatiable pig while being slapped and dominated by her feeder. This video was really fucking HOT! Bonnie x0x0x
  9. I love nothing more than squeezing my fat self into my tiny old clothes (as I'm sure many of you know!) So I was ecstatic when I randomly found a pair of my old black tights and jeggings from years ago! When I last wore these I would have been around 10-12 stone (140-168 lbs) and as I have more than doubled that, I couldn't wait to struggle into them! Of course as you can imagine my thick thighs were bursting out against the seams, so much so, that there were many rips and tears! Although, I must admit, I was extremely happy about that! It felt so erotically hot to feel the tight material straining against my fat arse and chunky thighs! I could feel it against me getting tighter and tighter before feeling my fat rolls escaping the seams! I hope you love all my huffing and puffing as I struggle into A size 10 and with my size 26/28 legs that is NOT easy! However, it is and was seriously HOT! Bonnie x0x0x