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Found 61 results

  1. You wouldn't just expect a regular stuffing from me, right? 3 pounds of food and 2 large cokes from McDonald's... this is probably the hardest stuffing I've ever done, and you can truly see it on my face throughout the video as I eat. I start out eating quickly cause i'm excited, and then I slowly decline in speed, as my belly becomes painfully full but I continue taking bites, trying to block out how full I am. This is what true stuffing is about. pushing one's self.. until you can't take another bite. I loved it, even if my face at the end may have said different Lol. My belly was pleased, and so was my waistline! Join my website to see all 25+ minutes! To see all the models, take a look at
  2. It's no secret that I am a total dessert person and when I'm out I often like to take my dessert home so I can enjoy it properly. This time I got myself a nice, thick piece of tiramisu cheesecake and I want you to generously feed it to me, only stopping to grab my soft, stuffed belly. It's a huge slice, but I know if we work together a girl my size can handle it!xoxo,RubySee this set and more at me on tumblr all the BigCuties at
  3. Speed Stuffing & After Stuffing Burps When the hunger takes hold I’m completely within its grip. In that moment there’s only one thing that matters to me, eating. Every minute that passes without gorging myself is sheer agony. By the time my delivery order arrived I could barely think straight. I opened a box and greedily shoved it contents into my wanting mouth. Bite after frantic bite I attempted to satiate the gnawing hunger within me. In about ten minutes I’d ate my way through over 3,700 calories. That’s nearly two days worth of recommended calories for an average adult female. I’d eaten far too quickly but I couldn’t have stopped myself. I lack the sheer willpower needed to overcome such hunger. I’m a slave to its desires. The warmth of the food had caused my sinuses to run. I wiped the grease from my fingers and then blew my nose. (I normally would edit this portion out but I wanted to show what my unbridled glutton does to me.) I felt the gas building in my overstuffed and painfully stretched stomached. I took another gulp of soda hoping the carbonation would help to bring it up. A series of burps erupted from me. The expulsion of gas had made room in my painfully full stomach but I couldn’t leave well enough alone. There was still a chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie. I had began to salivate thinking about eating it. I couldn’t stop myself from taking a bite. The taste had made me moan with pleasure. There was no stopping now. My stomach ached as I took the last bite. I chugged the rest of the soda hoping it would calm my gurgling gut. It seemed that only more burping would do that. Eating Till Orgasm I couldn't stop now even if I wanted to. I'm addicted; a slave to my nearly insatiable hunger. I just ate enough food to feed three adult men. I should be full. No, I am full. Yet, I want more. As I bite into the calorie laden lava cake a moan escapes my lips. They're so decadent. It's almost as if I can feel myself getting fatter with each bite. That makes my perfect plump pussy even more wet. I truly am more sow than woman. Only a pig would get soaking wet from glutting themselves on such fattening food. My arousal consumes me. I release my massive mammeries from their lacy confines. As my fingers brush past my nipples they begin to harden. I squeeze my soft supple breasts and watch as my fingers sink in deeply. My hand moves downward to grab a the roll of fat at the top of my double belly. It's gotten so very thick. I sink my fingers into my belly fat, squeeze, and then shake. The motion reminds me that my stomach is painfully full. The sensation is overwhelming. I can't take it anymore. I need to make myself cum. I awkwardly position my bloated body to allow me to insert the vibrator. Another moan escapes my lips as it goes in. I lazily move the toy in and out of my dripping wet pussy. It's getting hard to reach around my big blubbery belly. Thankfully between my vast thighs and fat pussy I can hold the toy in place without using my hand. I sit up right and start to ride it. Within moments the minor exertion has me panting. It's obscene how out of shape I am. My free hand grabs at fattest parts of my body. I can't help but touch myself. I'm obsessed with my own blob-like body. I lean back once more and turn the toy on high. Thrusting it in and out as quickly as I can. I'm exhausted but I'm getting close. I just need something more! I grab a hand pie from the shelf and shove it into my mouth. The sweet taste pushes me over the edge and I orgasm over and over. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  4. Santa isn't the only one who likes to indulge and I just couldn't help myself with these chunky chocolate chip cookies - it's no wonder my belly has grown as big as it has! Check me out in my sexy, festive outfit sneaking a midnight snack... I hope I don't wind up on the Naughty List! xoxo, Ruby See this set and more at Follow me on tumblr See all the BigCuties at
  5. Part One: Your Girlfriend Got Really Fat It's almost been six months since you've seen your gorgeous girlfriend. You can't wait to get your hands on her deliciously fat body. As she opened the door to let you in you are shocked by what you see. She must've put on at least 100 lbs while you were away! She clearly is no longer the 3X/4X plumper you remember. It now looks like she's easily pushing 5X/6X. You try to pick your jaw up off of the floor before she notices your reaction and stammer a suitable greeting. She comes in for a hug and you feel the plushness of her new supersized body. She's become so fat that you can no longer get your arms around her. You feel a tightness in your pants and shift awkwardly. She tells you that she was just about to get in the shower. As she turns to walk away from you, you notice that her walk has turned into a waddle. You exhale deeply and try to center yourself. You now understand why she was spending so much money while you were away. In your absence she must've spent her time gorging herself on take away and binge watching Netflix. You go into the bedroom and pick out two of your favorite tops of hers. You loved the way that these used to hug her curves. What would they look like on her now? Digging through the drawers you find what she used to call her "fat pants" and smile to yourself. You lay the clothes out on the bed for her. As you turn to sit in the lounge chair and wait for her to come out of the bathroom you notice her phone. Curiosity gets the better of you. Checking her search history you see that she's been on various feederism websites. That explains that! As she waddles into the room you notice that the bra and panties that she's wearing fit fairly well; they must be new. Seeing her like this you're able to assess the damage that she's done to herself. She's a lot wider than she used to be. As she turns sideways you notice that her ass juts forth from her body a good foot. Her belly hangs heavily down past her vagina. Fuck, she must've been a real pig when you were away! She's shyly asking you a question about the clothing that you laid out for her. She looks a bit embarrassed. You're going to enjoy this. Part Two: Eating 12 Donuts & Drinking 6 Cups of Heavy Cream Watching your supersized girlfriend struggle to fit into her old 3X/4X clothing has your cock hard as a rock. The only thing that would make this night better would be seeing her eat her way out of them. Your cock twitches as you think of what your supersized girlfriend would look like even fatter. Finding out that your girlfriend is into weight gain is like a dream come true. You pull her close and tell her that you want to see her eat until these seams burst. She's reluctant at first but eventually agrees. You can tell that she's just being coy and that she's as excited as you are to do this. You go into the kitchen and retrieve a dozen glazed donuts and a large container of heavy cream. You're going to show her what it means to truly indulge. You can't help but smirk when you see her sitting on the bed. She looks like a tightly packed sausage ready to burst from its casing. You set the donuts down on the bed next to her. Carefully you pour three cups of heavy cream into a container and set it down on the floor next to her. You look at her sternly and tell her that you're not going to let her cum until she eats all of the donuts and drinks the cream. Part Three: Trying To Masturbate While Stuffed You're shocked that your girlfriend was actually able to eat a dozen donuts and drink six cups of heavy cream without getting sick. As you watch her eyes start to glaze over it's clear that she didn't make it out completely unscathed. She looks at you as she moans and slowly rubs her painfully distended stomach. Her voice is breathy as she tells you that she can't believe you made her eat a dozen donuts. Your pants feel painfully tight. You're so turned on by the fact that she's out of breath from glutting herself. You smirk to yourself as you have brilliant idea. You're going to make this overfed stuffed sow masturbate for your viewing pleasure. You can't wait to see how she maneuvers her new supersized body. Can she even reach her pussy? You can find these clips and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  6. If you saw my last weigh in, you know I've finally hit a big milestone. Naturally, I decided to treat myself with my favorite celebratory dessert - a chocolatey, crunchy ice cream cake! I forgot to grab a spoon but of course I didn't let that stop me... Watch me make quite the mess as this sweet, creamy cake starts to melt and drip all over my ever-growing fat body! xoxo, Ruby See this set and more at Follow me on tumblr See all the BigCuties at
  7. Gorging Myself Fatter Featuring: Bianca Baker My eyes were instantly draw away from Bianca’s lithe body and to the large platter that she held. I saw piled upon it all of my favorite foods; there was six pieces of toast with cream cheese and blueberry jam, scrambled eggs smothered in cheddar cheese, and what looked to be a whole pound of thick cut bacon! Almost simultaneously my mouth started to salivate and my pussy started to get moist. Despite the proximity of Bianca’s nearly naked body all I could think about was gorging myself. An all consuming need had me in its grip. I needed to glut myself to the point where my stomach was stretched in agony. The sultry seductress at my side was ready to enable my addiction. She brought the first bite to my lips. The taste of the food made me moan in pleasure. Bianca handed me the fork and instructed me to eat. She wanted to watch as the last remnants of my willpower melted away leaving only a insatiable sow in its wake; a hungry pig ready to greedily devour every last morsel on the plate. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in MP4 mobile and WMV.
  8. Fattening Seth As a female feeder Bianca loves her husband’s recent weight gain. Although that meager amount of fat on his midsection simply isn’t enough. She wants to see him grow until his belly sags heavily over his lap. Until his gluttony brings him to the point that his hips are so embarrassingly wide that he can’t sit down in most chairs. She longs to see him struggle with the most basic tasks; to see him panting like a dog in the summer from the exertion of getting up off of the couch. Finally his body is so packed with fat all he can do is sit there covered in sweat begging her to reach under his ponderous gut and dig through the soft fat to find his hard cock. To get to that point she knows that she’ll need assistance. Who better than a fatty to help make someone fatter? You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  9. Catch me lounging in my little French-themed crop top and panties while stuffing my mouth full of delicious cream filled treats! xoxo, Ruby See this set and more at Follow me on tumblr See all the BigCuties at
  10. It’s time for a pizza party! I recently discovered these freezer pizzas that are SO delicious. I also learned that I can eat one of them without a problem, so I thought I would challenge myself with two. It looked like it was going to be easy but as I was eating I just kept getting fuller and fuller….I thought I was going to explode! It seems like my eyes are always bigger than my stomach! PS - If you haven’t checked out my Member’s Only blog recently you’re missing out on recaps of my cruise! I talk about travel/flying, the cruise itself and next week I talk about all of the food I ate! My Website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me: Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
  11. Happy 4th of July! I hope you had a great day celebrating and eating delicious food, I know I did. In this video I celebrate with hot dogs, white castles (I didn’t have normal burgers) and potato salad. I ate so much that I could barely move at the end! Make sure you check out my member’s only blog where I posted a video about how full I was. My Website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me: Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
  12. When I was a little girl into teenagehood, late night snacking got me into tons of trouble. I'd eat a plate and a half of food at dinner, and then go into the refrigerator after my mom had gone to sleep. . I swear my mom threatened me for years, about putting a chain and padlock on the fridge. Lol she never went through with it.. and look at me now Little did she know that I'd ever be this huge.. In the video for this set, I stuff my face with hostess cupcakes in the kitchen. Check out all 136 updates, including this one, at Join my website at: Free BigCutie blog: Follow me on Snapchat! ssbbwbrianna - message me for info on becoming a paid member of my Premium Snapchat,where you get sexy goodies daily/weekly.
  13. So You Want To Get Fat? I've seen the way that you look at me. I can tell that you're not only attracted to me, you want to be me. You want a body like me. You're envious of the thick layer of fat that covers my body from head to toe. You want to have a big blubbery belly of your own. You want to take up space like I do. To see yourself spread out to engulf multiple seats when you sit down. You yearn for that, don't you? You want to be a big greedy piggy just like me. I've seen the way that you look at food. It's almost sexual. You lust for it the way that you lust after my big fat body. You want to let go of all of your inhibitions and just eat, and eat, and eat. I'm here to tell you that, it's ok. I want to that for you too. I want to see you let go completely. Embrace your inner pig and eat for me! You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This clip is also available in WMV and MP4 mobile formats. ----------------------------------------------- I love creating custom content. As an open minded individual I cater to a wide variety of kinks. Did I pique your interest? If so, email me at [email protected] for pricing and details.
  14. check me out in some tight lingerie indulging in my favorite guilty pleasure, a lovely cheese pizza, just for me! xoxo, Ruby See this set and more at Follow me on tumblr See all the BigCuties at
  15. Tacos are one of my favorite things to eat. I was home alone one night and decided to make a ton of them and stuff myself. I haven’t eaten this many tacos in awhile so I didn’t know how full I would feel, but at the end I was so stuffed! Just thinking about how delicious they were makes me want some more... My Website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me: Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
  16. I have this hunger lately that is unstoppable. I am so huge and fat and all I want to do is eat! Today I ordered takeout from a Vietnamese place. It was enough for 3 meals and I scarfed it down like a little piggy. It was so good and made me really happy. You should join in on all of the fat stuffing fun! See this and so much more at: Free BigCuties Blog: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: bigcutieellie
  17. 6,935 Calorie Stuffing It was time to once again challenge myself to eat more than I ever have before. To push my body to its very limit. While 6,300 calories is certainly impressive I knew that this greedy gluttonous sow could do much better! On the table before me sat large orders of toasted ravioli and mozzarella stick, an extra large BBQ chicken pizza, a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi, and a cinnamon swirl dessert pizza. I set upon the food like a mindless eating machine; bite, chew, swallow, repeat. Quickly I made my way through the toasted ravioli and moved onto the mozzarella sticks. As I neared the end of the mozzarella sticks I started to feel full. All of the cheese from the appetizers was sitting in my stomach like a rock. I began massaging my bloated gut in hopes of relieving the pressure. Gases trapped under the mountain of cheese I’d consumed erupted forth. Pushing forward I moved onto the extra large pizza. To my surprise the saltiness of the bacon and sweetness of the barbeque reinvigorated my appetite. Bite after bite I greedily shoveled it in. Towards the end of the pizza I felt my senses starting to dull. It was clear that a food coma was starting to set in. I sluggishly massaged my bloated belly. What a pig I must look like sitting here naked with BBQ sauce smeared on my face and my pendulous belly hanging between my legs. That realization in combination with my painfully stuffed stomach made my pussy dripping wet. When I get horny I get hungry! I tore into the dessert pizza. Sickly sweet bite after bite packed down into my already overfull stomach. By the end of it I was so full I could barely think! You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  18. usually i prefer to eat my food rather than play with it, but whipped cream is too fun to resist! check me out stuffing my mouth with big, juicy strawberries and squirting it full of sweet whipped cream - it might have gotten a little messy! xxoo, Ruby See this set and more at me on tumblr all the BigCuties at
  19. I bet you never thought you’d see a peanut butter and jelly sandwich stuffing, did you? This is one of my favorite snacks and one that I ate a lot when I first started gaining. Although there aren’t a ton of calories in it it helped me gain a lot because it was something easy to hide in my bedroom or sneak out of the kitchen if my parents were around. For this video I ate 5 sandwiches, which is the most I’ve ever eaten at once and I was so stuffed at the end! My Website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me: Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
  20. Eating, Weight Domination, & Belly Play There’s nothing that I love more than throwing my weight around. I make sure that my submissives know exactly who’s in charge. There’s no better way to do that then to push a sub’s limits. In this clip I’ll seat myself upon Gentle Giant and then inform him that I’m not getting up until I eat this whole plate of brownies. After I effortlessly consume hundreds of calories I reward Gentle Giant by letting him rub my perfect ponderous paunch. Watch as his hands easily sink deeply into my soft supple flesh; expertly working my fat like a chef would dough. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  21. There are certain places where I’m guaranteed to overindulge. Come watch me fill up on my very favorite fast food.
  22. We have another update for you from the chubby and bubbly Zelda over at Bonanza!! She's got a bag full of her favorites from McDonald's, and she's gonna stuff her face in her undies, come check her out! See this set and many other models over at
  23. Margot loves getting a pile of fattening treats and cuddling up! She's got some sticky sweet cake pops, and she'd love a helping hand...once that belly is full, she sure could use some belly rubs! See this update and more at
  24. I have been incredibly lazy lately and loving every minute of it. Today I didn't even want to get out of bed but my rumbling belly was telling me I needed to go get food, so I called for a delivery and jumped back into bed with it Come join me as I tuck into this big delicious breakfast. I might not be one for sharing food, but I'll share the pleasure See the full video now at And visit the Big Cuties blog Holly
  25. When I was younger I use to have waffles and ice cream for breakfast as a special treat. Now that I’m an adult I can have it anytime I want, and I do! So that’s exactly what I did in this video and it was delicious! PS- I update my members only blog weekly so be sure to check it out for extra pictures, videos, vlogs and just fun things! My Website: The BigCuties Blog: Love, Cherries Follow Me: Free SnapChat: heyitscherries