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Found 31 results

  1. Some girls want flowers and candy for Valentine’s Day, not me. I want something a little more personal: you under me for as long as I’d like. Come have a look!
  2. Savory is better than sweet. Forever. Fight me. Every now and then though a delicious sweet thing pops up on my radar. This time I found one that is so delicious that I considered becoming a convert. I found the mother of all ice cream sandwiches recently. It’s sweet, rich, buttery, and oh so creamy. I can never stop eating them until the whole box is gone. Come watch!
  3. I’m wearing my favorite thing: next to nothing. I actually doesn’t matter what I wear is lately, my fat just overwhelms everything. My shirts all roll up like window shades. My bottoms are hopeless. I stretch my pants to the point ripping and when I skip the pants all together, like I did here, my fat rolls just absorb and obscure my panties. I’m sure you don’t mind
  4. I’m sure you’re noticed that I’m massive right now, like truly huge. So it seems impossible that I could get any bigger… right? Well, I was shook when I saw the scale and the tape measure this time. You may be too. Come have a look
  5. Booty Queen over eighteen. She had some trouble wedging herself into this outfit… I’m all about my cute little skin tight outfit but as usual I think I look better with it off than on Come be my own little Adam Levine and help me out of it?
  6. Y’all. I’m doing squats. You can probably tell by looking at me that exercise isn’t my main hobby, but today I thought I’d give it a try. Maybe you can help me with my form? Come have a look!
  7. Remember when I told you that I had my own personal squashing bench? Wanna see what I do with it? Come have a look!
  8. One hot day in a desperate effort to cool down I filled a couple hundred water balloons and called BigCutie Sadie. Things got wet and weird immediately. Come have a look!
  9. This is my magic dress. I’ve had it for a like 10 years (and a couple of hundred pounds) and it just keeps growing with me. I used to wear it everywhere but I’ve stretched it out so far now that my crotch peeks out of the front and it’s obscenely short in the back. I just can’t quit it and I know though, and I know you won’t mind me stretching it to capacity. Come have a look! Oh! Check out the my blog for a fun pic of me (and a couple of other BigCuties) wearing this when it was a bit looser.
  10. Too tight is an understatement here. This thing is the size I have been wearing for a while, but I had to fight tooth and nail to try to get it around my enormous thighs. Come have a look!
  11. I don’t know which one feels better: my overabundance of baby soft skin or these silky sheets. I could not resist stripping down and slipping into these as soon as I saw them. Come check it out!
  12. Enormous and flexible? Staying massively fat is easy, just add snacks. Staying huge and bendy enough to make a study young man shed a tear, that takes a bit more work. Come have a look
  13. I see you watching me from across the room. I can tell you can’t keep your eyes of my giant booty and you are you’re overwhelmed by the way the my thighs spill over my chair. Bet you’re trying to imagine what I have on under this dress. Come find out!
  14. These hips don’t lie, they let you know that I’m unbelievably wide these days. Basic things are becoming a challenge to navigate. Doorways are a case I point. I rarely meet one that I can navigate without some shuffling, jiggling, twisting or turning. Come have a look!
  15. Wanna know a secret? I have this bench tucked away in a closet and I only pull it out when I bring home a particularly agreeable type of young man. This thing is incredibly versatile and in this video I show you all the ways I like to use it. Come check it out.
  16. Wrap dresses are the best. They skim your body, cradle your curves and leave you room to grow. This does all that plus it sways so seductively when I walk. Come watch me move in it. Plus there are some bonus squashing clips on the blog this week!
  17. I think I defied the laws of physics squeezing myself into these pants. I was super proud of myself until I looked at the pics afterward and saw that I stretched them so much you could see right through them. Oops!
  18. They say horizontal stripes make you look wider. Is that true? Does my butt look big in these?
  19. Ever wonder what it’s like to be under me? To have my massive thighs dwarf your torso? To not be able to see anything other than my giant booty coming right at you? Then you shouldn’t miss this!
  20. I’ve gained so much weight that you think these boys would know better than to keep coming back. I was 4X his weight the first round, now that I’m even bigger Flat Jack is struggling harder than ever to make it.
  21. Let’s be honest, I could tell you how this way-too-tight orange dress has been my favorite thing to wear this fall. Or I could tell you how I love how enormous my already giant thighs are looking these days, but every time I look at this preview all I can think is: dat ass! Come check it out.
  22. I’ve been flirting with a a huge number for a while now. My 6ft frame has been filling out pretty steadily since forever. Do you think a summer of magnificently decadent eating and not doing much more than lounging around the pool has finally pushed me into a new weight class? Do you think I weight 600lbs?!? Only one way to find out…
  23. Getting all this ass into a pair of panties sometimes feels like a wrestling match. Sure, they look cute but you have no idea how tight these panties are. If they’re not rolling down off my belly they’re burrowing in deep to give me a wedgie. Come see how close they fit.
  24. Once I know they can take it, I can really have my way with them. Come watch how much I put this kid through.
  25. I thought I could pull off wearing a catsuit but who was I kidding? Come see my titanic thighs and massive booty stretch this thing way beyond it’s max.