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Found 10 results

  1. Look at me. Look how fat I am now. These old clothes of mine do not even fit anymore. I couldn’t wear these to the gym even IF I wanted to (Haha but like I even go to the gym!) I’m such a HUGE blob these days! Come watch me as I struggle into my old exercise clothes. Can you imagine if I actually went to the gym wearing these? My rolls of fat over flowing and hanging out for all to see. Jiggling crazily while I attempted to walk on the treadmill, we all know I’m not even going to attempt to run, I’m far too fat for that now! I doubt I could even try or 5 seconds!!! I am just too lazy, practically living as though I were immobile on some days. I just laze about and stuff and stuff. I did love squeezing back into these old clothes though, as it is very sexy to see just how far I have come. Bon x
  2. It has been a couple of years since I last put this costume on (the previous video is on my members blog as a bonus if you want to check it out!) & I cannot believe how much tighter it is on me now! It was such a struggle to drag it up over my fat thighs, the material was digging into all my fat and once I had managed to pull it up, I then had the struggle to get it over my HUGE arse and belly too! As I pulled and pulled I could hear tiny ripping sounds, but I ignored it and continued to yank it up over my arse, breathing heavily as I did so because it was absolutely exhausting!! Haha and I’m also extremely unfit too!! When I had managed to pull it up over my hips I looked down and to my shock I saw holes in the costume. My fat had burst out through it!! That didn’t ever happen before! I also could not pull it up over my boobs at all! The comparison to when I wore it last was so utterly sexy! It aroused me so much! Hope you feel the same! <—— Link to my previous video where I struggled into it! Bon x
  3. I bought this costume a few months ago and although it was tight, I could just manage to squeeze into it. Of course, as you all know, I am VERY greedy and never satisfied when it comes to stuffing lots of food, so I have gained more weight since I last forced myself into it. I wanted to delight you all with my breathless struggles as I heaved my flabby body into this swimsuit. I really had to stuff my belly into it, grabbing my fat rolls and pushing them into the confinements of the material and it was really hard! With every little tug I could hear tearing noises and I even saw a little hole appear as my belly was already trying to burst out of it! It felt so sexy just knowing that only a few months before it was so much easier to get into, I really am out of control when it comes to my gaining! Bon xx
  4. These hips don’t lie, they let you know that I’m unbelievably wide these days. Basic things are becoming a challenge to navigate. Doorways are a case I point. I rarely meet one that I can navigate without some shuffling, jiggling, twisting or turning. Come have a look!
  5. For a while now I have been learning how to drive, but recently I noticed that I am beginning to outgrow my instructors car! When I first started to learn I fitted snuggly in the car. My thighs were overflowing over my seat near the gears, however now my fat thighs spill out onto them! The seat belt no longer fits, I had to buy a seat belt extender and my belly rests on the wheel now too! I keep putting my seat further back, but now I am at the point where if I push it back even further my feet will not reach the pedals!! My instructor is so shocked about my weight gain!! I just have no control over my gaining. It’s so incredibly sexy to think I am outgrowing cars! Bonnie x0x
  6. You left your sweatshirt at my place, and I just had to put it on, I was missing you! Of course it doesn’t fit me, but it sure is hot to see me squeezed into it! See this set and more at
  7. I invited Ellie out to the backyard to play a little jumprope. Only there was nothing little about our game. Come watch our giant bellies bounce as we hop around in our too tight jeans. See this update and more over at
  8. I had previously filmed a video struggling into these tiny clothes. However, I then misplaced it and assuming it to be lost forever, I decided to re-do the set once again about 6 weeks later. I was SHOCKED how much more of a struggle it was to squeeze into the tiny clothes now! I had obviously gained even more weight since then and was pondering on this when I unexpectedly came across the previous lost video. I was ECSTATIC to find it and couldn't wait to compare the two together. I was so aroused to see the BIG difference a few weeks made. How I ripped and tore the leggings even more than I did previously before. How I could not even squeeze my fatter arse into the bodysuit, although I just about managed to stuff myself in it before. I am getting wider, accumulating more fat rolls, my body is becoming more and more soft & jiggly- while I am absolutely loving it every step, or should I say waddle, of the way! Bonnie x0x0x
  9. Thank god you came along! I was to fat to fit in the last couple of cars that came by, but yours looks like it will work just fine. You mind if I try and squeeze into your backseat?
  10. Brianna is experiencing quite the tight squeeze these days when she drives her car, and she knew you'd love to see it! Watch as she wiggles in behind the wheel, and shows you just how massive she is! See this update and more at