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Found 87 results

  1. Look at me. Look how fat I am now. These old clothes of mine do not even fit anymore. I couldn’t wear these to the gym even IF I wanted to (Haha but like I even go to the gym!) I’m such a HUGE blob these days! Come watch me as I struggle into my old exercise clothes. Can you imagine if I actually went to the gym wearing these? My rolls of fat over flowing and hanging out for all to see. Jiggling crazily while I attempted to walk on the treadmill, we all know I’m not even going to attempt to run, I’m far too fat for that now! I doubt I could even try or 5 seconds!!! I am just too lazy, practically living as though I were immobile on some days. I just laze about and stuff and stuff. I did love squeezing back into these old clothes though, as it is very sexy to see just how far I have come. Bon x
  2. This is one of my most biggest fantasies! So I decided to role-play in this video to show it to all of you! Since you have been away at work your maid hasn’t been bothering to clean. In fact instead of cleaning your house, she has been raiding your fridge and stuffing all your food, lazing about on the sofa eating junk and doing as little work as possible! Now due to her lazy days and gorging relentlessly on food, she has started to notice her uniform getting a little snug, but is in complete denial and decides that it must have accidentally shrunk in the wash. No way had she gained weight! Suddenly hearing the keys rattling in the door she quickly started to clean, upon seeing her you are shocked and amazed! There she was bursting out of her uniform, at least 3 stone heavier than when you last saw her! You couldn’t wait to entice her over to the bed so you could explore all her new fat rolls! Bon x
  3. As you all know, stuffing arouses me so much!! I get so horny when I stuff loads of food and feel my sexiest when my belly is all tight and bloated. When it looks HUGE from all the food, like I have swallowed a massive beach ball. It is just so hot! So after going to the McDonald’s drive thru (something I do ALL the time!) I was so horny! First I ate 4 large meals and as I still wasn’t satisfied, I went back to the drive thru and ordered more food again! Another 2 meals plus a muffin and 3 donuts! After all that, my jeans were digging into my fat belly and I couldn’t wait to get them off! Laying on the bed I rubbed my ballooning belly while I talked about how aroused I was from all that food and how I still wanted to eat even more!
  4. The one you have all been waiting for... my weigh in! It has been a while, and i'll give you all the details in the video, you don't want to miss this one! xoxo Chloe SUBSCRIBE TO MY SITE -----> SNAPCHAT ------> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG ------->
  5. Yay! My favorite day is here again, a new update is here!! I just had to show off this shirt once I got it, don't I make it look good? I'm practically bulging out of it! Come see for yourself in my latest set! xoxox Chloe WEBSITE ----> SNAPCHAT-----> bigcutiechloe BIG CUTIES BLOG--->
  6. It has been a very long summer and I haven’t stopped eating. I have been such a greedy, fat piggy and have suddenly ballooned!! You have’t seen me at school for only a couple of months but already there is a HUGE difference in my weight! You noticed it immediately when you saw me, like everyone else!After months of non stop stuffing, where I have been gorging on ice cream, cookies, cakes and fattening takeaways, it has transformed me into a fat pig, the skinny girl I once was has now disappeared!On the day that the holidays were over I reached for my my uniform and found that it is now too small!! I could not believe it! I haven’t been eating that much…have i?!Have I really gained so much weight in such a short period of time due to my laziness and pure gluttony? No…I cannot believe it!However, my shirt is now very tight around my flabby arms, digging into all my fat and is so tight across my belly that it is more like a crop top, than a normal shirt! I cannot even button it up over my boobs and my skirt is also very tight and as my belly has ballooned outwards and my arse has also grown much fatter, the skirt rides up higher and barely covers me!! I am so HUGE now after only 3 month of stuffing!! I am certain I will no longer fit in my desk too! x
  7. I just do not feel fat enough…i want to be so much FATTER! I constantly gaze at myself in the mirror, my eyes taking in my hanging belly, my flabby arms and forever growing rolls. Even though I can see that I am indeed VERY fat, I still am not satisfied. This fat body of mine is just not big enough for me!! I have to gain more and be even fatter. I honestly do not know if I will ever feel like I am fat enough, I surpass my gaining goals continuously, always telling myself I will just gain a little more, just a few more fat rolls and then it will be enough, but It never is though! Check out my NEW update!! Bon x
  8. hey guys! I can now honestly say I have no idea how to work out anymore, and I have NO desire to! This was hilarious for me because I can barely even balance on this exercise ball, let alone "work out" with it! definitely don't want to miss this one xoxo Chloe SUBSCRIBE ------>> SNAPCHAT ----->>> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG ---->>
  9. It really has been far too long since I jumped on the scales! I have wanted to do a weigh in video for so long now, since I have felt myself growing fatter & FATTER. I can constantly feel my belly weighing me more down as I walk and my fat rolls jiggling more as they grow bigger. My thighs are forever rubbing together now and I can see new arm rolls starting to appear. My face also is chubbier! Have you noticed that?! How my cheeks are fatter like a hamster and my double chin is beginning to hide my neck too. Soon I will no longer have one! I cannot believe how close I am to my old gaining goal! I always thought I would stop when I reached it, but now as I am almost there, you and I both know that my gaining will continue. I am far too addicted to fat and stuffing myself constantly that I could never give it up!! Bon x
  10. Don’t you think I look so much fatter in this body stocking now? It has been a while since i wore it last and I can really notice how much my belly and thighs have grown since then, especially my belly!! It is enormous now and hangs even lower than it did before. Luckily this stocking is ridiculously stretchy, otherwise I would have had no hope fitting into it! I loved rubbing my belly over the fishnet material, seeing my fat poking out through the holes, it was just so sexy! In my video I share with you all how much it turns me on to look at old photos of myself in this stocking, compared to me in it now. How much it arousing me…ALWAYS! How I hope to one day outgrow it too, would LOVE to be so fat that I burst out of it! Ultimate fantasy! Bonnie x
  11. I bought this costume a few months ago and although it was tight, I could just manage to squeeze into it. Of course, as you all know, I am VERY greedy and never satisfied when it comes to stuffing lots of food, so I have gained more weight since I last forced myself into it. I wanted to delight you all with my breathless struggles as I heaved my flabby body into this swimsuit. I really had to stuff my belly into it, grabbing my fat rolls and pushing them into the confinements of the material and it was really hard! With every little tug I could hear tearing noises and I even saw a little hole appear as my belly was already trying to burst out of it! It felt so sexy just knowing that only a few months before it was so much easier to get into, I really am out of control when it comes to my gaining! Bon xx
  12. I love nothing more than to publicly stuff. To fill my belly with as much food as possible, to be unashamedly greedy and gluttonous while others look on in utter shock. To see a fat girl in a tiny crop top, stuffed belly hanging out as she walks through the buffet piling two plates high, breathless already from all the food consumed. To think what others must think of me, I found it so arousing!! My jeans were already getting tight but after stuffing I really noticed a BIG difference! They were cutting into my swollen belly. I leant back on the chair and rubbed my belly as i stuffed even more food, I even lifted my top higher to expose it more at times. I could see others staring and I loved it! It felt so naughty, being so publicly greedy! Hope you enjoy this video! Bonnie xxx
  13. I am such a greedy, gluttonous fat pig! Look at how tight this school uniform is on me! Can you see how stretched out it is? How my fat belly strains against the material, how the skirt digs into my fat rolls as it is far too tight for me now! I just have had no control when it comes to my overeating recently, I feel like I want to be stuffed, my belly ballooning constantly! I want to feel so stuffed everyday to the point it is painful. I am so addicted to stuffing as much food as possible and continuously want to set myself challenges where I eat more than the previous time. I want to consume so much food that even I am shocked by my stuffing abilities! I really have no self control…I will continue to overeat and gain until I completely burst out of this school uniform. Wouldn’t you love to see that happen? Bon x Bon x
  14. I remember when I was skinny, I couldn’t imagine the day when my belly would be big enough to drop on a table, but now I can grab mounds of it quite easily and plop it on any surface! How I longed for this!! It is so sexy to feel the weight of all my flab in my hands, feel the squishiness too as I drop it against the hard surface. I love the sounds the fat makes as it slaps against the table, it is so sexy! I had a volunteer lay down and let me slap and drop it on him too! Haha he definitely felt the weight!!! Bon x
  15. My favorite part of ME! my big beautiful round belly! Let me give you a tour of my belly, what it feels like, how big it is and how much it jiggles!!! xoxo Chloe MY SITE -----> SNAPCHAT-----> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG ----->
  16. I want you to grab, squeeze and jiggle me. Feel my rolls slide through your hands, watch as I jiggle with every little move I make. Encourage me to eat more and MORE. Slap my fat arse so that it wobbles and tell me I am your good, greedy piggy! Stuff me with loads of food until my belly feels tight and my stomach feels painful, rub me when I am so stuffed that I feel fit to burst too. I want you to do so many things to me and I detail them ALL in this video! I hope you enjoy it! Bon x
  17. How did I ever get so big? I remember when I was 200lbs at the start of my BC website and I thought I was so fat! I felt HUGE! At first I decided that 250lbs was my limit, then after I reached that target I decided that I would not gain anymore than 300lbs! Now I have lost track and am so addicted to stuffing and gaining even more weight that I haven’t a clue where it will end! I was skinny before and then chubby, my gluttonous ways really have increased as of late and helped me put on even more weight. Just lazing around and stuffing loads of food most days, I really am so greedy! I bet my previous skinny self would be utterly shocked at the massive me now! And you know come next Valentine’s day I will be even FATTER too!
  18. NEW BONUS blog video: 'Flabby Fatty on the stairs!' Watch as I walk up and down the stairs, my flabby belly bouncing and jiggling with every movement I make. I slowed these fat jiggles right down so you could all enjoy my fat in slow motion, it looks so sexy!! After a while I became so breathless! I really am such an unfit fatty these days and my belly is so HUGE now that it really does weigh me down! Walking up and down the stairs really was tiring and after all that exercise I was in need of a HUGE stuffing! I couldn't wait to eat loads of fatty foods afterwards!! Bonnie xxx
  19. I went out before I filmed this video and stuffed a tremendous amount of food! I went to an Indian restaurant and ordered twice as much as usual! My belly was ridiculously HUGE after and I found it difficult to waddle back to my hotel with it weighing me down. It felt amazing to be so stuffed and I felt so sexy too with my massive belly protruding out, shirt buttons visibly straining against it. When I got back to the hotel I just had to show it off and tell you what a greedy girl I was and how much it turned me on to be publicly stuffing. Bonnie xxx
  20. I love nothing more than to have my fat grabbed, squeezed and jiggled. To feel someone’s hands wobbling all my mounds of fat, knowing that they are as turned on by the jiggles as I am, is so sexy. I’m sure my volunteer has noticed how much I have grown since I last saw him, how much heavier my belly is now when he lifts it. How much longer my rolls jiggle and shake now than they did before. Soon I want to grow even fatter so that there will be no room for him to sit beside me on the sofa! Bonnie xxx
  21. I want you to grab, squeeze and jiggle me. Feel my rolls slide through your hands and watch as I jiggle with every little move I make. Encourage me to eat more and MORE. Slap my fat arse so that it wobbles and tell me I am your good, greedy piggy! Stuff me with loads of food until my belly feels tight and my stomach feels painful, rub me when I am so stuffed that I feel fit to burst too. I want you to do so many things to me and I detail them ALL in this video! I hope you enjoy it! Bonnie x0x
  22. My gaining has been out of control for years now! I just have no power when it comes to stuffing and growing fatter- I want to be MASSIVE. Much bigger than I am now. Much MUCH bigger! I know I will definitely get there too, I couldn’t stop gaining even if I wanted to! I am constantly thinking and even dreaming about stuffing my face full of food! To gain more fat rolls, to have my huge belly overflowing over my knees. To be a HUGE blob of fat, a FAT round ball, would be heaven for me. In this video I talk about my goals, how much my gaining turns me on, how much I predict I will gain and how I am going to gain to reach my ultimate goal! Bonnie xxx
  23. I was determined I was going to be much MUCH fatter this Christmas! My New Year’s resolution is always to gain even more weight than the last! Sitting on the bed with my fat overlapping onto my thunderous thighs, I rubbed my doughy belly with anticipation as I watched my feeder unwrap the fattening cream cakes. I always find them the most exciting to devour. They taste so fatty and sweet, I can always feel myself becoming so aroused so quickly as I know these cakes will always be added to my ever growing fat rolls! Perhaps next year I should wear the same outfit and be fed once again in the same pose to see the comparisons of my gain! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Bonnie xxx
  24. With my feeder behind me jiggling and grabbing mounds of my soft fat, I moaned with pleasure as he shoved endless donuts into my eager mouth. He wanted me to be a fat piggy for him and I too wanted it. I want to be a HUGE fat ball, always ready and eager to stuff even more food with the goal of becoming even FATTER. I loved it when he grabbed and slapped my arse as he fed me, hearing the sound of my fat being slapped and feeling it jiggle drove me crazy. It was all so sexy! This is one of my most favourite ways to be fed! Bonnie x0x
  25. It’s been quite a while since I went to a barbecue, so when my friend asked me to hers I couldn’t wait to go! Wearing the tightest clothes I could find I waddled into the barbecue and after stuffing myself full on loads of fattening food, I of course couldn’t resist but to go back for another plate and another and another! Haha you all know how gluttonous and greedy I am, so I am sure it is hardly surprising!! 
After all the food I was really bloated and painfully stuffed so I slowly walked over to a camping chair and without even questioning whether of not I would fit or break it, I sat down. As soon as I did I knew that I was stuck! Of course in the end I had to have not one, but two people pull that chair from my fat arse! In this video I detail this very arousing experience to you all. Bonnie x0x